Mangrove Tirucallane- and Apotirucallane-Type Triterpenoids: Structure Diversity of the C-17 Side-Chain and Natural Agonists of Human Farnesoid/Pregnane⁻X⁻Receptor.


:Ten new triterpenoid compounds with structure diversity of the C-17 side-chain, including nine tirucallanes, named xylocarpols A⁻E (1⁻5) and agallochols A⁻D (6⁻9), and an apotirucallane, named 25-dehydroxy protoxylogranatin B (10), were isolated from the mangrove plants Xylocarpus granatum, Xylocarpus moluccensis, and Excoecaria agallocha. The structures of these compounds were established by HR-ESIMS and extensive one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) NMR investigations. The absolute configurations of 1 and 2 were unequivocally determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction analyses, conducted with Cu Kα radiation; whereas those of 4, 6⁻8 were assigned by a modified Mosher's method and the comparison of experimental electronic circular dichroism (ECD) spectra. Most notably, 5, 6, 7, and 9 displayed potent activation effects on farnesoid⁻X⁻receptor (FXR) at the concentration of 10.0 μM; 10 exhibited very significant agonistic effects on pregnane⁻X⁻receptor (PXR) at the concentration of 10.0 nM.


Mar Drugs


Marine drugs


Jiang ZP,Luan ZL,Liu RX,Zhang Q,Ma XC,Shen L,Wu J




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  • Pseudoceratonic Acid and Moloka'iamine Derivatives from the Red Sea Verongiid Sponge Pseudoceratina arabica.

    abstract::During an investigation of the chemistry of the Red Sea Verongiid sponge Pseudoceratina arabica, we discovered a small molecule, pseudoceratonic acid (1), along with the new moloka'iamine derivatives, ceratinines N (2), O (3), and the previously reported compounds moloka'iamine (4), hydroxymoloka'iamine (5) and cerati...

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  • Biscembranoids and Cembranoids from the Soft Coral Sarcophyton elegans.

    abstract::Two novel biscembranoids, sarelengans A and B (1 and 2), five new cembranoids, sarelengans C-G (3-7), along with two known cembranoids (8 and 9) were isolated from the South China Sea soft coral Sarcophyton elegans. Their structures were determined by spectroscopic and chemical methods, and those of 1, 4, 5, and 6 wer...

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  • Astaxanthin Inhibits PC-3 Xenograft Prostate Tumor Growth in Nude Mice.

    abstract::Prostate cancer (PCa), the most common malignancy in men, is a major cause of cancer deaths. A better understanding of the mechanisms that drive tumor initiation and progression may identify actionable targets to improve treatment of this patient group. As a dietary carotenoid, astaxanthin has been demonstrated to exe...

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  • Design and Preclinical Evaluation of Chitosan/Kaolin Nanocomposites with Enhanced Hemostatic Efficiency.

    abstract::In the current study, hemostatic compositions including a combination of chitosan and kaolin have been developed. Chitosan is a marine polysaccharide derived from chitins, a structural component in the shells of crustaceans. Both chitosan and kaolin have the ability to mediate a quick and efficient hemostatic effect f...

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  • Non-traditional vectors for paralytic shellfish poisoning.

    abstract::Paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP), due to saxitoxin and related compounds, typically results from the consumption of filter-feeding molluscan shellfish that concentrate toxins from marine dinoflagellates. In addition to these microalgal sources, saxitoxin and related compounds, referred to in this review as STXs, ar...

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  • NMR-based metabolomic analysis of spatial variation in soft corals.

    abstract::Soft corals are common marine organisms that inhabit tropical and subtropical oceans. They are shown to be rich source of secondary metabolites with biological activities. In this work, soft corals from two geographical locations were investigated using ¹H-NMR spectroscopy coupled with multivariate statistical analysi...

