DOR agonist (SNC-80) exhibits anti-parkinsonian effect via downregulating UPR/oxidative stress signals and inflammatory response in vivo.


:The pathophysiology of Parkinson's disease exhibit imperative roles in unfolded protein response stress-induced oxidative stress and inflammation in general. Although, delta opioid receptor (DOR), has been found to represent anti-parkinsonian effect at behavioral level, its underlying mechanism remains elusive till date. In the present study the role of DOR agonist, SNC-80 and the consorted molecular mechanisms, which translates to behavioral recuperation, has been delineated. In order to mimic PD, mice were intra-peritoneally injected with MPTP, following exposure to SNC-80 and L-DOPA to elucidate amelioration of the MPTP-induced behavioral impairments. The results obtained suggest that the severity of the compromised motor functions up-regulated the UPR stress sensors: IRE-1α/Bip/CHOP, oxidative stress along with the pro-inflammatory cytokines: IL1β/IFNγ/TNFα and IL-6. These inimical factors combined, aids the persistence of the disease in MPTP intoxicated mice. Supplementation with SNC-80 significantly improved motor functions via down-regulation of the UPR stress sensors and inflammatory cytokines. Additionally, SNC-80 could upregulate Nrf-2 and Heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) protein expression indicating their involvement in SNC-80's potential anti-oxidant function. There was also a significant reduction in protein carbonyl content indicating the positive role of SNC-80 in dampening MPTP induced oxidative stress. Concomitantly, L-DOPA also demonstrated an enhanced effect towards improvement of motor functions but did not suppress the UPR and inflammatory responses caused due to MPTP intoxication. Hence, these results suggest that SNC-80 could hold a pivotal role in replenishing motor functions essentially via regulating UPR and inflammation.


Neurosci Lett


Neuroscience letters


Begum M ET,Sen D




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  • Neurochemical evidence for the activation of the 'efferent' function of capsaicin-sensitive nerves by lowering of the pH in the guinea-pig urinary bladder.

    abstract::Lowering of the pH of the superfusion solution (physiological phosphate buffers derived from normal Krebs solution) of mucosa-free muscle strips of the guinea-pig urinary bladder from 7.4 to 6 or 5, produced a marked increase of calcitonin gene-related peptide-like immunoreactivity (CGRP-LI) outflow (total evoked rele...

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  • Induction of amyloid precursor protein mRNA after heat shock in cultured human lymphoblastoid cells.

    abstract::In an attempt to examine a possible relationship between heat shock stress and an induction of amyloid precursor protein, cultured lymphoblastoid cells established from 12 human subjects were treated with heat shock at 42 degrees C for 30 min. The levels of mRNA for amyloid precursor protein (APP), heat shock protein ...

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  • Lack of cyclic AMP-specific phosphodiesterase 4 activation during naloxone-precipitated morphine withdrawal in rats.

    abstract::Intracellular cyclic AMP regulation systems play an important role in the mechanisms of morphine dependence and withdrawal. In the present study, to clarify the involvement of phosphodiesterase (PDE) 4, degradation enzyme of cyclic AMP in morphine dependence and withdrawal we investigated the activities of PDE4 after ...

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