Following the TRAIL to apoptosis.


:Apoptosis, programmed cell death, eliminates injured or harmful cells. It can mediate its response through the actions of death ligands including TRAIL. TRAIL, a member of TNF superfamily, induces apoptosis of transformed cells through the action of death domain receptors DR-4 and DR5. It directly induces apoptosis through an extrinsic pathway, which involves the activation of caspases. TRAIL also is able to prevent apoptosis through the actions of its decoy receptors DcR-1 and DcR-2. Various regulators of TRAIL include FADD, IAPs, Bcl-2s, p53, and FLIPs. TRAIL is present in cells involved in asthma including eosinophils, mast cells, fibroblasts, and airway epithelial cells. It is expressed in airway remodeling and may be linked with the pathways of transforming growth factor-beta1, which is thought to cause damage to the epithelium. The repair process of the epithelium is hindered as a result of increased apoptosis induced by TGF-beta1, which overlaps with the pathways of TRAIL. Analogs of TRAIL could have therapeutical applications for asthma. TRAIL is also seen as the basis for a "miracle" drug for cancer because of its ability to selectively kill cancer cells.


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  • Complement-mediated activation of the adaptive immune responses: role of C3d in linking the innate and adaptive immunity.

    abstract::C3d is the final degradation product of the third component of complement (C3). When conjugated to an antigen, C3d enhances immune responses to the fused antigen. Therefore, this molecule has been used as an adjuvant to enhance the immune responses to various foreign and self-proteins. C3d binds to the complement rece...

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  • Primary biliary cirrhosis. Is (and how much of) the pathology preventible?

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  • The link between schizophrenia and hypothyroidism: a population-based study.

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  • Cross-linking the Leu-8 lymph node homing receptor on B cells inhibits immunoglobulin synthesis.

    abstract::About one half of circulating human B cells express the Leu-8 peripheral lymph node homing receptor that has been implicated in adhesion of lymphocytes and neutrophils to vascular endothelium. A novel and unique function of the Leu-8 antigen has been found in the present study: anti-Leu-8 monoclonal antibody directly ...

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  • Elevated follicular helper T cells and expression of IL-21 in thyroid tissues are involved in the pathogenesis of Graves' disease.

    abstract::The follicular helper T cell (Tfh) and IL-21 have been shown to play an important role in many autoimmune diseases. However, less is known about their role in Graves' disease (GD). This study aimed to investigate the expression of Tfhs and related factors (IL-21, IL-21R, CXCR5, and CXCL13) in GD thyroid tissues and to...

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  • Inflammasomes and its importance in viral infections.

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  • NK cells after transplantation: friend or foe.

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  • HLA-DM and the MHC class II antigen presentation pathway.

    abstract::The MHC class II antigen processing pathway provides a mechanism to selectively present peptides generated in the endosomal compartments of antigen presenting cells to CD4+ T cells. Transport of newly synthesized class II molecules to the endosomal pathway requires the function of an accessory protein, invariant chain...

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  • Oxidases and oxygenases in regulation of vascular nitric oxide signaling and inflammatory responses.

    abstract::Nitric oxide (.NO) is a freely diffusible inter- and intracellular messenger produced by a variety of mammalian cells including vascular endothelium, neurons, smooth muscle cells, macrophages, neutrophils, platelets, and pulmonary epithelium. In smooth muscle cells, platelets, and neutrophils, .NO raises intracellular...

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  • The many sounds of T lymphocyte silence.

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  • Understanding the biology of ex vivo-expanded CD8 T cells for adoptive cell therapy: role of CD62L.

    abstract::CD62L governs the circulation of CD8(+) T cells between lymph nodes and peripheral tissues, whereby the expression of CD62L by CD8(+) T cells promotes their recirculation through lymph nodes. As such, CD62L participates in the fate of adoptively transferred CD8(+) T cells and may control their effectiveness for cancer...

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  • Role of nitric oxide in mast cells: controversies, current knowledge, and future applications.

    abstract::Mast cells (MC) are important effector cells in allergic disorders. Recently, the role of MC in innate and adaptive immunity is gaining prominence. Nitric oxide is an important signaling molecule and its production in mast cell has been reported widely. However, controversy exists about whether MC produce NO. This rev...

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  • Immunologic tolerance to DNA in B cell lines from both normal and autoimmune mice.

    abstract::We examine whether B cell lines enriched for DNA specificity from either autoimmune (BWF1) or normal mice (Balb/c) can be rendered unresponsive to autoantigen in terms of the specific suppression of direct antibody-forming cells to DNA. These B cell lines were both Lyt-1 positive and negative. Preincubation with oligo...

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  • Regulatory role of CD4+ T cells during the development of contact hypersensitivity responses.

    abstract::Contact hypersensitivity (CHS) is a T cell-mediated immune response to cutaneous sensitization and subsequent challenge with haptens such as dinitrofluorobenzene and oxazolone. Many aspects concerning the development and regulation of CHS remain unknown. Using CHS as a model of T cell-mediated immune responses to anti...

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  • Tick-borne flaviviruses: dissecting host immune responses and virus countermeasures.

    abstract::The tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) serocomplex of viruses, genus Flavivirus, includes a number of important human pathogens that cause serious neurological illnesses and hemorrhagic fevers. These viruses pose a significant public health problem due to high rates of morbidity and mortality, their emergence to new geogra...

