A cell that dies during wild-type C. elegans development can function as a neuron in a ced-3 mutant.


:Mutations in the C. elegans gene ced-3 prevent almost all programmed cell deaths, so that in a ced-3 mutant there are many extra cells. We show that the pharyngeal neuron M4 is essential for feeding in wild-type worms, but in a ced-3 mutant, one of the extra cells, probably MSpaaaaap (the sister of M4), can sometimes take over M4's function. The function of MSpaaaaap, unlike that of M4, is variable and subnormal. One possible explanation is that its fate, being hidden by death and not subject to selection, has drifted randomly during evolution. We suggest that such cells may play roles in the evolution of cell lineage analogous to those played by pseudogenes in the evolution of genomes.






Avery L,Horvitz HR




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1987-12-24 00:00:00
















  • The many faces of PPARgamma.

    abstract::In an era marked by the increasing prevalence of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, the nuclear receptor peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPARgamma) has emerged as a transcriptional regulator of metabolism whose activity can be modulated by direct binding of small molecules. As the master ...


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  • Synaptic transmission persists in synaptotagmin mutants of Drosophila.

    abstract::Synaptotagmin is one of the major integral membrane proteins of synaptic vesicles. It has been postulated to dock vesicles to their release sites, to act as the Ca2+ sensor for the release process, and to be a fusion protein during exocytosis. To clarify the function of this protein, we have undertaken a genetic analy...


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  • The calcium-dependent cell-cell adhesion system regulates inner cell mass formation and cell surface polarization in early mouse development.

    abstract::The monoclonal antibody ECCD-1 inhibits Ca2+-dependent cell-cell adhesion in teratocarcinoma cells, recognizing a cell surface component of MW 124,000. When mouse embryos at various preimplantation stages were cultured in the presence of ECCD-1, the compacted morphology of the 8- to 16-cell-stage embryos was destroyed...


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  • An Engineered CRISPR-Cas9 Mouse Line for Simultaneous Readout of Lineage Histories and Gene Expression Profiles in Single Cells.

    abstract::Tracing the lineage history of cells is key to answering diverse and fundamental questions in biology. Coupling of cell ancestry information with other molecular readouts represents an important goal in the field. Here, we describe the CRISPR array repair lineage tracing (CARLIN) mouse line and corresponding analysis ...


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    authors: Bowling S,Sritharan D,Osorio FG,Nguyen M,Cheung P,Rodriguez-Fraticelli A,Patel S,Yuan WC,Fujiwara Y,Li BE,Orkin SH,Hormoz S,Camargo FD

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  • Stereo immunofluorescence microscopy: I. Three-dimensional arrangement of microfilaments, microtubules and tonofilaments.

    abstract::An easy manipulation of the commercial fluorescence microscope allows stereo pairs of pictures to be taken, which when examined with a stereo viewer, give a strong three-dimensional impression. The procedure is described in detail. Its use allows the documentation by immunofluorescence microscopy of the three-dimensio...


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  • Efficient direct reprogramming of mature amniotic cells into endothelial cells by ETS factors and TGFβ suppression.

    abstract::ETS transcription factors ETV2, FLI1, and ERG1 specify pluripotent stem cells into induced vascular endothelial cells (iVECs). However, iVECs are unstable and drift toward nonvascular cells. We show that human midgestation c-Kit(-) lineage-committed amniotic cells (ACs) can be reprogrammed into vascular endothelial ce...


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    authors: Ginsberg M,James D,Ding BS,Nolan D,Geng F,Butler JM,Schachterle W,Pulijaal VR,Mathew S,Chasen ST,Xiang J,Rosenwaks Z,Shido K,Elemento O,Rabbany SY,Rafii S

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  • Crystal structure of the Oxytricha nova telomere end binding protein complexed with single strand DNA.

    abstract::Telomeres are specialized protein-DNA complexes that compose the ends of eukaryotic chromosomes. Telomeres protect chromosome termini from degradation and recombination and act together with telomerase to ensure complete genome replication. We have determined the crystal structure of the two-subunit Oxytricha nova tel...


