Tales of Detailed Poly(A) Tails.


:Poly(A) tails are non-templated additions of adenosines at the 3' ends of most eukaryotic mRNAs. In the nucleus, these RNAs are co-transcriptionally cleaved at a poly(A) site and then polyadenylated before being exported to the cytoplasm. In the cytoplasm, poly(A) tails play pivotal roles in the translation and stability of the mRNA. One challenge in studying poly(A) tails is that they are difficult to sequence and accurately measure. However, recent advances in sequencing technology, computational algorithms, and other assays have enabled a more detailed look at poly(A) tail length genome-wide throughout many developmental stages and organisms. With the help of these advances, our understanding of poly(A) tail length has evolved over the past 5 years with the recognition that highly expressed genes can have short poly(A) tails and the elucidation of the seemingly contradictory roles for poly(A)-binding protein (PABP) in facilitating both protection and deadenylation.


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  • A New Paradigm in Catalase Research.

    abstract::Recent findings provide evidence for dynamic and highly regulated dual subcellular localization of catalase, a hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)-metabolizing enzyme, in peroxisomes and the cytosol. These data suggest a number of important implications for the field of oxidative stress biology. ...

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  • Homing and mobilization in the stem cell niche.

    abstract::All mature blood cells are derived from the haemopoietic stem cell (HSC). In common with all other haemopoietic cells, stem cells are mobile, and it is this property of mobility that has allowed bone marrow transplantation to become a routine clinical option. Successful transplantation requires haemopoietic stem cells...

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  • New regulatory mechanisms of TGF-beta receptor function.

    abstract::Transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta) regulates cell proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis, and TGF-beta-related proteins have key roles in development, tissue homeostasis and disease. Upon binding to their cell surface receptors, TGF-beta family proteins signal through Smads to induce changes in gene expr...

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  • The SecY complex: conducting the orchestra of protein translocation.

    abstract::Like the conductor of an orchestra, the Sec protein translocation channel is the platform needed to bring together the many different players required for the constitutive and obligatory process of protein transport. This conserved membrane channel, termed SecY in bacteria and Sec61 in eukaryotes, creates a ubiquitous...

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  • Extracellular proteases and embryonic pattern formation.

    abstract::At least three genes that play crucial roles in dorsal-ventral patterning of the Drosophila embryo appear to encode extracellular proteases. These proteases are involved in the generation of localized extracellular ligands for membrane receptors. Because the sequences of these gene products closely resemble those of m...

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  • Lysosomes nor Mice Move Forward without Borcs7.

    abstract::Lysosome function and position in the cytoplasm depends on the BORCS machinery, which tethers lysosomes to the kinesin microtubule motor. A recent paper of Snouwaert et al. in Cell Reports characterizes a mouse with a spontaneous mutation in the Borcs7 subunit, which causes axonal dystrophy and impaired motor function...

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  • In vivo cell biology: following the zebrafish trend.

    abstract::A deeper understanding of the mechanisms of cell behavior is essential if we want to comprehend how an organism develops and functions. Changes in cellular processes, including the orientation of cell divisions, cell shape, polarity, differentiation and migration, account for tissue rearrangements during development a...

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  • Mitotic disassembly of the mammalian Golgi apparatus.

    abstract::A cell-free system that mimics mitotic fragmentation of Golgi stacks has provided a working model for the disassembly process. Two distinct pathways, one COP-dependent and one COP-independent, act on Golgi stacks to give rise to two types of end products: transport vesicles and larger, more heterogeneous vesicles and ...

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  • Protein sorting and secretion granule formation in regulated secretory cells.

    abstract::Formation of secretion granules in regulated secretory cells involves packaging a subject of proteins undergoing intracellular transport into specific vesicular carriers that function in stimulus-dependent exocytosis. Recent findings suggest that immature granules are a site of passive sorting, involving condensation ...

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  • Dissecting clathrin-coated pits.

    abstract::In vitro cell biology has become an effective way to identify molecules responsible for membrane traffic. We have used this approach to study the assembly and budding of coated pits. So far our system has allowed us to identify a high-affinity binding site for the AP2 subunit on the inside surface of plasma membranes,...