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  • 5-Hydroxycyclopenicillone, a New β-Amyloid Fibrillization Inhibitor from a Sponge-Derived Fungus Trichoderma sp. HPQJ-34.

    abstract::Abstract: A new cyclopentenone, 5-hydroxycyclopeni cillone (1), was isolated together with three known compounds, ar-turmerone (2), citreoisocoumarin (3), and 6-O-methyl-citreoisocoumarin (4), from a culture of the sponge-derived fungus Trichoderma sp. HPQJ-34. The structures of 1-4 were characterized using comprehens...

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  • New Invasive Nemertean Species (Cephalothrix Simula) in England with High Levels of Tetrodotoxin and a Microbiome Linked to Toxin Metabolism.

    abstract::The marine nemertean Cephalothrix simula originates from the Pacific Ocean but in recent years has been discovered in northern Europe. The species has been associated with high levels of the marine neurotoxin Tetrodotoxin, traditionally associated with Pufferfish Poisoning. This study reports the first discovery of tw...

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    authors: Turner AD,Fenwick D,Powell A,Dhanji-Rapkova M,Ford C,Hatfield RG,Santos A,Martinez-Urtaza J,Bean TP,Baker-Austin C,Stebbing P

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  • Identification and characterization of an anti-fibrotic benzopyran compound isolated from mangrove-derived Streptomyces xiamenensis.

    abstract::An anti-fibrotic compound produced by Streptomycesn xiamenensis, found in mangrove sediments, was investigated for possible therapeutic effects against fibrosis. The compound, N-[[3,4-dihydro-3S-hydroxy-2S-methyl-2-(4'R-methyl-3'S-pentenyl)-2H-1-benzopyran-6-yl]carbonyl]-threonine (1), was isolated from crude extracts...

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  • Clinical trial: marine lipid suppositories as laxatives.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:Cod-liver oil and other marine products containing polyunsaturated fatty acids have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects and may be useful in the treatment of various inflammatory and infectious diseases. We developed suppositories and ointment with 30% free fatty acid (FFA) extract from ...

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  • Core oligosaccharide of Plesiomonas shigelloides PCM 2231 (Serotype O17) lipopolysaccharide--structural and serological analysis.

    abstract::The herein presented complete structure of the core oligosaccharide of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) P. shigelloides Polish Collection of Microorganisms (PCM) 2231 (serotype O17) was investigated by (1)H, (13)C NMR spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, chemical analyses and serological methods. The core oligosaccharide is compo...

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    authors: Maciejewska A,Lukasiewicz J,Kaszowska M,Man-Kupisinska A,Jachymek W,Lugowski C

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  • Mechanisms of toxicity of 3-alkylpyridinium polymers from marine sponge Reniera sarai.

    abstract::Polymeric 3-alkylpyridinium salts (poly-APS) present in the marine sponge Reniera sarai show a broad spectrum of biological activities. They are lytic to erythrocytes and various other mammalian cells, enabling the transfection of the latter with alien DNA. Furthermore, they show inhibitory effects to marine bacteria ...

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    authors: Turk T,Frangez R,Sepcić K

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  • A Low Molecular Weight Protein from the Sea Anemone Anemonia viridis with an Anti-Angiogenic Activity.

    abstract::Sea anemones are a remarkable source of active principles due to a decentralized venom system. New blood vessel growth or angiogenesis is a very promising target against cancer, but the few available antiangiogenic compounds have limited efficacy. In this study, a protein fraction, purified from tentacles of Anemonia ...

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  • Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Aging Evaluation of Pigment-Protein Complex Extracted from Chlorella Pyrenoidosa.

    abstract::Oxidative stress contributes to chronic inflammatory processes implicated in aging, referred to as "inflamm-aging." In this study, the potential anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects of a pigment-protein complex (PPC) from Chlorella pyrenoidosa were investigated using lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-stimulated RAW 264.7 m...

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  • The Antimicrobial Properties of Chitosan Can be Tailored by Formulation.

    abstract::Topical administration of drugs into the vagina can provide local therapy of vaginal infections, preventing the possible systemic side effects of the drugs. The natural polysaccharide chitosan is known for its excellent mucoadhesive properties, safety profile, and antibacterial effects, and thus it can be utilized in ...

