Pixel-Based DXA-Derived Structural Properties Strongly Correlate with pQCT Measures at the One-Third Distal Femur Site.


:While bone mineral density has been traditionally used to quantify fracture risk for individuals with spinal cord injuries, recent studies are including engineering measurements such as section modulus and cross sectional moment of inertia. These are almost exclusively calculated by peripheral QCT scanners which, unlike DXA scanners, are rarely found in clinical settings. Using fifty-four fresh frozen femora, we developed and validated a pixel-by-pixel method to calculate engineering properties at the distal femur using a Hologic QDR-1000 W DXA scanner and compared them against similar parameters measured using a Stratec XCT-3000 peripheral QCT scanner. We found excellent agreement between standard DXA and pixel-by-pixel measured BMD (r 2 = 0.996). Cross-sectional moment of inertia about the anteroposterior axis measured using DXA and pQCT correlated very strongly (r 2 = 0.99). Cross-sectional moment of inertia about the anteroposterior axis measured using DXA also correlated strongly with pQCT measured bone strength index (r 2 = 0.99). These correlations indicate that DXA scans can measure equivalent pQCT parameters, and some existing DXA scans can be reprocessed with pixel-by-pixel techniques. Ultimately, these engineering parameters may help better quantify fracture-risk in fracture-prone populations such as those with spinal cord injuries.


Ann Biomed Eng


Baker AM,Wagner DW,Kiratli BJ,Beaupre GS




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2017-05-01 00:00:00














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  • Evaluation of stochastic differential equation approximation of ion channel gating models.

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    abstract::The objective of this paper is to review the theoretical basis and clinical application of electrical impedance plethysmography in the noninvasive evaluation of peripheral arterial and venous disease. Theoretical, experimental and clinical studies have not demonstrated a direct relationship between electrical impedanc...

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  • Organ Dynamics and Fluid Dynamics of the HH25 Chick Embryonic Cardiac Ventricle as Revealed by a Novel 4D High-Frequency Ultrasound Imaging Technique and Computational Flow Simulations.

    abstract::Past literature has provided evidence that a normal mechanical force environment of blood flow may guide normal development while an abnormal environment can lead to congenital malformations, thus warranting further studies on embryonic cardiovascular flow dynamics. In the current study, we developed a non-invasive 4D...

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