Between the ground- and M-state of bacteriorhodopsin the retinal transition dipole moment tilts out of the plane of the membrane by only 3 degrees.


:The orientation of the transition dipole moments in the ground state and the M-intermediate of bacteriorhodopsin were determined by time-resolved and steady-state polarized absorption spectroscopy on samples of oriented immobilized purple membranes. The angle between the transition dipole moment and the membrane normal decreases from 66.8 +/- 0.5 degrees in the all-trans ground state to 64.1 +/- 0.8 degrees in the 13-cis M-state. The light-induced isomerization of the chromophore is thus accompanied by an orientational change of only about 3 degrees out of the plane of the membrane. The absorption anisotropy at 410 nm remains constant over more than 4 decades of time covering both the rise and decay of M. Conformational changes accompanying a sequential M1----M2 transition thus do not affect the chromophore orientation.




FEBS letters


Otto H,Heyn MP




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1991-11-18 00:00:00














  • Mitochondrial functional interactions between frataxin and Isu1p, the iron-sulfur cluster scaffold protein, in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

    abstract::Friedreich's ataxia is caused by a deficit in the mitochondrial protein frataxin. The present work demonstrates that in vivo yeast frataxin Yfh1p and Isu1p, the mitochondrial scaffold protein for the Fe-S cluster assembly, have tightly linked biological functions, acting in concert to promote the Fe-S cluster assembly...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Ramazzotti A,Vanmansart V,Foury F

    更新日期:2004-01-16 00:00:00

  • Role of molecular chaperones in inclusion body formation.

    abstract::Protein misfolding and aggregation are linked to several degenerative diseases and are responsible for the formation of bacterial inclusion bodies. Roles of molecular chaperones in promoting protein deposition have been speculated but not proven in vivo. We have investigated the involvement of individual chaperones in...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Carrió MM,Villaverde A

    更新日期:2003-02-27 00:00:00

  • Competitive binding of the troponin T-specific pool of caldesmon antibodies and tropomyosin to skeletal troponin T and smooth muscle caldesmon.

    abstract::The fraction of polyclonal caldesmon antibodies cross-reacting with rabbit skeletal troponin T are shown to compete with smooth muscle tropomyosin for caldesmon and troponin T, as revealed by ELISA method. The epitope recognized by these antibodies was also found in Mr 77 kDa non-muscle caldesmon. These results provid...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Birukov KG,Shirinsky VP,Vorotnikov AV,Gusev NB

    更新日期:1990-03-26 00:00:00

  • Rapid disruption of intestinal barrier function by gliadin involves altered expression of apical junctional proteins.

    abstract::Coeliac disease is a chronic enteropathy caused by the ingestion of wheat gliadin and other cereal prolamines derived from rye and barley. In the present work, we investigated the mechanisms underlying altered barrier function properties exerted by gliadin-derived peptides in human Caco-2 intestinal epithelial cells. ...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Sander GR,Cummins AG,Henshall T,Powell BC

    更新日期:2005-08-29 00:00:00

  • Inhibitors of phosphoprotein phosphatases 1 and 2A cause activation of a 53 kDa protein kinase accompanying the apoptotic response of breast cancer cells.

    abstract::Treatment of MCF-7 breast cancer cells with 50 nM okadaic acid triggers an apoptotic response which is accompanied by a 7-fold increase in the activity of a protein kinase with a relative molecular mass of 53 kDa. The activity of the kinase was stimulated by cell treatment with inhibitors of phosphoprotein phosphatase...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Rossini GP,Pinna C,Viviani R

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  • Resistance to tumor necrosis factor (TNF) cytotoxicity by autocrine TNF production is independent of intracellular signaling pathways.

    abstract::We previously showed that autocrine tumor necrosis factor (TNF) production in the TNF-sensitive L929sA fibrosarcoma cell line induced TNF resistance, which is correlated with downmodulation of both TNF receptors on the cell surface. We now analyzed whether autocrine TNF production also interfered with intracellular TN...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

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    authors: Decoster E,Vandevoorde V,Beyaert R,Haegeman G,Fiers W

    更新日期:1997-10-20 00:00:00

  • Bacterial proteins carrying twin-R signal peptides are specifically targeted by the delta pH-dependent transport machinery of the thylakoid membrane system.

