Proton NMR spectroscopy of solvent-saturable resonances: a new approach to study pH effects in situ.


:It is shown that the effect of pH changes can be measured in proton NMR spectra through the pH sensitivity of the signal intensities of metabolite protons exchanging with water. To observe this phenomenon, pulse sequences must be used that can sensitively observe these exchangeable protons under physiological conditions, which is achieved by avoiding magnetization transfer signal losses due to water saturation for solvent suppression purposes. These methods provide an order-of-magnitude enhancement of many signals between 5 and 10 ppm, containing both N-bound protons as well as aromatic C-H protons coupled to them, the intensity of which is influenced by exchange-relayed saturation. As a first application, the effects of pH change on these resonances are studied ex vivo (perfused cells) and in vivo (cat brain).


Magn Reson Med


Mori S,Eleff SM,Pilatus U,Mori N,van Zijl PC




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1998-07-01 00:00:00












  • More accurate estimation of diffusion tensor parameters using diffusion Kurtosis imaging.

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  • 3D single-shot VASO using a Maxwell gradient compensated GRASE sequence.

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  • Accelerated 3D T2 mapping with dictionary-based matching for prostate imaging.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To develop a fast and accurate method for 3D T2 mapping of prostate cancer using undersampled acquisition and dictionary-based fitting. METHODS:3D high-resolution T2 -weighted images (0.9 × 0.9 × 3 mm3 ) were obtained with a multishot T2 -prepared balanced steady-state free precession (T2 -prep-bSSFP) acquisit...

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    abstract::Lactate is a key metabolite and its rates of cellular uptake and release, its production rates from glucose and glycogen, and its interconversion rate with pyruvate are important determinants of cellular energy production. If lactate precursors such as pyruvate and glucose are labeled appropriately with (13)C, (1)H NM...

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  • Cardiac gating using scattering of an 8-channel parallel transmit coil at 7T.

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  • Analysis and correction of motion artifacts in diffusion weighted imaging.

    abstract::For diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging and under circumstances where patient movement can be modeled as rigid body motion, it is shown both theoretically and experimentally that translations and rotations produce phase errors which are zero- and first-order, respectively, in position. While a navigator echo...

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  • High-resolution 31 P echo-planar spectroscopic imaging in vivo at 7T.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Conventional 31 P chemical shift imaging is time-consuming and yields only limited spatial resolution. The purpose of this study was to demonstrate feasibility of 31 P echo-planar spectroscopic imaging (EPSI) in vivo at 7T. METHODS:A 3D 31 P EPSI sequence with trapezoidal-shaped gradient pulses was implemented...

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  • Cooperative T1 and T2 effects on contrast using a new driven inversion spin-echo (DISE) MRI pulse sequence.

    abstract::A pulse sequence is presented for obtaining a single image with combined T1/T2 weighting. T2 relaxation is made to increase intensity, in cooperation with the effect of T1 relaxation, by providing T2 weighting with a 90 degrees-180 degrees-90 degrees driven inversion pulse triplet in an inversion recovery method. Unli...

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