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  • The bacterial effector VopL organizes actin into filament-like structures.

    abstract::VopL is an effector protein from Vibrio parahaemolyticus that nucleates actin filaments. VopL consists of a VopL C-terminal domain (VCD) and an array of three WASP homology 2 (WH2) motifs. Here, we report the crystal structure of the VCD dimer bound to actin. The VCD organizes three actin monomers in a spatial arrange...


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  • Solving mysteries of DNA replication and frog cloning.

    abstract::Compared to sperm nuclei, nuclei from adult somatic cells replicate inefficiently in frog egg extract. In this issue of Cell, Lemaitre et al. (2005) show that pre-exposure of erythrocyte nuclei to a mitotic extract removes this difference, reorganizes the chromatin into shorter loops, and allows replication at much sh...


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    authors: Laskey R

    更新日期:2005-12-02 00:00:00

  • DNA sequence organization of the beta-globin complex in the BALB/c mouse.

    abstract::Clones containing five non-adult beta-globin genes were isolated from a library of BALB/c DNA. Together, the newly cloned regions comprise a contiguous block of 32 kb of the mouse genome. Restriction mapping of genomic DNA established the physical linkage of these non-adult genes to the two adult beta-globin genes as ...


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    authors: Jahn CL,Hutchison CA 3rd,Phillips SJ,Weaver S,Haigwood NL,Voliva CF,Edgell MH

    更新日期:1980-08-01 00:00:00

  • Ump1p is required for proper maturation of the 20S proteasome and becomes its substrate upon completion of the assembly.

    abstract::We report the discovery of a short-lived chaperone that is required for the correct maturation of the eukaryotic 20S proteasome and is destroyed at a specific stage of the assembly process. The S. cerevisiae Ump1p protein is a component of proteasome precursor complexes containing unprocessed beta subunits but is not ...


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  • The protein network of HIV budding.

    abstract::HIV release requires TSG101, a cellular factor that sorts proteins into vesicles that bud into multivesicular bodies (MVB). To test whether other proteins involved in MVB biogenesis (the class E proteins) also participate in HIV release, we identified 22 candidate human class E proteins. These proteins were connected ...


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    authors: von Schwedler UK,Stuchell M,Müller B,Ward DM,Chung HY,Morita E,Wang HE,Davis T,He GP,Cimbora DM,Scott A,Kräusslich HG,Kaplan J,Morham SG,Sundquist WI

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  • Genetic evidence that Tn10 transposes by a nonreplicative mechanism.

    abstract::We present genetic evidence that the tetracycline resistance element Tn10 transposes by a nonreplicative mechanism. Heteroduplex Tn10 elements containing three single base pair mismatches were constructed on lambda phage genomes and allowed to transpose from lambda into the bacterial chromosome. Analysis of TetR colon...


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  • Francis Crick: A Singular Approach to Scientific Discovery.

    abstract::Francis' office window (at the Salk) commanded a panorama of the Pacific. "This grand natural scene was a physical correlate of Francis's intellectual world: wide-ranging, brilliantly lit, a little overawing, but also immensely inviting and above all an exciting place to be." (Mitchison, 2004). ...


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    authors: Lawrence PA

    更新日期:2016-12-01 00:00:00

  • Secondary structure of mouse and rabbit alpha- and beta-globin mRNAs: differential accessibility of alpha and beta initiator AUG codons towards nucleases.

    abstract::The nucleotide sequence from the 5' terminus inward of one third of mouse alpha- and beta maj-globin messenger RNAs has been established. In addition, using 5' 32P end-labeled mRNAs as substrates and S1 and T1 nucleases as probes for single-stranded regions, the secondary structures of mouse and rabbit alpha- and beta...