    abstract::Glucose-fructose oxidoreductase (GFOR), a periplasmic protein of Zymomonas mobilis, is synthesized as a precursor polypeptide with a twin-R signal peptide for Sec-independent protein export in bacteria. In higher plant chloroplasts, twin-R signal peptides are specific targeting signals for the Sec-independent delta pH...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

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    authors: Halbig D,Hou B,Freudl R,Sprenger GA,Klösgen RB

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  • The phosphate recognition site of Escherichia coli maltodextrin phosphorylase.

    abstract::The role of two positively charged amino acid residues located at the active site of Escherichia coli maltodextrin phosphorylase was investigated by site-directed mutagenesis. Substitution of Lys539 by an arginine caused a 600-fold reduction, substitution of Arg534 by a glutamine caused an even larger 7000-fold reduct...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Schinzel R,Drueckes P

    更新日期:1991-07-29 00:00:00

  • A voltage-gated calcium channel is linked to the antigen receptor in Jurkat T lymphocytes.

    abstract::Activation of T lymphocytes results in an increase in intracellular Ca2+ due in large part to influx of extracellular Ca2+. Using the patch clamp technique, an inward current in Jurkat T lymphocytes was observed upon depolarization from a holding potential of -90 mV but not from -60 mV. This whole-cell current was ins...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

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    authors: Densmore JJ,Szabo G,Gray LS

    更新日期:1992-11-09 00:00:00

  • Role of mitochondria and C-terminal membrane anchor of Bcl-2 in Bax induced growth arrest and mortality in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

    abstract::In mammalian cells, the Bcl-2 and Bcl-x(L) proteins suppress programmed cell death whereas the topographically similar Bax protein accelerates the apoptotic process. Recently published data suggest that expression of the human Bax-alpha gene is lethal for the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and that this toxicity can b...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

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    authors: Greenhalf W,Stephan C,Chaudhuri B

    更新日期:1996-02-12 00:00:00

  • Gene therapy for streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice by electroporational transfer of naked human insulin precursor DNA into skeletal muscle in vivo.

    abstract::Transfer of naked plasmid with insulin precursor DNA into skeletal muscle of streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetic mice through electroporation and detection of gene expression is described. Four different human insulin precursor DNA fragments were inserted into pcDNA3.1(-), downstream of a CMV promoter. Three of them...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Yin D,Tang JG

    更新日期:2001-04-20 00:00:00

  • Monoclonal antibodies that distinguish between free and complexed heterotrimeric G protein beta subunits.

    abstract::Heterotrimeric G proteins were purified from bovine brain by immunoaffinity chromatography on immobilized anti G protein monoclonal antibody 3C2. Release of betagamma subunits was effectuated by exposure of immobilized trimeric G proteins to MgAlF4. The resultant betagamma subunits were pure and biologically active. F...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Rehm A,Ploegh HL

    更新日期:1997-02-03 00:00:00

  • N-glycosylation is required for efficient secretion of a novel human secreted glycoprotein, hPAP21.

    abstract::The present study reported the isolation and characterization of a novel human secreted protein, named as hPAP21 (human protease-associated domain-containing protein, 21 kDa), encoded by the hypothetical gene chromosome 2 open reading frame 7 (C2orf7) that contains signal peptide in its N-terminus, without transmembra...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Zhou YB,Liu F,Zhu ZD,Zhu H,Zhang X,Wang ZQ,Liu JH,Han ZG

    更新日期:2004-10-22 00:00:00

  • Insertion and translocation of proteins into and through membranes.

    abstract::In prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms, proteins are efficiently sorted to reach their final destinations in a whole range of subcellular compartments. Targeting is mediated by hydrophobic signal sequences or hydrophilic targeting sequences depending upon the compartment, these sequences being often processed. Protei...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Lazdunski CJ,Benedetti H

    更新日期:1990-08-01 00:00:00

  • Asparaginyl-tRNA synthetase from the Escherichia coli temperature-sensitive strain HO202. A proline replacement in motif 2 is responsible for a large increase in Km for asparagine and ATP.