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  • Evidence of accelerated evolution and ectodermal-specific expression of presumptive BDS toxin cDNAs from Anemonia viridis.

    abstract::Anemonia viridis is a widespread and extensively studied Mediterranean species of sea anemone from which a large number of polypeptide toxins, such as blood depressing substances (BDS) peptides, have been isolated. The first members of this class, BDS-1 and BDS-2, are polypeptides belonging to the β-defensin fold fami...

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    authors: Nicosia A,Maggio T,Mazzola S,Cuttitta A

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  • Inhibitory activity of marine sponge-derived natural products against parasitic protozoa.

    abstract::In this study, thirteen sponge-derived terpenoids, including five linear furanoterpenes: furospinulosin-1 (1), furospinulosin-2 (2), furospongin-1 (3), furospongin-4 (4), and demethylfurospongin-4 (5); four linear meroterpenes: 2-(hexaprenylmethyl)-2-methylchromenol (6), 4-hydroxy-3-octaprenylbenzoic acid (7), 4-hydro...

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    authors: Orhan I,Sener B,Kaiser M,Brun R,Tasdemir D

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  • Astaxanthin from Shrimp Cephalothorax Stimulates the Immune Response by Enhancing IFN-γ, IL-10, and IL-2 Secretion in Splenocytes of Helicobacter Pylori-Infected Mice.

    abstract::Infection with Helicobacter pylori is a critical cause of gastrointestinal diseases. A crucial host response associated with H. pylori infection includes gastric inflammation, which is characterized by a sustained recruitment of T-helper (Th) cells to the site of infection and distinct patterns of cytokine production....

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    authors: Davinelli S,Melvang HM,Andersen LP,Scapagnini G,Nielsen ME

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  • Interactions of the α3β2 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Interfaces with α-Conotoxin LsIA and its Carboxylated C-terminus Analogue: Molecular Dynamics Simulations.

    abstract::Notably, α-conotoxins with carboxy-terminal (C-terminal) amidation are inhibitors of the pentameric nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs), which are therapeutic targets for neurological diseases and disorders. The (α3)2(β2)3 nAChR subunit arrangement comprises a pair of α3(+)β2(-) and β2(+)α3(-) interfaces, and a...

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  • Discovery of new eunicellin-based diterpenoids from a Formosan soft coral Cladiella sp.

    abstract::A new eunicellin diterpenoid, cladieunicellin I (1), and a new natural eunicellin, litophynin I diacetate (2), were isolated from a Formosan soft coral identified as Cladiella sp. The structures of eunicellins 1 and 2 were elucidated by spectroscopic methods and by comparison of the spectral data with those of related...

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  • Ciguatoxins Evoke Potent CGRP Release by Activation of Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel Subtypes NaV1.9, NaV1.7 and NaV1.1.

    abstract::Ciguatoxins (CTXs) are marine toxins that cause ciguatera fish poisoning, a debilitating disease dominated by sensory and neurological disturbances that include cold allodynia and various painful symptoms as well as long-lasting pruritus. Although CTXs are known as the most potent mammalian sodium channel activator to...

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    authors: Touska F,Sattler S,Malsch P,Lewis RJ,Reeh PW,Zimmermann K

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  • Sinulolides A-H, new cyclopentenone and butenolide derivatives from soft coral Sinularia sp.

    abstract::Eight new compounds, sinulolides A-H (1-8), along with two known compounds, α-methoxy-2,3-dimethyl-butenolide (9) and sinularone D (10), were isolated from the soft coral Sinularia sp. The structures of these compounds were elucidated on the basis of extensive spectroscopic analysis. The absolute configurations were d...

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  • Anaerobic Digestion of Laminaria japonica Waste from Industrial Production Residues in Laboratory- and Pilot-Scale.

    abstract::The cultivation of macroalgae to supply the biofuel, pharmaceutical or food industries generates a considerable amount of organic residue, which represents a potential substrate for biomethanation. Its use optimizes the total resource exploitation by the simultaneous disposal of waste biomaterials. In this study, we e...

