Muscle power, sitting unsupported and trunk rotation in pre-term infants.


:Discrepancies between active and passive muscle power are often seen in pre-term infants over the first year. Generally of a transient nature, they are most obvious in the extensor muscles of the trunk where there is a high active muscle power relative to the passive component. While high active muscle power may not be a sign of cerebral palsy, it is our contention that it will impair functions such as unsupported sitting and the ability to rotate in this position. In this study, 20 full-term and 37 healthy pre-term infants were assessed at the (corrected) ages of 39 and 52 weeks for muscle power in the trunk, sitting unsupported and rotation around the body axis while seated. At the age of 39 weeks, all full-term infants could sit without support. In contrast half of the pre-term infants could not sit without support and the majority of them could not rotate the trunk in this position. At 52 weeks the majority of pre-term infants could sit without support, despite having higher active muscle power in the trunk. However this deviant muscle power prevented rotatory movements of the trunk during sitting. The origin of this deviance may reside in the positioning to which pre-term infants are subjected after birth and thus postural management should be directed towards avoidance of extensor positions.


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de Groot L,Hopkins B,Touwen B




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