    abstract::The Escherichia coli K12 mutant gene, asnS40, coding for asparaginyl-tRNA synthetase (AsnRS) in the temperature-sensitive strain HO202, was isolated from genomic DNA using the Polymerase Chain Reaction. DNA sequencing revealed that the mutant enzyme differs from the wild-type AsnRS by two amino acids, but only the P23...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Madern D,Anselme J,Härtlein M

    更新日期:1992-03-24 00:00:00

  • Role of a serum phospholipase A1 in the phosphatidylserine-induced T cell inhibition.

    abstract::We have previously shown that unsaturated phosphatidylserines inhibit mitogen-induced T cell activation. We now report that the inhibitory action requires a protein present in bovine and human serum. Partial purification and phospholipase assay show that this protein has phospholipase A activity on phosphatidylserine ...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Bellini F,Bruni A

    更新日期:1993-01-18 00:00:00

  • Myotonic dystrophy protein kinase phosphorylates the myosin phosphatase targeting subunit and inhibits myosin phosphatase activity.

    abstract::Myotonic dystrophy protein kinase (DMPK) and Rho-kinase are related. An important function of Rho-kinase is to phosphorylate the myosin-binding subunit of myosin phosphatase (MYPT1) and inhibit phosphatase activity. Experiments were carried out to determine if DMPK could function similarly. MYPT1 was phosphorylated by...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Murányi A,Zhang R,Liu F,Hirano K,Ito M,Epstein HF,Hartshorne DJ

    更新日期:2001-03-30 00:00:00

  • Delineation of the TRAK binding regions of the kinesin-1 motor proteins.

    abstract::Understanding specific cargo distribution in differentiated cells is a major challenge. Trafficking kinesin proteins (TRAKs) are kinesin adaptors. They bind the cargo binding domain of kinesin-1 motor proteins forming a link between the motor and their cargoes. To refine the TRAK1/2 binding sites within the kinesin-1 ...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Randall TS,Moores C,Stephenson FA

    更新日期:2013-11-29 00:00:00

  • Characterization of G proteins in rat myometrium. A differential modulation of Gi2 alpha and Gi3 alpha during gestation.

    abstract::Myometrial membranes, obtained from estrogen-dominated (day 0) rat uteri, were immunoblotted with antiserum (SG1), which recognizes the alpha subunits of both Gi1 and Gi2, with antiserum (LE2) specific for Gi2 alpha, and with I3B antiserum, specific for Gi3 alpha. The data revealed the absence of detectable levels of ...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Tanfin Z,Goureau O,Milligan G,Harbon S

    更新日期:1991-01-14 00:00:00

  • A novel aspect of calpain activation.

    abstract::Calpain, a Ca2+-dependent biomodulator, alters the properties of substrate proteins by cleaving them at a limited number of specific sites. Recent studies of the structure-function relationship of calpain and X-ray analysis of its Ca2+-binding domain have revealed hitherto unknown features of the regulation of calpain...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Suzuki K,Sorimachi H

    更新日期:1998-08-14 00:00:00

  • Transforming growth factor-beta inhibits nephronectin-induced osteoblast differentiation.

    abstract::We used cDNA microarray to identify transforming growth factor beta (TGF-beta) responsive target genes during osteoblast development and found that nephronectin (Npnt) is one such gene that is significantly down-regulated. Here we report the role of TGF-beta in regulating Npnt-mediated osteoblast differentiation. We f...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Fang L,Kahai S,Yang W,He C,Seth A,Peng C,Yang BB

    更新日期:2010-07-02 00:00:00

  • Simultaneous isolation of the yeast cytosol and well-preserved mitochondria with negligible contamination by vacuolar proteinases.

    abstract::Disruption of yeast spheroplasts by DEAE-dextran in isoosmotic conditions allows isolation of relatively undamaged subcellular fractions from yeast. The preservation of mitochondria and vacuoles permits the simultaneous isolation of the cytosol with negligible contamination by vacuolar proteinases and therefore, virtu...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Schwencke J,Canut H,Flores A

    更新日期:1983-06-13 00:00:00

  • Insights into the formation of carlactone from in-depth analysis of the CCD8-catalyzed reactions.

