Nerve growth factor is an autocrine survival factor for memory B lymphocytes.


:Production of nerve growth factor (NGF) was assessed in cultures of human T and B lymphocytes and macrophages. NGF was constitutively produced by B cells only, which also expressed surface p140trk-A and p75NGFR molecules and hence efficiently bound and internalized the cytokine. Neutralization of endogenous NGF caused disappearance of Bcl-2 protein and apoptotic death of resting lymphocytes bearing surface IgG or IgA, a population comprising memory cells, while surface IgM/IgD "virgin" B lymphocytes were not affected. In vivo administration of neutralizing anti-NGF antibodies caused strong reduction in the titer of specific IgG in mice immunized with tetanus toxoid, nitrophenol, or arsonate and reduced numbers of surface IgG or IgA B lymphocytes. Thus, NGF is an autocrine survival factor for memory B lymphocytes.






Torcia M,Bracci-Laudiero L,Lucibello M,Nencioni L,Labardi D,Rubartelli A,Cozzolino F,Aloe L,Garaci E




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  • Oncogenic activity of the c-Myc protein requires dimerization with Max.

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  • The CaaX motif of lamin A functions in conjunction with the nuclear localization signal to target assembly to the nuclear envelope.

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  • At least 104 nucleotides are transposed from the 5' terminus of the avian sarcoma virus genome to the 5' termini of smaller viral mRNAs.

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  • Cis-acting induction of adenovirus transcription.

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  • An IL-23R/IL-22 Circuit Regulates Epithelial Serum Amyloid A to Promote Local Effector Th17 Responses.

    abstract::RORγt(+) Th17 cells are important for mucosal defenses but also contribute to autoimmune disease. They accumulate in the intestine in response to microbiota and produce IL-17 cytokines. Segmented filamentous bacteria (SFB) are Th17-inducing commensals that potentiate autoimmunity in mice. RORγt(+) T cells were induced...


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  • Injection of mitochondria into human cells leads to a rapid replacement of the endogenous mitochondrial DNA.

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  • Conversion of Bcl-2 from protector to killer by interaction with nuclear orphan receptor Nur77/TR3.

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  • Antisense RNA inhibits expression of membrane skeleton protein 4.1 during embryonic development of Xenopus.

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  • Transcription of a gene for human U1 small nuclear RNA.

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  • Specific sequences and a hairpin structure in the template strand are required for N4 virion RNA polymerase promoter recognition.

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  • Loss of a gp130 cardiac muscle cell survival pathway is a critical event in the onset of heart failure during biomechanical stress.

    abstract::Biomechanical stress is a major stimulus for cardiac hypertrophy and the transition to heart failure. By generating mice that harbor a ventricular restricted knockout of the gp130 cytokine receptor via Cre-IoxP-mediated recombination, we demonstrate a critical role for a gp130-dependent myocyte survival pathway in the...


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  • Evidence that Armadillo transduces wingless by mediating nuclear export or cytosolic activation of Pangolin.

    abstract::Secreted proteins of the Wnt family have profound organizing roles during animal development and are transduced via the activities of the Frizzled (Fz) class of transmembrane receptors and the TCF/LEF/Pangolin class of transcription factors. beta-catenins, including Drosophila Armadillo (Arm), link activation of Fz at...


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  • The secret life of ACE2 as a receptor for the SARS virus.

    abstract::The membrane-associated carboxypeptidase angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) is an essential regulator of heart function. Now, Li at al. identify and characterize an unexpected second function of ACE2 as a partner of the SARS-CoV spike glycoprotein in mediating virus entry and cell fusion. ...


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