Adaptation of gender derived from biological motion.


:Human observers adapted to complex biological motions that distinguish males from females: viewing the gait of one gender biased judgments of subsequent gaits toward the opposite gender. This adaptation was not simply due to local features of the stimuli but instead relied upon the global motion of the figures. These results suggest the existence of neurons selective for gender and demonstrate that gender-from-motion judgments are not fixed but depend upon recent viewing history.


Nat Neurosci


Nature neuroscience


Jordan H,Fallah M,Stoner GR




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2006-06-01 00:00:00














  • cJun integrates calcium activity and tlx3 expression to regulate neurotransmitter specification.

    abstract::Neuronal differentiation is accomplished through cascades of intrinsic genetic factors initiated in neuronal progenitors by external gradients of morphogens. Activity has been thought to be important only late in development, but recent evidence suggests that activity also regulates early neuronal differentiation. Act...

    journal_title:Nature neuroscience

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Marek KW,Kurtz LM,Spitzer NC

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  • LRRK2 regulates synaptogenesis and dopamine receptor activation through modulation of PKA activity.

    abstract::Leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 (LRRK2) is enriched in the striatal projection neurons (SPNs). We found that LRRK2 negatively regulates protein kinase A (PKA) activity in the SPNs during synaptogenesis and in response to dopamine receptor Drd1 activation. LRRK2 interacted with PKA regulatory subunit IIβ (PKARIIβ). A lack...

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  • GluA1 phosphorylation at serine 831 in the lateral amygdala is required for fear renewal.

    abstract::Fear renewal, a widely pursued model of post-traumatic stress disorder and phobias, refers to the context-specific relapse of conditioned fear after extinction. However, its molecular mechanisms are largely unknown. We found that renewal-inducing stimuli, generally believed to be insufficient to induce synaptic plasti...

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  • Human mutant huntingtin disrupts vocal learning in transgenic songbirds.

    abstract::Speech and vocal impairments characterize many neurological disorders. However, the neurogenetic mechanisms of these disorders are not well understood, and current animal models do not have the necessary circuitry to recapitulate vocal learning deficits. We developed germline transgenic songbirds, zebra finches (Tanei...

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  • Rapid learning in cortical coding of visual scenes.

    abstract::Experience-dependent plasticity in adult visual cortex is believed to have important roles in visual coding and perceptual learning. Here we show that repeated stimulation with movies of natural scenes induces a rapid improvement in response reliability in cat visual cortex, whereas stimulation with white noise or fla...

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  • Reinforcement learning in populations of spiking neurons.

    abstract::Population coding is widely regarded as an important mechanism for achieving reliable behavioral responses despite neuronal variability. However, standard reinforcement learning slows down with increasing population size, as the global reward signal becomes less and less related to the performance of any single neuron...

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  • Tbr1 instructs laminar patterning of retinal ganglion cell dendrites.

    abstract::Visual information is delivered to the brain by >40 types of retinal ganglion cells (RGCs). Diversity in this representation arises within the inner plexiform layer (IPL), where dendrites of each RGC type are restricted to specific sublaminae, limiting the interneuronal types that can innervate them. How such dendriti...

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  • Neurobiology of premature brain injury.

    abstract::Every year in the United States, an estimated 500,000 babies are born preterm (before 37 completed weeks of gestation), and this number is rising, along with the recognition of brain injuries due to preterm delivery. A common underlying pathogenesis appears to be perinatal hypoxia induced by immature lung development,...

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  • A neural mechanism of first impressions.

    abstract::Evaluating social others requires processing complex information. Nevertheless, we can rapidly form an opinion of an individual during an initial encounter. Moreover, people can vary in these opinions, even though the same information is provided. We investigated the brain mechanisms that give rise to the impressions ...

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    authors: Schiller D,Freeman JB,Mitchell JP,Uleman JS,Phelps EA

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  • A developmental switch in the signaling cascades for LTP induction.

    abstract::Long-term potentiation (LTP) is thought to be critically involved not only in learning and memory, but also during the activity-dependent developmental phases of neural circuit formation and refinement. Whether the mechanisms underlying LTP change during this phase of postnatal development, however, is unknown. We rep...

