Proton NMR spectroscopy of solvent-saturable resonances: a new approach to study pH effects in situ.


:It is shown that the effect of pH changes can be measured in proton NMR spectra through the pH sensitivity of the signal intensities of metabolite protons exchanging with water. To observe this phenomenon, pulse sequences must be used that can sensitively observe these exchangeable protons under physiological conditions, which is achieved by avoiding magnetization transfer signal losses due to water saturation for solvent suppression purposes. These methods provide an order-of-magnitude enhancement of many signals between 5 and 10 ppm, containing both N-bound protons as well as aromatic C-H protons coupled to them, the intensity of which is influenced by exchange-relayed saturation. As a first application, the effects of pH change on these resonances are studied ex vivo (perfused cells) and in vivo (cat brain).


Magn Reson Med


Mori S,Eleff SM,Pilatus U,Mori N,van Zijl PC




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1998-07-01 00:00:00












  • On the origin of paramagnetic inhomogeneity effects in blood.

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  • NMR visibility studies of N-delta proton of proximal histidine in deoxyhemoglobin in lysed and intact red cells.

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  • Towards elimination of the dark-rim artifact in first-pass myocardial perfusion MRI: removing Gibbs ringing effects using optimized radial imaging.

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  • Reduction of B1 sensitivity in selective single-slab 3D turbo spin echo imaging with very long echo trains.

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  • Pattern recognition of MRSI data shows regions of glioma growth that agree with DTI markers of brain tumor infiltration.

    abstract::Gliomas are the most common primary brain tumors and the majority are highly malignant, with one of the worst prognoses for patients. Gliomas are characterized by invasive growth into normal brain tissue that makes complete surgical resection and accurate radiotherapy planning extremely difficult. We have performed in...

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  • Measurements of human cerebral GABA at 4.1 T using numerically optimized editing pulses.

    abstract::The goal of this work was to develop and evaluate a numerically optimized inversion pulse to be used with a homonuclear editing sequence to measure human cerebral GABA in vivo at 4.1 T in the occipital lobe. The optimized pulse was constructed using pallindromic symmetry with 30 pulses and 29 delays. The optimized pul...

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  • Deuterium magnetic resonance imaging of rabbit eye in vivo.

    abstract::We used deuterium magnetic resonance imaging (2H MRI) to visualize water movement in the rabbit eye. Dynamic 2H MRI was obtained every 3.5 min at 2 tesla by FLASH pulse sequence (TR, 300 ms; TE, 10 ms; alpha = 90 degrees) with a slice thickness of 10 mm using a surface coil (4 cm in diameter). After topical administra...

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  • Improved black-blood imaging using DANTE-SPACE for simultaneous carotid and intracranial vessel wall evaluation.

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  • Rapid six-degree-of-freedom motion detection using prerotated baseline spherical navigator echoes.

    abstract::A new spherical navigator echo (SNAV) registration technique is presented. This technique starts by collecting a set of SNAV templates at a reference position. These templates are acquired by rotating the gradient system to result in rotation angles that uniformly cover a predefined range of rotation. The rotation ang...

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  • Effects of anesthesia on renal function and metabolism in rats assessed by hyperpolarized MRI.

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  • Cerebral glucose is detectable by localized proton NMR spectroscopy in normal rat brain in vivo.

    abstract::This contribution reports the first direct and noninvasive observation of cerebral glucose in normal anesthetized rats (n = 16) using short-echo-time localized proton NMR spectroscopy (2.35 T, STEAM, TR = 6000 ms, TE = 20 ms, 125 microliters). In addition to resonances from N-acetyl aspartate (NAA), glutamate, total c...

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    abstract::A combined carbogen ultrasmall superparamagnetic iron oxide (USPIO) imaging protocol was developed and applied in vivo in two murine colorectal tumor xenograft models, HCT116 and SW1222, with established disparate vascular morphology, to investigate whether additional information could be extracted from the combinatio...

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  • Simultaneous QSM and metabolic imaging of the brain using SPICE.

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  • 4D radial coronary artery imaging within a single breath-hold: cine angiography with phase-sensitive fat suppression (CAPS).

    abstract::Coronary artery data acquisition with steady-state free precession (SSFP) is typically performed in a single frame in mid-diastole with a spectrally selective pulse to suppress epicardial fat signal. Data are acquired while the signal approaches steady state, which may lead to artifacts from the SSFP transient respons...

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  • Multiple-coil k-space interpolation enhances resolution in single-shot spatiotemporal MRI.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Spatio-temporal encoding (SPEN) experiments can deliver single-scan MR images without folding complications and with robustness to chemical shift and susceptibility artifacts. Further resolution improvements are shown to arise by relying on multiple receivers, to interpolate the sampled data along the low-bandw...