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    authors: Barbot YN,Thomsen C,Thomsen L,Benz R

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  • Cultivation of Sponge-Associated Bacteria from Agelas sventres and Xestospongia muta Collected from Different Depths.

    abstract::Sponge-associated bacteria have been mostly cultured from shallow water (≤30 m) sponges, whereas only few studies targeted specimens from below 30 m. This study assessed the cultivability of bacteria from two marine sponges Xestospongia muta and Agelas sventres collected from shallow (<30 m), upper mesophotic (30-60 m...

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    authors: Indraningrat AAG,Micheller S,Runderkamp M,Sauerland I,Becking LE,Smidt H,Sipkema D

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  • Alkaloids from the mangrove-derived actinomycete Jishengella endophytica 161111.

    abstract::A new alkaloid, 2-(furan-2-yl)-6-(2S,3S,4-trihydroxybutyl)pyrazine (1), along with 12 known compounds, 2-(furan-2-yl)-5-(2S,3S,4-trihydroxybutyl)pyrazine (2), (S)-4-isobutyl-3-oxo-3,4-dihydro-1H-pyrrolo[2,1-c][1,4]oxazine-6-carbaldehyde (3), (S)-4-isopropyl-3-oxo-3,4-dihydro-1H-pyrrolo[2,1-c][1,4]oxazine-6-carbaldehyd...

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    authors: Wang P,Kong F,Wei J,Wang Y,Wang W,Hong K,Zhu W

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  • Virescenosides From the Holothurian-Associated Fungus Acremonium Striatisporum Kmm 4401.

    abstract::Ten new diterpene glycosides virescenosides Z9-Z18 (1-10) together with three known analogues (11-13) and aglycon of virescenoside A (14) were isolated from the marine-derived fungus Acremonium striatisporum KMM 4401. These compounds were obtained by cultivating fungus on wort agar medium with the addition of potassiu...

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    authors: Zhuravleva OI,Antonov AS,Oleinikova GK,Khudyakova YV,Popov RS,Denisenko VA,Pislyagin EA,Chingizova EA,Afiyatullov SS

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  • Combination of trabectedin and gemcitabine for advanced soft tissue sarcomas: results of a phase I dose escalating trial of the German Interdisciplinary Sarcoma Group (GISG).

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Evaluation of the potential efficacy and safety of combination therapies for advanced soft tissue sarcomas (STS) has increased substantially after approval of trabectedin and pazopanib. Trabectedin's introduction in Europe in 2007 depended mainly on its activity in so-called L-sarcomas (liposarcoma and leiom...

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    authors: Kasper B,Reichardt P,Pink D,Sommer M,Mathew M,Rauch G,Hohenberger P

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  • Comparative Analysis of Culture Conditions for the Optimization of Carotenoid Production in Several Strains of the Picoeukaryote Ostreococcus.

    abstract::Microalgae are promising sources for the sustainable production of compounds of interest for biotechnologies. Compared to higher plants, microalgae have a faster growth rate and can be grown in industrial photobioreactors. The microalgae biomass contains specific metabolites of high added value for biotechnology such ...

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    authors: Guyon JB,Vergé V,Schatt P,Lozano JC,Liennard M,Bouget FY

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  • Biological activity of volatiles from marine and terrestrial bacteria.

    abstract::The antiproliferative activity of 52 volatile compounds released from bacteria was investigated in agar diffusion assays against medically important microorganisms and mouse fibroblasts. Furthermore, the activity of these compounds to interfere with the quorum-sensing-systems was tested with two different reporter str...

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    authors: Schulz S,Dickschat JS,Kunze B,Wagner-Dobler I,Diestel R,Sasse F

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  • A Collection of Bioactive Nitrogen-Containing Molecules from the Marine Sponge Acanthostrongylophora ingens.

    abstract::Thirteen nitrogen-containing molecules (1a/1b and 2-12) were isolated from the Indonesian sponge Acanthostrongylophora ingens, highlighting the richness of this organism as a source of alkaloids. Their structures were elucidated using one- and two-dimensional NMR spectroscopy and HR-ESI-MS, while the stereochemistry o...

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