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  • Detecting multiple autoantibodies to diagnose autoimmune co-morbidity (multiple autoimmune syndromes and overlap syndromes): a challenge for the autoimmunologist.

    abstract::In the last 15 years, the estimated prevalence of autoimmune diseases increased from about 4 to 9.4%. Autoimmune co-morbidity (i.e., the association between two or more autoimmune diseases in the same patient) is present in 0.4-0.5% of the worldwide population, more frequently in patients with multiple sclerosis, rheu...

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  • Molecular mimicry, genetic homology, and gene sharing proteomic "molecular fingerprints" using an EBV (Epstein-Barr virus)-derived microarray as a potential diagnostic method in autoimmune disease.

    abstract::EBV (Epstein-Barr Virus) and other human DNA viruses are associated with autoimmune syndromes in epidemiologic studies. In this work, immunoglobulin G response to EBV-encoded proteins which share regions with human immune response proteins from the human host including ZEBRA (BZLF-1 encoded protein), BALF-2 recombinas...

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  • Recent advances in the biology of WASP and WIP.

    abstract::WASP, the product of the gene mutated in Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome, is expressed only in hematopoietic cells and is the archetype of a family of proteins that include N-WASP and Scar/WAVE. WASP plays a critical role in T cell activation and actin reorganization. WASP has multiple protein-interacting domains. Through it...

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    authors: Ramesh N,Geha R

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  • Macrophage phenotype bioengineered by magnetic, genetic, or pharmacologic interference.

    abstract::In all eukaryotes, the cell shape depends on the actin filament cytoskeleton, which is regulated by the small GTPase RhoA. It is well known that the cell shape determines cell function and behavior. Inversely, any change in the cell behavior and/or function reverberates at the cell shape. In this review, we describe h...

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    authors: Wosik J,Suarez-Villagran M,Miller JH Jr,Ghobrial RM,Kloc M

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  • Superantigen influence in conjunction with cytokine polymorphism potentiates autoimmunity in systemic lupus erythematosus patients.

    abstract::Risk posed by microbial superantigens in triggering or exacerbating SLE in genetically predisposed individuals, thereby altering the response to its treatment strategies, has not been studied. Using streptococcal pyrogenic exotoxin A and staphylococcal enterotoxin B as prototype superantigens, we have demonstrated tha...

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  • Effector functions of memory CTLs can be affected by signals received during reactivation.

    abstract::Memory cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs) are able to provide protections to the host against repeated insults from intracellular pathogens. However, it has not been completely understood how the effector functions of memory CTLs are induced upon antigen challenge, which is directly related to the efficacy of their protec...

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  • Intestinal epithelial cell regulation of mucosal inflammation.

    abstract::The intestinal epithelium serves as one of human's primary interfaces with the outside world. This interface is very heavily colonized with bacteria and yet permits absorption of life-sustaining nutrients while protecting the tissues below from microbial onslaught. Although the gut epithelium had been classically thou...

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  • ITIMs and ITAMs. The Yin and Yang of antigen and Fc receptor-linked signaling machinery.

    abstract::The initial stages of an immune response are regulated at the level of the cell-surface antigen and Fc receptors. The extracellular portions of these receptors provide immune specificity and determine the nature of the responding effector cells, whereas the intracellular portion transduces signals into the cell and de...

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  • Tumoral NKG2D alters cell cycle of acute myeloid leukemic cells and reduces NK cell-mediated immune surveillance.

    abstract::The stimulatory natural killer group 2 member D (NKG2D) lymphocyte receptor, initially discovered and expressed mostly on natural killer (NK) cells, T cells and natural killer T cells, can promote tumor immune surveillance. However, with increasing tumor grade, tumors themselves express NKG2D to self-stimulate oncogen...

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  • Immunologic approaches to inhibiting cell-surface-residing oncoproteins in human tumors.

    abstract::The erbB family of receptor tyrosine kinases are growth factor receptors that are overexpressed or mutated in a large variety of human cancers. Studies of erbB-mediated signal transduction will lead to an understanding of the role played by this family of receptors in normal and transformed cells. In this article, we ...

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    authors: O'Rourke DM,Greene MI

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  • CD28neg. T lymphocytes of a melanoma patient harbor tumor immunity and a high frequency of germline-encoded and public TCRs.

    abstract::Increased numbers of CD8+CD28neg. T cells have been detected in the peripheral blood of patients with several types of malignancies. However, the role of these cells in anticancer immunity are not yet clear and CD8+CD28neg. T cells are a controversially discussed subpopulation reported both as immunosuppressive and cy...

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    authors: Hashimoto H,Sterk M,Schilbach K

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  • Pathogenesis of systemic sclerosis-current concept and emerging treatments.

    abstract::Systemic sclerosis (SSc) is an intractable multifaceted disease with high mortality. Although its pathogenesis is not fully understood, recent studies have advanced our knowledge on SSc. The cardinal pathological features of SSc are autoimmunity, vasculopathy, and fibrosis. The B cells in SSc are constitutively activa...

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  • Prevention of GVHD without losing GVL effect: windows of opportunity.

    abstract::Allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation has developed into a most successful form of immunotherapy for hematologic malignancies in the past 50 years. However, its effectiveness and wider applications have been greatly limited by the development of graft-versus-host disease (GVHD), a potentially lethal side effec...

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    authors: Zhang P,Chen BJ,Chao NJ

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  • Generation of tolerogenic dendritic cells via the E-cadherin/beta-catenin-signaling pathway.

    abstract::Besides their well-characterized role as the initiator of adaptive immune responses, dendritic cells (DCs) play a critical role in the induction and maintenance of self-tolerance, the failure of which could lead to autoimmune/inflammatory diseases. Although it is clear that tolerance is a property of DCs at the steady...

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