Electrical impedance cardiography using artificial neural networks.


:This study evaluates the use of artificial neural networks to estimate stroke volume from pre-processed, thoracic impedance plethysmograph signals from 20 healthy subjects. Standard back-propagation was used to train the networks, with Doppler stroke volume estimates as the desired output. The trained networks were then compared to two classical biophysical approaches. The coefficient of determination (R2 x 100%) between the biophysical approaches and the Doppler was 8.20% and 9.90%, while it was 77.38% between the best neural network and the Doppler. Among these methods, only the neural network residuals had a significant zero mean Gaussian distribution (alpha=0.05). Our results indicate that an invertible relationship may exist between thoracic bioimpedance and stroke volume, and that artificial neural networks may offer a potentially advantageous approach for estimating stroke volume from thoracic electrical impedance, both because of their ease of use and their lack of confounding assumptions.


Ann Biomed Eng


Mulavara AP,Timmons WD,Nair MS,Gupta V,Kumar AA,Taylor BC




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1998-07-01 00:00:00












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  • Strength and electron features of irradiated bone.

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    abstract::One of the major functions of the cardiovascular system is to deliver blood to the microcirculation where exchange of mass and energy can take place. In the present article, we will provide an overview of the state-of-the-art computational methods for modeling of red blood cell (RBC) rheology and dynamics in the micro...

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    abstract::Lung cancer patients often suffer from severe airway stenosis, the symptoms of which can be relieved by the implantation of stents. Different respiratory stents are commercially available, but the impact of their mechanical performance on tissue responses is not well understood. Two novel laser-cut and hand-braided ni...

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  • A COVID-19 Airway Management Innovation with Pragmatic Efficacy Evaluation: The Patient Particle Containment Chamber.

    abstract::The unique resource constraints, urgency, and virulence of the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic has sparked immense innovation in the development of barrier devices to protect healthcare providers from infectious airborne particles generated by patients during airway management interventions. Of the existing devices,...

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    authors: Maloney LM,Yang AH,Princi RA,Eichert AJ,Hébert DR,Kupec TV,Mertz AE,Vasyltsiv R,Vijaya Kumar TM,Walker GJ,Peralta EJ,Hoffman JL,Yin W,Page CR

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