The microbe electric: conversion of organic matter to electricity.


:Broad application of microbial fuel cells will require substantial increases in current density. A better understanding of the microbiology of these systems may help. Recent studies have greatly expanded the range of microorganisms known to function either as electrode-reducing microorganisms at the anode or as electrode-oxidizing microorganisms at the cathode. Microorganisms that can completely oxidize organic compounds with an electrode serving as the sole electron acceptor are expected to be the primary contributors to power production. Several mechanisms for electron transfer to anodes have been proposed including: direct electron transfer via outer-surface c-type cytochromes, long-range electron transfer via microbial nanowires, electron flow through a conductive biofilm matrix containing cytochromes, and soluble electron shuttles. Which mechanisms are most important depend on the microorganisms and the thickness of the anode biofilm. Emerging systems biology approaches to the study, design, and evolution of microorganisms interacting with electrodes are expected to contribute to improved microbial fuel cells.


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  • Biological function made crystal clear - annotation of hypothetical proteins via structural genomics.

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  • Drinking water microbiology--from measurement to management.

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  • Electron-capture dissociation tandem mass spectrometry.

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  • Flux analysis in plant metabolic networks: increasing throughput and coverage.

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  • Ultrasonographic features of ovarian morphology capture nutritional and metabolic influences on the reproductive axis: implications for biomarker development in ovulatory disorders.

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  • The cellular response to unfolded proteins: intercompartmental signaling.

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  • Why recombinant antibodies - benefits and applications.

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  • Enantioselective biocatalysis optimized by directed evolution.

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  • Strategies for extended serum half-life of protein therapeutics.

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  • Measuring gene expression by quantitative proteome analysis.

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  • Metabolic flux analysis in eukaryotes.

    abstract::Metabolic flux analysis (MFA) represents a powerful tool for systems biology research on eukaryotic cells. This review describes recent advances, the challenges as well as applications of metabolic flux analysis comprising fungi, mammalian cells and plants. While MFA is widely established and applied in microorganisms...

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  • The evolution of public review and oversight mechanisms in human gene transfer research: joint roles of the FDA and NIH.

    abstract::The federal government is critically examining its responsibilities and opportunities for bringing the new field of gene therapy to fruition and for assuring public confidence in this new area of biomedicine. The evolving mechanisms for review and regulation in human gene transfer studies in the United States are bein...

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  • Optimizing the fluorescent protein toolbox and its use.

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  • High-throughput system-wide engineering and screening for microbial biotechnology.

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  • Protein interaction databases.

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  • Biocatalytic synthesis of hydroxylated natural products using aldolases and related enzymes.

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  • Nanotechnology: convergence with modern biology and medicine.

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  • Microorganisms relevant to bioremediation.

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