    abstract::Strigolactones are a new class of phytohormones synthesized from carotenoids via carlactone. The complex structure of carlactone is not easily deducible from its precursor, a cis-configured β-carotene cleavage product, and is thus formed via a poorly understood series of reactions and molecular rearrangements, all cat...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Bruno M,Vermathen M,Alder A,Wüst F,Schaub P,van der Steen R,Beyer P,Ghisla S,Al-Babili S

    更新日期:2017-03-01 00:00:00

  • Identification of region-specific transcription factor genes in the adult mouse brain by medium-scale real-time RT-PCR.

    abstract::We established a medium-scale real-time RT-PCR system focusing on transcription factors and applied it to their expression profiles in the adult mouse 11 brain regions ( Almost 90% of the examined genes showed significant expression in at least one region. We successfully extracted...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Suzuki H,Okunishi R,Hashizume W,Katayama S,Ninomiya N,Osato N,Sato K,Nakamura M,Iida J,Kanamori M,Hayashizaki Y

    更新日期:2004-08-27 00:00:00

  • MDR-like ABC transporter AtPGP4 is involved in auxin-mediated lateral root and root hair development.

    abstract::Previous data have suggested an involvement of MDR/PGP-like ABC transporters in transport of the plant hormone auxin and, recently, AtPGP1 has been demonstrated to catalyze the primary active export of auxin. Here we show that related isoform AtPGP4 is expressed predominantly during early root development. AtPGP4 loss...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Santelia D,Vincenzetti V,Azzarello E,Bovet L,Fukao Y,Düchtig P,Mancuso S,Martinoia E,Geisler M

    更新日期:2005-10-10 00:00:00

  • Diminished AMPK signaling response to fasting in thioredoxin-interacting protein knockout mice.

    abstract::Thioredoxin-interacting protein (Txnip) knockout (TKO) mice exhibit impaired response to fasting. Herein, we showed that activation of adenine monophosphate-activated protein kinase and cellular AMP levels were diminished in the heart and soleus muscle but not in gastrocnemius muscle of fasting TKO mice. Similarly, gl...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Andres AM,Ratliff EP,Sachithanantham S,Hui ST

    更新日期:2011-04-20 00:00:00

  • Recognition of inter-transmembrane regions of acetylcholine receptor alpha subunit by antibodies, T cells and neurotoxins. Implications for membrane-subunit organization.

    abstract::Three regions of the alpha chain of Torpedo californica acetylcholine receptor (AChR), corresponding to residues alpha 262-276, alpha 388, 408 and alpha 427-437 were synthesized, purified and characterized. The first two peptides have been proposed to occupy inter-transmembrane regions while the third represented the ...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Atassi MZ,Manshouri T,Yokoi T

    更新日期:1988-02-15 00:00:00

  • ATRA-regulated Asb-2 gene induced in differentiation of HL-60 leukemia cells.

    abstract::Suppressors of cytokine signaling (SOCS) proteins possess common structures, a SOCS box at the C-terminus and a SH2 domain at their center. These suppressors are inducible in response to cytokines and act as negative regulators of cytokine signaling. The ASB proteins also contain the SOCS box and the ankyrin repeat se...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Kohroki J,Fujita S,Itoh N,Yamada Y,Imai H,Yumoto N,Nakanishi T,Tanaka K

    更新日期:2001-09-14 00:00:00

  • Molecular electroporation: a unifying concept for the description of membrane pore formation by antibacterial peptides, exemplified with NK-lysin.

    abstract::The antibacterial activity of many small, positively charged peptides and proteins is based on pore formation in lipid bilayers. It is here proposed to arise from an electroporation effect. This hypothesis is supported by calculations of the electrostatic potential of NK-lysin associated to a membrane. For a significa...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Miteva M,Andersson M,Karshikoff A,Otting G

    更新日期:1999-11-26 00:00:00

  • Detection of low molecular mass GTP-binding proteins in chromaffin granules and other subcellular fractions of chromaffin cells.

    abstract::A homogenate of purified chromaffin cells was fractionated, after removal of the nuclear fraction, by sucrose density gradient ultracentrifugation. The presence and subcellular localization of low molecular mass GTP-binding proteins was explored by incubation of blots of proteins from different subcellular fractions w...

    journal_title:FEBS letters

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Doucet JP,Fournier S,Parulekar M,Trifaró JM

    更新日期:1989-04-10 00:00:00