Identification by biotinylated DNA probes of Capnocytophaga species isolated from supragingival calculus.


:The distribution, genetic relatedness, and peptidase activity in hydrolyzing N-benzoyl-L-arginine-p-nitroanilide by Capnocytophaga species isolated from calculus- and non-calculus-formers were determined in this study. The proportion and prevalence of Capnocytophaga species were higher in plaque samples from the calculus group than in those from the non-calculus group, and these bacteria showed high peptidase activity. C. gingivalis were found more frequently in the calculus group than in the non-calculus group, and possessed much higher peptidase activity than C. ochracea and C. sputigena. Black-pigmented colonies were also recovered more frequently from the calculus group than from the non-calculus group. Since these organisms had little or no peptidase activity, they were not studied further.


J Dent Res


Morita M,Yamamoto T,Watanabe T





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1991-07-01 00:00:00












  • Synergistic, growth-inhibitory effects of chlorhexidine and copper combinations on Streptococcus mutans, Actinomyces viscosus, and Actinomyces naeslundii.

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  • Nine Novel PAX9 Mutations and a Distinct Tooth Agenesis Genotype-Phenotype.

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  • Cigarette smoking increases the risk of root canal treatment.

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  • Notch signaling induces root resorption via RANKL and IL-6 from hPDL cells.

    abstract::In this study, we first investigated the expressions of Jagged1, Notch2, the receptor activator of nuclear factor-kappa B ligand (RANKL), and interleukin (IL)-6 in areas of root resorption during experimental tooth movement in rats in vivo. We then assessed the effects of compression force (CF) with or without GSI (an...

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  • Caries experience in deciduous and permanent dentition of the same individuals.

    abstract::Caries of the permanent first molars of 5-year-old children was found to be associated with caries of their diciduous teeth. The sample consisted of 220 children whose permanent first molars had erupted. They were selected out of 965 children who were a representative sample of children attending compulsory kindergart...

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    abstract::The aim of this study was to test the hypothesis that the chewing of xylitol- or xylitol/sorbitol-containing chewing gum reduces plaque formation and the acidogenic potential of dental plaque. Thirty healthy volunteers aged from 19 to 28 yrs were randomly allocated to one of three test groups, chewing either xylitol-,...

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  • The tensile and shear strength of a base metal weld joint used in dentistry.

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    abstract::The kinetics of subsurface demineralization of tooth sections has been studied in real-time by scanning microradiography (SMR). Demineralization was carried out: (1) with a large volume of solution buffered to pH = 4 to maintain a constant composition; and (2) in a small constant volume (approximately 3 mL), buffered ...

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  • Randomized clinical trial of interceptive and comprehensive orthodontics.

    abstract::Focusing public insurance programs on interceptive orthodontics (IO) may increase access for low-income children. This report presents outcomes from a randomized clinical trial (RCT) comparing IO with comprehensive orthodontics (CO) in Medicaid patients. One hundred seventy pre-adolescents with Medicaid-eligible maloc...

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  • Fluoride release from CaF2 and enamel demineralization.

    abstract::The anticaries effect of professional fluoride (F) application has been attributed to calcium-fluoride-like deposits (CaF(2)) formed on enamel, but this has not been clearly demonstrated. We hypothesized that CaF(2) formed on plaque-free enamel by F application would reduce enamel demineralization due to the increase ...

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  • Localization of palatal area in human somatosensory cortex.

    abstract::To determine the 'hard palate representing' area in the primary somatosensory cortex, we recorded somatosensory-evoked magnetic fields from the cortex in ten healthy volunteers, using magnetoencephalography. Following electrical stimulation of 3 sites on the hard palate (the first and third transverse palatine ridges,...

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