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  • MR elastography for evaluating regeneration of tissue-engineered cartilage in an ectopic mouse model.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The purpose of the present study was to apply noninvasive methods for monitoring regeneration and mechanical properties of tissue-engineered cartilage in vivo at different growth stages using MR elastography (MRE). METHODS:Three types of scaffolds, including silk, collagen, and gelatin seeded by human mesenchy...

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  • Pulsatile flow artifacts in 3D magnetic resonance imaging.

    abstract::Some of the important features of how pulsatile flow generates artifacts in three-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging are analyzed and demonstrated. Time variations in the magnetic resonance signal during the heart cycle lead to more complex patterns of artifacts in 3D imaging than in 2D imaging. The appearance and...

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  • Image reconstruction using a gradient impulse response model for trajectory prediction.

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  • Compartment size estimation with double wave vector diffusion-weighted imaging.

    abstract::Double wave vector diffusion weighting uses gradients along two different directions between excitation and acquisition. It has been shown theoretically that for restricted diffusion the signal amplitude in such an experiment can depend on the angle between the two gradient vectors. The highest amplitude is obtained w...

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  • Single-shot localized echo-planar imaging (STEAM-EPI) at 4.7 tesla.

    abstract::The resolution and homogeneity limitations of echo-planar imaging (EPI) are overcome by zoom imaging of an easily shimmed localized volume. Use of the stimulated echo enables single-shot localization. In vivo 0.5-mm resolution EPI images of selected regions of a cat brain at 4.7 T are presented. ...

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  • Fast acquisition-weighted three-dimensional proton MR spectroscopic imaging of the human prostate.

    abstract::The clinical application of 3D proton spectroscopic imaging (3D SI) of the human prostate requires a robust suppression of periprostatic lipid signal contamination, minimal intervoxel signal contamination, and the shortest possible measurement time. In this work, a weighted elliptical sampling of k-space, combined wit...

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  • Intersubject specific absorption rate variability analysis through construction of 23 realistic body models for prostate imaging at 7T.

    abstract:PURPOSE:For ultrahigh field (UHF) MRI, the expected local specific absorption rate (SAR) distribution is usually calculated by numerical simulations using a limited number of generic body models and adding a safety margin to take into account intersubject variability. Assessment of this variability with a large model d...

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  • A 7Li NMR study of visibility, spin relaxation, and transport in normal human erythrocytes.

    abstract::The behavior of the lithium (Li) ion in normal human erythrocytes has been studied by 7Li NMR. The uptake of Li into the cells was followed as a function of solution conditions, temperature, hematocrit, and blood age using dysprosium tripolyphosphate shift reagent. Under our conditions the uptake of Li increases with ...

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  • Dynamic glucose-enhanced (DGE) MRI in the human brain at 7 T with reduced motion-induced artifacts based on quantitative R1ρ mapping.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Dynamic glucose-enhanced (DGE)-MRI based on chemical exchange-sensitive MRI, that is, glucoCEST and gluco-chemical exchange-sensitive spin-lock (glucoCESL), is intrinsically prone to motion-induced artifacts because the final DGE contrast relies on the difference of images, which were acquired with a time gap o...

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    authors: Boyd PS,Breitling J,Zimmermann F,Korzowski A,Zaiss M,Schuenke P,Weinfurtner N,Schlemmer HP,Ladd ME,Bachert P,Paech D,Goerke S

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  • Quantification of the pulse wave velocity of the descending aorta using axial velocity profiles from phase-contrast magnetic resonance imaging.

    abstract::The pulse wave velocity (PWV) of aortic blood flow is considered a surrogate for aortic compliance. A new method using phase-contrast (PC)-MRI is presented whereby the spatial and temporal profiles of axial velocity along the descending aorta can be analyzed. Seventeen young healthy volunteers (the YH group), six olde...

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  • Manganese-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging for in vivo assessment of damage and functional improvement following spinal cord injury in mice.

    abstract::In past decades, much effort has been invested in developing therapies for spinal injuries. Lack of standardization of clinical read-out measures, however, makes direct comparison of experimental therapies difficult. Damage and therapeutic effects in vivo are routinely evaluated using rather subjective behavioral test...

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    authors: Stieltjes B,Klussmann S,Bock M,Umathum R,Mangalathu J,Letellier E,Rittgen W,Edler L,Krammer PH,Kauczor HU,Martin-Villalba A,Essig M

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  • Data-driven optimized flip angle selection for T1 estimation from spoiled gradient echo acquisitions.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Define criteria for selection of optimal flip angle sets for T1 estimation and evaluate effects on T1 mapping. THEORY AND METHODS:Flip angle sets for spoiled gradient echo-based T1 mapping were selected by minimizing T1 estimate variance weighted by the joint density of M0 and T1 in an initial acquisition. The...

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