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    authors: Pavlakis GN,Lockard RE,Vamvakopoulos N,Rieser L,RajBhandary UL,Vournakis JN

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  • Analysis of the human endogenous coregulator complexome.

    abstract::Elucidation of endogenous cellular protein-protein interactions and their networks is most desirable for biological studies. Here we report our study of endogenous human coregulator protein complex networks obtained from integrative mass spectrometry-based analysis of 3290 affinity purifications. By preserving weak pr...


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  • Generation of unexpected editing patterns in Leishmania tarentolae mitochondrial mRNAs: misediting produced by misguiding.

    abstract::We have analyzed the generation of unexpected patterns of RNA editing, i.e., those not following a strict 3' to 5' progression, which occur in junction regions between fully edited and preedited sequences. Evidence is presented that these patterns are generated by misediting due to specific events of misguiding. Mised...


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  • Macrophage-Induced Blood Vessels Guide Schwann Cell-Mediated Regeneration of Peripheral Nerves.

    abstract::The peripheral nervous system has remarkable regenerative capacities in that it can repair a fully cut nerve. This requires Schwann cells to migrate collectively to guide regrowing axons across a 'bridge' of new tissue, which forms to reconnect a severed nerve. Here we show that blood vessels direct the migrating cord...


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    authors: Cattin AL,Burden JJ,Van Emmenis L,Mackenzie FE,Hoving JJ,Garcia Calavia N,Guo Y,McLaughlin M,Rosenberg LH,Quereda V,Jamecna D,Napoli I,Parrinello S,Enver T,Ruhrberg C,Lloyd AC

    更新日期:2015-08-27 00:00:00

  • UVB-Induced Tumor Heterogeneity Diminishes Immune Response in Melanoma.

    abstract::Although clonal neo-antigen burden is associated with improved response to immune therapy, the functional basis for this remains unclear. Here we study this question in a novel controlled mouse melanoma model that enables us to explore the effects of intra-tumor heterogeneity (ITH) on tumor aggressiveness and immunity...


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    authors: Wolf Y,Bartok O,Patkar S,Eli GB,Cohen S,Litchfield K,Levy R,Jiménez-Sánchez A,Trabish S,Lee JS,Karathia H,Barnea E,Day CP,Cinnamon E,Stein I,Solomon A,Bitton L,Pérez-Guijarro E,Dubovik T,Shen-Orr SS,Miller ML,Me

    更新日期:2019-09-19 00:00:00

  • Beta-arrestin1 regulates zebrafish hematopoiesis through binding to YY1 and relieving polycomb group repression.

    abstract::Beta-arrestin1 is a multifunctional protein critically involved in signal transduction. Recently, it is also identified as a nuclear transcriptional regulator, but the underlying mechanisms and physiological significance remain to be explored. Here, we identified beta-arrestin1 as an evolutionarily conserved protein e...


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    authors: Yue R,Kang J,Zhao C,Hu W,Tang Y,Liu X,Pei G

    更新日期:2009-10-30 00:00:00

  • The regulatory light chain of nonmuscle myosin is encoded by spaghetti-squash, a gene required for cytokinesis in Drosophila.

    abstract::Two independent approaches to understanding the molecular mechanism of cytokinesis have converged on the gene spaghetti-squash (sqh). A genetic screen for mitotic mutants identified sqh1, a mutation that disrupts cytokinesis, which was then cloned by transposon tagging. Independently, the gene that encodes the regulat...


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    authors: Karess RE,Chang XJ,Edwards KA,Kulkarni S,Aguilera I,Kiehart DP

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  • Lineage tracing.

    abstract::Lineage tracing is the identification of all progeny of a single cell. Although its origins date back to developmental biology of invertebrates in the 19(th) century, lineage tracing is now an essential tool for studying stem cell properties in adult mammalian tissues. Lineage tracing provides a powerful means of unde...