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    authors: Yasuda H,Barth AL,Stellwagen D,Malenka RC

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  • The evolution of brain activation during temporal processing.

    abstract::Timing is crucial to many aspects of human performance. To better understand its neural underpinnings, we used event-related fMRI to examine the time course of activation associated with different components of a time perception task. We distinguished systems associated with encoding time intervals from those related ...

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  • Functional connectivity between simple cells and complex cells in cat striate cortex.

    abstract::In the cat primary visual cortex, neurons are classified into the two main categories of simple cells and complex cells based on their response properties. According to the hierarchical model, complex receptive fields derive from convergent inputs of simple cells with similar orientation preferences. This model receiv...

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  • Neuronal remapping and circuit persistence in economic decisions.

    abstract::The orbitofrontal cortex plays a central role in good-based economic decisions. When subjects make choices, neurons in this region represent the identities and values of offered and chosen goods. Notably, choices in different behavioral contexts may involve a potentially infinite variety of goods. Thus a fundamental q...

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    authors: Xie J,Padoa-Schioppa C

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  • Author Correction: Stay alert, don't get hurt.

    abstract::In the version of this article initially published, paragraph 8 mentioned intra-accumbens administration of SB334867. This should have read systemic (intraperitoneal) administration. The error has been corrected in the HTML and PDF versions of the article. ...

    journal_title:Nature neuroscience

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    authors: Mahler SV

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  • Development and spike timing-dependent plasticity of recurrent excitation in the Xenopus optic tectum.

    abstract::Much of the information processing in the brain occurs at the level of local circuits; however, the mechanisms underlying their initial development are poorly understood. We sought to examine the early development and plasticity of local excitatory circuits in the optic tectum of Xenopus laevis tadpoles. We found that...

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    authors: Pratt KG,Dong W,Aizenman CD

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  • Author Correction: Inhibitory connectivity defines the realm of excitatory plasticity.

    abstract::An amendment to this paper has been published and can be accessed via a link at the top of the paper. ...

    journal_title:Nature neuroscience

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    authors: Mongillo G,Rumpel S,Loewenstein Y

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  • The hippocampus as a predictive map.

    abstract::A cognitive map has long been the dominant metaphor for hippocampal function, embracing the idea that place cells encode a geometric representation of space. However, evidence for predictive coding, reward sensitivity and policy dependence in place cells suggests that the representation is not purely spatial. We appro...

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  • Separate circuitries encode the hedonic and nutritional values of sugar.

    abstract::Sugar exerts its potent reinforcing effects via both gustatory and post-ingestive pathways. It is, however, unknown whether sweetness and nutritional signals engage segregated brain networks to motivate ingestion. We found in mice that separate basal ganglia circuitries mediated the hedonic and nutritional actions of ...

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  • A dual shaping mechanism for postsynaptic ephrin-B3 as a receptor that sculpts dendrites and synapses.

    abstract::As the neural network becomes wired, postsynaptic signaling molecules are thought to control the growth of dendrites and synapses. However, how these molecules are coordinated to sculpt postsynaptic structures is less well understood. We find that ephrin-B3, a transmembrane ligand for Eph receptors, functions postsyna...

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    authors: Xu NJ,Sun S,Gibson JR,Henkemeyer M

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  • Feedback of visual object information to foveal retinotopic cortex.

    abstract::The mammalian visual system contains an extensive web of feedback connections projecting from higher cortical areas to lower areas, including primary visual cortex. Although multiple theories have been proposed, the role of these connections in perceptual processing is not understood. We found that the pattern of func...

