A practical approach for intracellular protein delivery.


:Protein delivery represents a powerful tool for experiments in live cells including studies of protein-protein interactions, protein interference with blocking antibodies, intracellular trafficking and protein or peptide biological functions. Most available reagents dedicated to the protein delivery allow efficient crossing of the plasma membrane. Nevertheless, the major disadvantage for these reagents is a weak release of the delivered protein into the cytoplasm. In this publication we demonstrate efficient protein delivery with a non-peptide based reagent, in human epithelial carcinoma HeLa cells and primary human skin fibroblasts. Using a fluorescent protein in combination with fluorescence microscopy and fluorescence-assisted cell sorting analysis, we show that the delivered protein is indeed released effectively in the cytoplasm, as expected for a dedicated carrier. Furthermore, we present a step-by-step method to optimize conditions for successful intracellular protein delivery.






Weill CO,Biri S,Adib A,Erbacher P




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2008-01-01 00:00:00












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  • Production of high titre disabled infectious single cycle (DISC) HSV from a microcarrier culture.

    abstract::Disabled Infectious Single Cycle (DISC) HSV-2 has been cultured in the complimentary cell line CR2 to provide high titre bulk material suitable for the purification of the virus as a live viral vaccine. CR2 cells are cultured on the microcarrier Cytodex-1 at 5 g l-1 in small scale (1 l) and larger scale (15 l) reactor...


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  • Knockdown of ribosomal protein S15A inhibits proliferation of breast cancer cells through induction of apoptosis in vitro.

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  • Explants of porcine coronary artery in culture: A paradigm for studying the influence of heparin on vascular wall cell proliferation.

    abstract::Explant cultures of porcine coronary artery provided a coculture model, used as a paradigm of arterial wall in contact with vascular prosthesis which allowed the study of spatial and temporal changes in cell phenotype. First cells emerging from the explant had an endothelial phenotype monitored by cytoimmunostaining. ...


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    abstract::To construct a recombinant protein highly producing cell lines, we have previously developed the Oncogene Activated Production (OAP) system by using BHK-21 cells. Here we verified the availability of the OAP system in CHO cells. We firstly generated 'primed' ras amplified CHO cells, ras clone I, by introducing human c...


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  • Investigation of relationship between IL-6 gene variants and hypertension in Turkish population.

    abstract::Hypertension (HT) is a common and life threating health problem worldwide leading to stroke, heart attack and renal failure. It is characterized by elevated blood pressure forced heart load. Human interleukin-6 (IL-6) and C- reactive protein (CRP) are known to be involved in inflammatory processes. IL-6 gene is a poly...


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  • A two-compartment cell entrapment bioreactor with three different holding times for cells, high and low molecular weight compounds.

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    abstract::The current study was conducted to determine whether there is a relation between hypertension and two different polymorphisms, including C1562T of the Matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) gene and C677T of the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) gene. Genomic DNA obtained from 224 persons (125 patients with hype...


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    abstract::For the mouse hybridoma cell line VO 208, kinetics of growth, consumption of glucose and glutamine, and production of lactate, ammonia and antibodies were compared in batch and continuous cultures. At a given specific growth rate, different metabolic activities were observed: a 40% lower glucose and glutamine consumpt...


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  • Binucleated HeLa cells are formed by cytokinesis failure in starvation and keep the potential of proliferation.

    abstract::Many cytological studies have reported that the numbers of binucleated cells were elevated in various tumors. However, binucleated cells are observed in not only malignant tumors but also normal tissues. Thus, the clinical significance of binucleated cells is controversial. Here we attempted to elucidate the character...


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  • Efficient production of recombinant IgG by metabolic control and co-expression with GLUT5 in a fructose-based medium.

    abstract::A fructose-based cell culture is suitable for the process control of protein production because of slow sugar consumption rate and low lactate accumulation. The fructose transporter, GLUT5, mediates its incorporation into cells and is required for the fructose-based culture. In order to produce efficiently recombinant...


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  • Immunocytochemistry assay in BHK-21 cell line infected with Porcine Sapelovirus.

    abstract::The present study describes an immunocytochemistry (ICC) assay with self-raised hyperimmune sera and a Baby Hamster Kidney-21 (BHK-21) cell line infected with Porcine Sapelovirus (PSV). Sapelovivus/IVRI/SPF-c-6/2015 strain Indian PSV was isolated from the porcine IBRS-2 cell line and investigated for growth on non-por...


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