Expression of the neuropeptide Y Y1 receptor mRNA in the human brain: an in situ hybridization study.


:Using cRNA in situ hybridization, the regional distribution of mRNA encoding the human Y1 receptor was investigated in the normal human brain and compared with the autoradiographic distribution of putative Y1/[125I][Leu31,Pro34]PYY binding sites. Surprisingly, relatively high levels of Y1 receptor mRNA, distributed in a ty laminar fashion, were detected in the frontal and temporal cortices; laminae I, IV and VI were particularly enriched. The claustrum and nucleus of the medial geniculate body also revealed high levels of Y1 receptor mRNA signals. Moderate levels of specific hybridization were detected in the caudate nucleus, putamen, nucleus accumbens, amygdaloid nuclei, and arcuate and paraventricular nuclei of the hypothalamus. In all these regions, only very low levels of specific [125I][Leu31,Pro34]PYY binding were detected with the exception of the dentate gyrus of the hippocampal formation which expressed rather high levels of both the Y1 receptor mRNA and its translated protein. Accordingly, the human brain can express the Y1 receptor mRNA but this may not necessarily translate into a functional receptor as revealed by low specific binding levels observed in most regions.






Jacques D,Tong Y,Dumont Y,Shen SH,Quirion R




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1996-04-10 00:00:00












  • BDNF mediates the neuroprotective effect of PACAP-38 on rat cortical neurons.

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  • Phase of electroencephalography theta oscillation during stimulus encoding affects accuracy of memory recall.

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  • On the origin of Alzheimer's disease: a hypothesis.

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  • Presenilin-1 polymorphism and amyloid beta-protein deposition in fatal head injury.

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  • Time course of electromagnetic activity associated with detection of rare events.

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  • Pre-exposure to alcohol does not sensitize to the rewarding effects of cocaine.

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  • Gene expression in the geniculate induced by a nonphotic circadian phase shifting stimulus.

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  • Neurons and plaques of Alzheimer's disease patients highly express the neuronal membrane docking protein p42IP4/centaurin alpha.

    abstract::The protein p42(IP4) (also called centaurin alpha), identified as a brain-specific InsP4/PtdInsP3 (PIP3)-binding protein, has been shown to be localized in human brain, specifically expressed in neurons. Several casein kinases have been found to be involved in Alzheimer's disease (AD) pathology. Since casein kinase I ...


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  • Sulcogyral variation in NMDA receptor 2A/B subunit immunoreactivity in human brain.

    abstract::NMDA receptors (NR) are important in many neurological processes. Using a large series of human brain tissue, we show that the distribution of NR2A/B immunoreactivity varies according to position along a gyrus. For pyramidal neurons in laminae II and III, immunoreactivity is most marked at gyral crown and gyral lips, ...


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  • Endogenous NGF and CNTF levels in human peripheral nerve injury.

    abstract::Nerve growth factor (NGF) is trophic to sensory and sympathetic fibres, and ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF) to motoneurones, in animal models of peripheral nerve injury: NGF excess produces hyperalgesia. In this first study of injured human nerves and sensory ganglia, we quantified and localized endogenous NGF and ...


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  • fMRI of human somatosensory and cingulate cortex during painful electrical nerve stimulation.

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  • Nrsf silencing induces molecular and subcellular changes linked to neuronal plasticity.

    abstract::Neurite outgrowth involves various molecular mechanisms generating complex brain connections. These mechanisms have been linked to plasticity and learning and are thought to be deregulated in neuropsychiatric diseases. The transcription factor REST/NRSF regulates a subset of genes encoding neurite outgrowth molecules....


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  • Cocaine alters body temperature and behavioral thermoregulatory responses.

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  • Fenfluramine-induced c-fos in the striatum and hypothalamus: a tract-tracing study.

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  • Activity in the human primary motor cortex related to arm and finger movements.

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  • Methionine synthase polymorphism is a risk factor for Alzheimer disease.

    abstract::Alzheimer disease (AD) patients show increased plasma levels of homocysteine, whose conversion to methionine is catalyzed by methionine synthase (MS). Although altered MS activity may result from the MS A2756G polymorphism, the latter's possible associ-ation with AD remains unexplored. To assess whether the MS A2756G ...


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  • Effects of diazepam and D-amphetamine on rhythmic pattern of eye movements in goldfish.

    abstract::The effects of diazepam and D-amphetamine on spontaneous, vestibular- and visually-induced eye movements were studied in the restrained goldfish. These animals showed a stereotyped pattern of spontaneous eye movements that scanned the visual field in the horizontal plane. Fourier analysis of these eye movements reveal...


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