The effect of halogenation on the antimicrobial activity, antibiofilm activity, cytotoxicity and proteolytic stability of the antimicrobial peptide Jelleine-I.


:Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) are believed to be a promising class of antimicrobial agents against bacteria and fungi. To promote the clinical use of AMPs, their antimicrobial activity and susceptibility to protease degradation should be further improved. The antimicrobial peptide Jelleine-I was originally isolated from the royal jelly of honeybees (Apis mellifera) with a short sequence of PFKLSLHL-NH2 (953.24 Da). Here, a series of halogenated derivatives of the antimicrobial peptide Jelleine-I were designed and synthesized. The results showed that the in vitro antimicrobial activity, antibiofilm activity and in vivo antimicrobial efficacy were enhanced 1-8-fold after halogenation. Additionally, the proteolytic stability of Jelleine-I was improved 10-100-fold by halogenation. Meanwhile, the halogenated derivatives retained negligible hemolytic activity and cytotoxicity. Among these derivatives, the antimicrobial activity and antibiofilm activity of chlorine-Jelleine-I (Cl-J-I), bromine-Jelleine-I (Br-J-I), and iodine-Jelleine-I (I-J-I) were better than those of fluorine-Jelleine-I (F-J-I). The stabilities of Br-J-I and I-J-I against the degradation of enzymes and the serum were better than those of F-J-I and Cl-J-I. In conclusion, this study may offer a useful strategy to enhance antimicrobial efficacy and proteolytic stability by halogenation. The halogenated derivatives Cl-J-I, Br-J-I and I-J-I may be considered as potential antimicrobial agents against microbial infection.






Jia F,Zhang Y,Wang J,Peng J,Zhao P,Zhang L,Yao H,Ni J,Wang K




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    abstract::Paramyosin of the pig-human parasite Taenia solium (TPmy) is a α-helical protein located on the worm surface that is suggested to fulfill an immunomodulatory role protecting the parasite against host immune system. Besides, in challenging experiments the protein shows a vaccine potential. These observations imply that...


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  • Characterization of GIP(1-30) and GIP(1-42) as stimulators of proinsulin gene transcription.

    abstract::Originally characterized in terms of its gastric acid inhibitory properties, GIP (gastric inhibitory polypeptide) expressed in the upper small intestine, was subsequently shown to exert strong glucose-dependent insulin-releasing properties. This action is generally attributed to GIP(1-42) and, so far, no evidence for ...


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