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    authors: Anderson RG

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  • Coupling DNA Damage and Repair: an Essential Safeguard during Programmed DNA Double-Strand Breaks?

    abstract::DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs) are the most toxic DNA lesions given their oncogenic potential. Nevertheless, programmed DSBs (prDSBs) contribute to several biological processes. Formation of prDSBs is the 'price to pay' to achieve these essential biological functions. Generated by domesticated PiggyBac transposases, ...

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    authors: Bétermier M,Borde V,de Villartay JP

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  • Interface between Physics and Biology: Training a New Generation of Creative Bilingual Scientists.

    abstract::Whereas physics seeks for universal laws underlying natural phenomena, biology accounts for complexity and specificity of molecular details. Contemporary biological physics requires people capable of working at this interface. New programs prepare scientists who transform respective disciplinary views into innovative ...

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  • Ceramide: a novel second messenger.

    abstract::Sphingomyelin used to be considered only as a structural molecule of the outer leaflet of the plasma membrane of mammalian cells. However, in the last five years it has become clear that sphingomyelin is rapidly degraded and resynthesized in a pathway that could function in signal transduction. Indeed, it is now known...

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  • Focal adhesion and actin dynamics: a place where kinases and proteases meet to promote invasion.

    abstract::Integrin-linked focal adhesion complexes provide the main sites of cell adhesion to extracellular matrix and associate with the actin cytoskeleton to control cell movement. Dynamic regulation of focal adhesions and reorganization of the associated actin cytoskeleton are crucial determinants of cell migration. There ar...

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    authors: Carragher NO,Frame MC

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  • Intranuclear bacteria: inside the cellular control center of eukaryotes.

    abstract::Intracellular bacteria including major pathogens live in the cytoplasm or in cytoplasmic vacuoles within their host cell. However, some can invade more unusual intracellular niches such as the eukaryotic nucleus. Phylogenetically diverse intranuclear bacteria have been discovered in various protist, arthropod, marine ...

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    authors: Schulz F,Horn M

    更新日期:2015-06-01 00:00:00

  • Time To Split Up: Dynamics of Chromosome Separation.

    abstract::The separation of chromosomes in anaphase is a precarious step in the cell cycle. The separation is irreversible, and any error can lead to cell death or genetic instability. Chromosome separation is controlled by the protease separase. Here we discuss recent work that has revealed additional layers of separase regula...

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  • Peroxisome turnover by micropexophagy: an autophagy-related process.

    abstract::Many organisms stringently regulate the number, volume and enzymatic content of peroxisomes (and other organelles). Understanding this regulation requires knowledge of how organelles are assembled and selectively destroyed in response to metabolic cues. In the past decade, considerable progress has been achieved in th...

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    authors: Farré JC,Subramani S

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  • Protein Sorting within Chloroplasts.

    abstract::Chloroplasts have multiple suborganellar membranes. Correct and efficient translocation of chloroplast proteins from their site of synthesis into or across membranes to their functional compartments are fundamental processes. In recent years, several new components and regulatory mechanisms involved in chloroplast pro...

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  • Signal transduction during mating and meiosis in S. pombe.

    abstract::When starved, the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe responds by producing mating factors or pheromones that signal to cells of the opposite sex to initiate mating. Like its distant relative Saccharomyces cerevisiae, cells of the two mating types of S. pombe each produce a distinct pheromone that binds to recepto...

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    authors: Nielsen O

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  • Building a retinal mosaic: cell-fate decision in the fly eye.

    abstract::Across the animal kingdom, color discrimination is achieved by comparing the outputs of photoreceptor cells (PRs) that have different spectral sensitivities. Much remains to be understood about how the pattern of these different PRs is generated and maintained. The Drosophila eye has long provided a beautiful system f...

