Hooked on benzodiazepines: GABAA receptor subtypes and addiction.


:Benzodiazepines are widely used clinically to treat anxiety and insomnia. They also induce muscle relaxation, control epileptic seizures, and can produce amnesia. Moreover, benzodiazepines are often abused after chronic clinical treatment and also for recreational purposes. Within weeks, tolerance to the pharmacological effects can develop as a sign of dependence. In vulnerable individuals with compulsive drug use, addiction will be diagnosed. Here we review recent observations from animal models regarding the cellular and molecular basis that might underlie the addictive properties of benzodiazepines. These data reveal how benzodiazepines, acting through specific GABA(A) receptor subtypes, activate midbrain dopamine neurons, and how this could hijack the mesolimbic reward system. Such findings have important implications for the future design of benzodiazepines with reduced or even absent addiction liability.


Trends Neurosci


Trends in neurosciences


Tan KR,Rudolph U,Lüscher C




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  • The developmental origins of spatial navigation: are we headed in the right direction?

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  • MeCP2 as an Activator of Gene Expression.

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  • Synaptic, Mitochondrial, and Lysosomal Dysfunction in Parkinson's Disease.

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  • Adding fuel to the fire: the impact of stress on the ageing brain.

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  • Long-range interactions in visual perception.

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  • Stress and Seizures: Space, Time and Hippocampal Circuits.

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  • A vitamin for the brain.

    abstract::In the central nervous system (CNS) the function of retinoic acid, the active metabolite of vitamin A, is best understood from its action in guiding embryonic development; as development comes to completion, retinoic acid signaling declines. However, it is increasingly recognized that this signaling mechanism does not...

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  • Genetic mouse models for studying inhibitors of spinal axon regeneration.

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  • The behaving brain of a fly.

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  • Regulation of neuronal function by calcium.

    abstract::In the classical picture of brain function, electrical impulses are initiated in sensory organs and spread rapidly down axons, jumping synaptic clefts by neurochemical transmission. Patterns of electrical activity generated in this way integrate information throughout the brain and result in coordinated motor output. ...

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  • Genetic mouse models of Huntington's and Parkinson's diseases: illuminating but imperfect.

    abstract::Genetic mouse models based on identification of genes that cause Huntington's and Parkinson's diseases have revolutionized understanding of the mechanistic pathophysiological progression of these disorders. These models allow the earliest manifestations of the diseases to be identified, and they display behavioral, ne...

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  • Free radicals and aging.

    abstract::Aging is characterized by decrements in maximum function and accumulation of mitochondrial DNA mutations, which are best observed in organs such as the brain that contain post-mitotic cells. Oxygen radicals are increasingly considered responsible for part of these aging changes. Comparative studies of animals with dif...

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  • Direct regulation of ion channels by fatty acids.

    abstract::A variety of fatty acids regulate the activity of specific ion channels by mechanisms not involving the enzymatic pathways that convert arachidonic acid to oxygenated metabolites. Furthermore, these actions of fatty acids occur in patches of membrane excised from the cell and are not mediated by cellular signal transd...

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  • Brain Circuits Encoding Reward from Pain Relief.

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  • Localization of brain function using magnetic resonance imaging.

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  • Cognitive consonance: complex brain functions in the fruit fly and its relatives.

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  • Interneuron Diversity series: Rhythm and mood in perisomatic inhibition.

    abstract::GABAergic interneurons innervating the perisomatic region of pyramidal cells control population discharge patterns, and thereby all cognitive operations in the cerebral cortex. A striking dichotomy in the function of this interneuron population seems to emerge from the synthesis of recent molecular, anatomical and ele...

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