Tales of Detailed Poly(A) Tails.


:Poly(A) tails are non-templated additions of adenosines at the 3' ends of most eukaryotic mRNAs. In the nucleus, these RNAs are co-transcriptionally cleaved at a poly(A) site and then polyadenylated before being exported to the cytoplasm. In the cytoplasm, poly(A) tails play pivotal roles in the translation and stability of the mRNA. One challenge in studying poly(A) tails is that they are difficult to sequence and accurately measure. However, recent advances in sequencing technology, computational algorithms, and other assays have enabled a more detailed look at poly(A) tail length genome-wide throughout many developmental stages and organisms. With the help of these advances, our understanding of poly(A) tail length has evolved over the past 5 years with the recognition that highly expressed genes can have short poly(A) tails and the elucidation of the seemingly contradictory roles for poly(A)-binding protein (PABP) in facilitating both protection and deadenylation.


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  • Extracellular matrix in vascular morphogenesis and disease: structure versus signal.

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  • Assembly and transport of seed storage proteins.

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  • A novel subfamily of Hsp70s in the endoplasmic reticulum.

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  • Membrane Architecture in the Spotlight of Correlative Microscopy.

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  • Sorting nuclear membrane proteins at mitosis.

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  • Metastasis Stemming from Circulating Tumor Cell Clusters.

    abstract::Circulating tumor cell (CTC) clusters have an enhanced capacity to initiate metastases, compared with single cells, but it is unclear how they gain such advantage. A recent study by Gkountela etal. (Cell 2019;176:98-112) links the physical state of clusters with increased accessibility of stem cell-related transcripti...

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  • Caveolae: anchored, multifunctional platforms in the lipid ocean.

    abstract::The function of caveolae is hotly debated. It now seems clear that caveolae are stable membrane domains that are kept in place by the actin cytoskeleton. However, this stability can be perturbed, leading to caveolar internalization. Caveolae are important in the regulation of various signaling processes, such as nitri...

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  • Regulation of membrane traffic by integrin signaling.

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  • The nuclear connection in RNA transport and localization.

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  • Proteostasis impairment in protein-misfolding and -aggregation diseases.

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  • Classical and Nonclassical Intercellular Communication in Senescence and Ageing.

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  • Turning up the Green Light.

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  • Regulation of endocytic traffic by rho family GTPases.

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  • Golgi disassembly in apoptosis: cause or effect?

    abstract::The Golgi complex undergoes a dramatic disassembly process during apoptosis. Some Golgi proteins implicated in Golgi structure and vesicle transport are cleaved during apoptosis, and expression of noncleavable mutants of these proteins delays Golgi disassembly after pro-apoptotic stimuli. Cleavage of Golgi structural ...

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  • Exploring the caves: cavins, caveolins and caveolae.

    abstract::Caveolae are ampullate (flask-shaped) invaginations that are abundant in the plasma membrane of many mammalian cell types. Although caveolae are implicated in a wide range of processes including endothelial transcytosis, lipid homeostasis and cellular signalling, a detailed molecular picture of many aspects of their f...

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  • The search for physiological substrates of MAP and SAP kinases in mammalian cells.

    abstract::Mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPKs) and stress-activated protein kinases (SAPKs) respond to many extracellular signals, but the large number of these enzymes and their overlapping specificities in vitro has made it extremely difficult to identify the physiological roles and substrates of individual family member...

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  • Genetic tags for labelling live cells: gap junctions and beyond.

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  • Getting across the nuclear pore complex.

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  • The Golgi apparatus: 100 years of progress and controversy.

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  • The spindle checkpoint: two transitions, two pathways.

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  • Triggering the cell cycle in plants.

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