The in vitro transcription of the 7SK RNA gene by RNA polymerase III is dependent only on the presence of an upstream promoter.


:Deletion analysis was carried out on the human 7SK RNA gene to map regions essential for in vitro transcription by RNA polymerase III. The sequence promoting transcription is located between 37 and 3 bp upstream of the 7SK RNA coding region. RNA polymerase III transcription of adjacent plasmid sequences can be directed by this promoter in the complete absence of the 7SK RNA coding region, indicating that no internal promoter sequences are required. Transcription is terminated by a stretch of T residues, typical of RNA polymerase III transcription. The promoter contains a TATA box at position -25, mutations within which dramatically reduce the efficiency of transcription. Upstream sequences from position -37 to -243 increase the promoter's efficiency. The promoter recognized by RNA polymerase III is structurally and functionally similar to the promoter of genes transcribed by RNA polymerase II.






Murphy S,Di Liegro C,Melli M




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  • Nucleoporins directly stimulate expression of developmental and cell-cycle genes inside the nucleoplasm.

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  • Sequential E2s drive polyubiquitin chain assembly on APC targets.

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  • Regulatory nascent peptides in the ribosomal tunnel.

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  • Single-Molecule Visualization of MCM2-7 DNA Loading: Seeing Is Believing.

    abstract::The first event in the initiation of eukaryotic DNA replication is the recruitment of the MCM2-7 ATPase, the core of the replicative DNA helicase, to origins. Ticau et al. use single-molecule imaging to reveal how ORC, Cdc6, and Cdt1 cooperate to load MCM2-7 onto DNA, enabling bidirectional replication. ...


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  • Aire, master of many trades.

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  • The excision of intervening sequences from Salmonella 23S ribosomal RNA.

    abstract::Novel, approximately 90 bp intervening sequences (IVs) were discovered within the 23S rRNA genes of S. typhimurium and S. arizonae. These non-rRNA sequences are transcribed and then excised during rRNA maturation. The rRNA fragments that result from the excision of the extra sequences are not religated. This results i...


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  • BMAL1-Driven Tissue Clocks Respond Independently to Light to Maintain Homeostasis.

    abstract::Circadian rhythms control organismal physiology throughout the day. At the cellular level, clock regulation is established by a self-sustained Bmal1-dependent transcriptional oscillator network. However, it is still unclear how different tissues achieve a synchronized rhythmic physiology. That is, do they respond inde...


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  • Deconvolving the recognition of DNA shape from sequence.

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  • COP1, an Arabidopsis regulatory gene, encodes a protein with both a zinc-binding motif and a G beta homologous domain.

    abstract::Plant seedling development is capable of following 1 of 2 distinct morphogenic pathways: skotomorphogenesis in darkness and photomorphogenesis in light. Dark-grown Arabidopsis seedlings with recessive mutations at the constitutively photomorphogenic (COP1) locus indicate that the wild-type COP1 protein represses photo...


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  • Ubiquitin is attached to membranes of baculovirus particles by a novel type of phospholipid anchor.

    abstract::Purified budded virions of Autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus (AcNPV) contain abundant amounts of free ubiquitin, which has an altered electrophoretic mobility on SDS gels as compared with standard ubiquitin. Phase extraction of virion proteins with Triton X-114 indicated that the modified form of ubiqu...


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  • Imbalanced Host Response to SARS-CoV-2 Drives Development of COVID-19.

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  • Accelerated evolution of nervous system genes in the origin of Homo sapiens.

    abstract::Human evolution is characterized by a dramatic increase in brain size and complexity. To probe its genetic basis, we examined the evolution of genes involved in diverse aspects of nervous system biology. We found that these genes display significantly higher rates of protein evolution in primates than in rodents. Impo...


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  • Cofactor dynamics and sufficiency in estrogen receptor-regulated transcription.

    abstract::Many cofactors bind the hormone-activated estrogen receptor (ER), yet the specific regulators of endogenous ER-mediated gene transcription are unknown. Using chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP), we find that ER and a number of coactivators rapidly associate with estrogen responsive promoters following estrogen treatm...


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  • Abelson leukemia virus induces lymphoid and erythroid colonies in infected fetal cell cultures.

    abstract::An examination of Abelson murine leukemia virus (A-MuL V)-hematopoietic cell interaction in cultures of fetal tissues reveals that A-MuLV can stimulate the formation of two different types of colonies. One type of colony is white and composed of A-MuLV-transformed lymphoid cells that can develop into established cell ...


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  • Different pathways of differentiation of pre-B cell lines are induced by dendritic cells and T cells from different lymphoid tissues.

    abstract::Nontransformed pre-B cells were induced to differentiate in vitro along several different but predictable pathways with only dendritic cells (DC) and concanavalin A-stimulated T lymphocytes. DC-T from spleen induced secretion of only IgM, whereas DC-T from Peyer's patches induced high levels of IgA and intermediate le...


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    abstract::The thymus exports a selected subset of virgin T lymphocytes to the peripheral lymphoid organs. The mature phenotype of these thymus emigrants is similar to that of medullary thymocytes and has been cited as supporting a medullary rather than cortical exit site. Using the monoclonal antibody MEL-14, we identify a 1%-3...


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  • Secretin-Activated Brown Fat Mediates Prandial Thermogenesis to Induce Satiation.

    abstract::The molecular mediator and functional significance of meal-associated brown fat (BAT) thermogenesis remains elusive. Here, we identified the gut hormone secretin as a non-sympathetic BAT activator mediating prandial thermogenesis, which consequentially induces satiation, thereby establishing a gut-secretin-BAT-brain a...


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  • Acetylation in histone H3 globular domain regulates gene expression in yeast.

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  • Endosome-specific localization and function of the ARF activator GNOM.

    abstract::ARF GTPases act at multiple steps of the secretory and vacuolar/lysosomal trafficking pathways, but little is known about the spatial regulation of ARF activation. In this issue of Cell, Geldner et al. demonstrate that the Arabidopsis ARF activator GNOM localizes to endosomes where it controls the polarized traffickin...


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  • Observing a DNA polymerase choose right from wrong.

    abstract::DNA polymerase (pol) β is a model polymerase involved in gap-filling DNA synthesis utilizing two metals to facilitate nucleotidyl transfer. Previous structural studies have trapped catalytic intermediates by utilizing substrate analogs (dideoxy-terminated primer or nonhydrolysable incoming nucleotide). To identify add...


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  • Histone deimination antagonizes arginine methylation.

    abstract::Methylation of arginine residues within histone H3 has been linked to active transcription. This modification appears on the estrogen-regulated pS2 promoter when the CARM1 methyltransferase is recruited during transcriptional activation. Here we describe a process, deimination, that converts histone arginine to citrul...


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