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    authors: Wernet MF,Desplan C

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  • Lymphocyte recirculation and homing: roles of adhesion molecules and chemoattractants.

    abstract::Lymphocyte migration from high endothelial venules into lymphoid organs is mediated by a sequence of interactions between cell adhesion molecules on lymphocytes and those on the vascular endothelial cells that line the vessels. recent studies suggest that the so-called lymphocyte homing receptors and vascular addressi...

    journal_title:Trends in cell biology

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    authors: Ager A

    更新日期:1994-09-01 00:00:00

  • The relevance of apoptosis to AIDS pathogenesis.

    abstract::Several recent experimental findings support the hypothesis that apoptosis induced by human immune deficiency virus (HIV) is important in the pathogenesis of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Thus, one potential therapeutic strategy against AIDS may be to block the HIV-mediated apoptosis signal transduction ...

    journal_title:Trends in cell biology

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    authors: Ameisen JC,Estaquier J,Idziorek T,De Bels F

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  • Virtual gating and nuclear transport: the hole picture.

    abstract::The eukaryotic nucleus is surrounded by a protective nuclear envelope, which is perforated by trafficking machines termed nuclear pore complexes (NPCs). The NPCs are the sole mediators of exchange between the nucleus and the cytoplasm. Small molecules pass through the NPCs unchallenged; however, large macromolecules a...

    journal_title:Trends in cell biology

    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Rout MP,Aitchison JD,Magnasco MO,Chait BT

    更新日期:2003-12-01 00:00:00

  • RGS proteins: more than just GAPs for heterotrimeric G proteins.

    abstract::Members of the newly described RGS family of proteins have a common RGS domain that contains GTPase-activating activity for many Galpha subunits of heterotrimeric G proteins. Their ability to dampen signalling via Galphai-, Galphaq- and Galpha12/13-coupled pathways makes them crucial players in mediating the multitude...

    journal_title:Trends in cell biology

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    authors: De Vries L,Gist Farquhar M

    更新日期:1999-04-01 00:00:00

  • Principles of selective transport: coat complexes hold the key.

    abstract::The transport of protein through the secretory pathway of eukaryotic cells relies on small vesicular carriers, which mediate the movement of cargo between different compartments. Here, Meir Aridor and Bill Balch summarize what is currently known about the role of the cytosolic coat complexes in directing the formation...

    journal_title:Trends in cell biology

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    authors: Aridor M,Balch WE

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  • Heterogeneity in mRNA Translation.

    abstract::During mRNA translation, the genetic information stored in mRNA is translated into a protein sequence. It is imperative that the genetic information is translated with high precision. Surprisingly, however, recent experimental evidence has demonstrated that translation can be highly heterogeneous, even among different...

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    authors: Sonneveld S,Verhagen BMP,Tanenbaum ME

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  • LPA: a novel lipid mediator with diverse biological actions.

    abstract::Lysophosphatidic acid (LPA), the smallest and structurally simplest phospholipid, is a platelet-derived serum factor that evokes a wide range of biological effects, including stimulation of fibroblast proliferation, platelet aggregation, cellular motility, tumour cell invasiveness and neurite retraction. This review s...

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    authors: Moolenaar WH

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  • The Future of Cell Biology: Emerging Model Organisms.

    abstract::Most current research in cell biology uses just a handful of model systems including yeast, Arabidopsis, Drosophila, Caenorhabditis elegans, zebrafish, mouse, and cultured mammalian cells. And for good reason - for many biological questions, the best system for the question is likely to be found among these models. Ho...

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    authors: Goldstein B,King N

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  • Cyclophilins: a new family of proteins involved in intracellular folding.

    abstract::Proteins of the cyclophilin family display two intriguing properties. On the one hand, they are the intracellular receptors for the immunosuppressive drug cyclosporin A (CsA); on the other hand, they function in vitro as enzymes that catalyse slow steps in protein folding. A dissection of the role of CsA in mediating ...

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    authors: Stamnes MA,Rutherford SL,Zuker CS

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  • The nuclear factor kappa B signaling pathway: integrating metabolism with inflammation.

    abstract::Nuclear factor kappa B (NF-κB) transcription factors are evolutionarily conserved, coordinating regulators of immune and inflammatory responses. They also play a pivotal role in oncogenesis and metabolic disorders. Several studies during the past two decades have highlighted the key role of the IKK/NF-κB pathway in th...

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