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    authors: Williams MA,Baker CI,Op de Beeck HP,Shim WM,Dang S,Triantafyllou C,Kanwisher N

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  • Neuronal activity modifies the chromatin accessibility landscape in the adult brain.

    abstract::Neuronal activity-induced gene expression modulates the function and plasticity of the nervous system. It is unknown whether and to what extent neuronal activity may trigger changes in chromatin accessibility, a major mode of epigenetic regulation of gene expression. Here we compared chromatin accessibility landscapes...

    journal_title:Nature neuroscience

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    authors: Su Y,Shin J,Zhong C,Wang S,Roychowdhury P,Lim J,Kim D,Ming GL,Song H

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  • Specific requirement of NMDA receptors for long-term memory consolidation in Drosophila ellipsoid body.

    abstract::In humans and many other animals, memory consolidation occurs through multiple temporal phases and usually involves more than one neuroanatomical brain system. Genetic dissection of Pavlovian olfactory learning in Drosophila melanogaster has revealed multiple memory phases, but the predominant view holds that all memo...

    journal_title:Nature neuroscience

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    authors: Wu CL,Xia S,Fu TF,Wang H,Chen YH,Leong D,Chiang AS,Tully T

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  • Linear transformation of thalamocortical input by intracortical excitation.

    abstract::Neurons in thalamorecipient layers of sensory cortices integrate thalamocortical and intracortical inputs. Although we know that their functional properties can arise from the convergence of thalamic inputs, intracortical circuits could also be involved in thalamocortical transformations of sensory information. We sil...

    journal_title:Nature neuroscience

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    authors: Li YT,Ibrahim LA,Liu BH,Zhang LI,Tao HW

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  • Representation of negative motivational value in the primate lateral habenula.

    abstract::An action may lead to either a reward or a punishment. Therefore, an appropriate action needs to be chosen on the basis of the values of both expected rewards and expected punishments. To understand the underlying neural mechanisms, we conditioned monkeys using a Pavlovian procedure with two distinct contexts: one in ...

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    authors: Matsumoto M,Hikosaka O

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  • Cortical specialization for attended versus unattended working memory.

    abstract::Items held in working memory can be either attended or not, depending on their current behavioral relevance. It has been suggested that unattended contents might be solely retained in an activity-silent form. Instead, we demonstrate here that encoding unattended contents involves a division of labor. While visual cort...

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    authors: Christophel TB,Iamshchinina P,Yan C,Allefeld C,Haynes JD

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  • A cortical-hippocampal-cortical loop of information processing during memory consolidation.

    abstract::Hippocampal replay during sharp-wave ripple events (SWRs) is thought to drive memory consolidation in hippocampal and cortical circuits. Changes in neocortical activity can precede SWR events, but whether and how these changes influence the content of replay remains unknown. Here we show that during sleep there is a r...

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    authors: Rothschild G,Eban E,Frank LM

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  • Changing objects lead briefly flashed ones.

    abstract::Continuous, predictable events and spontaneous events may coincide in the visual environment. For a continuously moving object, the brain compensates for delays in transmission between a retinal event and neural responses in higher visual areas. Here we show that it similarly compensated for other smoothly changing fe...

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    authors: Sheth BR,Nijhawan R,Shimojo S

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  • A Drosophila kinesin required for synaptic bouton formation and synaptic vesicle transport.

    abstract::The morphological transition of growth cones to synaptic boutons characterizes synaptogenesis. Here we have isolated mutations in immaculate connections (imac; CG8566), a previously uncharacterized Drosophila gene encoding a member of the Kinesin-3 family. Whereas earlier studies in Drosophila implicated Kinesin-1 in ...

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    authors: Pack-Chung E,Kurshan PT,Dickman DK,Schwarz TL

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  • Regulation of T-type calcium channels by Rho-associated kinase.

    abstract::We investigated the regulation of T-type channels by Rho-associated kinase (ROCK). Activation of ROCK via the endogenous ligand lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) reversibly inhibited the peak current amplitudes of rat Ca(v)3.1 and Ca(v)3.3 channels without affecting the voltage dependence of activation or inactivation, wher...

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    authors: Iftinca M,Hamid J,Chen L,Varela D,Tadayonnejad R,Altier C,Turner RW,Zamponi GW

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  • Structure in neural population recordings: an expected byproduct of simpler phenomena?

    abstract::Neuroscientists increasingly analyze the joint activity of multineuron recordings to identify population-level structures believed to be significant and scientifically novel. Claims of significant population structure support hypotheses in many brain areas. However, these claims require first investigating the possibi...

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