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  • SARA-regulated vesicular targeting underlies formation of the light-sensing organelle in mammalian rods.

    abstract::The light-sensing organelle of the vertebrate rod photoreceptor, the outer segment (OS), is a modified cilium containing approximately 1,000 stacked disc membranes that are densely packed with visual pigment rhodopsin. The mammalian OS is renewed every ten days; new discs are assembled at the base of the OS by a poorl...


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  • A receptor for subgroup A Rous sarcoma virus is related to the low density lipoprotein receptor.

    abstract::Cellular receptors are required for efficient entry of retroviruses into cells. We previously cloned a chicken gene responsible for susceptibility to the retrovirus subgroup A Rous sarcoma virus (RSV(A)). Here we have isolated the quail homolog and generated two alternatively spliced processed genes encoding cellular ...


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    authors: Bates P,Young JA,Varmus HE

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  • The structure of ClpB: a molecular chaperone that rescues proteins from an aggregated state.

    abstract::Molecular chaperones assist protein folding by facilitating their "forward" folding and preventing aggregation. However, once aggregates have formed, these chaperones cannot facilitate protein disaggregation. Bacterial ClpB and its eukaryotic homolog Hsp104 are essential proteins of the heat-shock response, which have...


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  • A Call for Systematic Research on Solute Carriers.

    abstract::Solute carrier (SLC) membrane transport proteins control essential physiological functions, including nutrient uptake, ion transport, and waste removal. SLCs interact with several important drugs, and a quarter of the more than 400 SLC genes are associated with human diseases. Yet, compared to other gene families of s...


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    authors: César-Razquin A,Snijder B,Frappier-Brinton T,Isserlin R,Gyimesi G,Bai X,Reithmeier RA,Hepworth D,Hediger MA,Edwards AM,Superti-Furga G

    更新日期:2015-07-30 00:00:00

  • New telomere formation after developmentally regulated chromosomal breakage during the process of chromatin diminution in Ascaris lumbricoides.

    abstract::During the process of chromatin diminution, which takes place in all presomatic cells of the early Ascaris embryo, the heterochromatic termini of the chromosomes are lost. Here we show that the newly formed ends of the reduced somatic chromosomes carry tandem repeats of the telomeric sequence TTAGGC. Comparison of a c...


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    authors: Müller F,Wicky C,Spicher A,Tobler H

    更新日期:1991-11-15 00:00:00

  • Analysis of Sp1 in vivo reveals multiple transcriptional domains, including a novel glutamine-rich activation motif.

    abstract::We have adopted Drosophila tissue culture cells as a host system for studying the structure and function of mammalian transcription factors. These cells provide an Sp1-deficient background and have been used in a complementation assay to identify functional domains of human transcription factor Sp1. The SV40 early pro...


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    authors: Courey AJ,Tjian R

    更新日期:1988-12-02 00:00:00

  • Axon Degeneration Gated by Retrograde Activation of Somatic Pro-apoptotic Signaling.

    abstract::During development, sensory axons compete for limiting neurotrophic support, and local neurotrophin insufficiency triggers caspase-dependent axon degeneration. The signaling driving axon degeneration upon local deprivation is proposed to reside within axons. Our results instead support a model in which, despite the ap...


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    authors: Simon DJ,Pitts J,Hertz NT,Yang J,Yamagishi Y,Olsen O,Tešić Mark M,Molina H,Tessier-Lavigne M

    更新日期:2016-02-25 00:00:00

  • Location of the cell-attachment site in fibronectin with monoclonal antibodies and proteolytic fragments of the molecule.

    abstract::Proteolytic fragments of human plasma fibronectin were used to identify monoclonal antibodies reacting with the various domains of fibronectin. One of these antibodies, which reacts with cell-attachment-promoting fragments of fibronectin, inhibits attachment of cells to fibronectin-coated surfaces. A cell-attachment-p...


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    authors: Pierschbacher MD,Hayman EG,Ruoslahti E

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