The microbe electric: conversion of organic matter to electricity.


:Broad application of microbial fuel cells will require substantial increases in current density. A better understanding of the microbiology of these systems may help. Recent studies have greatly expanded the range of microorganisms known to function either as electrode-reducing microorganisms at the anode or as electrode-oxidizing microorganisms at the cathode. Microorganisms that can completely oxidize organic compounds with an electrode serving as the sole electron acceptor are expected to be the primary contributors to power production. Several mechanisms for electron transfer to anodes have been proposed including: direct electron transfer via outer-surface c-type cytochromes, long-range electron transfer via microbial nanowires, electron flow through a conductive biofilm matrix containing cytochromes, and soluble electron shuttles. Which mechanisms are most important depend on the microorganisms and the thickness of the anode biofilm. Emerging systems biology approaches to the study, design, and evolution of microorganisms interacting with electrodes are expected to contribute to improved microbial fuel cells.


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  • Bioremedial potential of microbial mechanisms of metal mobilization and immobilization.

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  • The fickle CHO: a review of the causes, implications, and potential alleviation of the CHO cell line instability problem.

    abstract::Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell-based bioproduction of recombinant proteins can now routinely achieve >5 g/L titers in fed-batches. This progress is partly due to the rapid adaptability of CHO cells to various genetic manipulations and changing process conditions. An inherently plastic genome allows for this adaptabi...

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  • Combined metal catalysis and biocatalysis for an efficient deracemization process.

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  • Strategies for the aerobic co-metabolism of chlorinated solvents.

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  • Fluorescence spectroscopy as a tool to investigate protein interactions.

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  • Antibody discovery: phage display.

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  • Microbial production of diols as platform chemicals: recent progresses.

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  • Bioavailability of pollutants and chemotaxis.

    abstract::The exposure of bacteria to pollutants induces frequently chemoattraction or chemorepellent reactions. Recent research suggests that the capacity to degrade a toxic compound has co-evolved in some bacteria with the capacity to chemotactically react to it. There is an increasing amount of data which show that chemoattr...

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  • Towards better understanding of industrial cell factories: novel approaches for 13C metabolic flux analysis in complex nutrient environments.

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  • Pathway elucidation and engineering of plant-derived diterpenoids.

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  • Fragment-based approaches to enzyme inhibition.

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  • Microbial biocatalyst developments to upgrade fossil fuels.

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  • Gene expression using Xenopus oocytes.

    abstract::Xenopus oocytes have been used as a surrogate genetic system for the study of many facets of gene expression. Some recent salient examples where injected oocytes proved to be indispensable for the analysis of transcription, translation, RNA/protein transport, and ion channel formation are described. ...

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  • Engineering microbial cell morphology and membrane homeostasis toward industrial applications.

    abstract::Microbial cell factory performance is significantly affected by the cell morphology and membrane homeostasis. It is important to ensure that cell factories are able to regulate cell morphology and maintain membrane homeostasis. Cell morphology can be controlled by regulating the formation of elongasomes and divisomes,...

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  • Engineered minichromosomes in plants.

    abstract::Genetic engineering for complex or combined traits requires the simultaneous expression of multiple genes, and has been considered as the bottleneck for the next generation of genetic engineering in plants. Minichromosome technology provides one solution to the stable expression and maintenance of multiple transgenes ...

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  • Bacteriophage endolysins: applications for food safety.

    abstract::Bacteriophage endolysins (peptidoglycan hydrolases) have emerged as a new class of antimicrobial agents useful for controlling bacterial infection or other unwanted contaminations in various fields, particularly in the light of the worldwide increasing frequency of drug-resistant pathogens. This review summarizes and ...

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  • Nano-spectroscopic imaging of proteins with near-field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM).

    abstract::Understanding the hierarchical structure of proteins at their fundamental length scales is essential to get insights into their functions and roles in fundamental biological processes. Near-field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM), which overcomes the diffraction limits of conventional optics, provides a powerful anal...

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  • Population-level approaches reveal novel aspects of lignin biosynthesis, content, composition and structure.

    abstract::Population-level studies enabled by high-throughput phenotyping have revealed significant variation in lignin characteristics including content, S:G:H ratio, inter-unit linkage distributions, and molecular weights across multiple plant species. Coupled with genome-wide association mapping studies (GWAS) targeted at li...

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  • Receptor-Fc fusion therapeutics, traps, and MIMETIBODY technology.

    abstract::Fc fusion proteins are molecules in which the immunoglobulin Fc is fused genetically to a protein of interest, such as an extracellular domain of a receptor, ligand, enzyme, or peptide. Fc fusion proteins have some antibody-like properties such as long serum half-life and easy expression and purification, making them ...

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  • The electric picnic: synergistic requirements for exoelectrogenic microbial communities.

    abstract::Characterization of the various microbial populations present in exoelectrogenic biofilms provides insight into the processes required to convert complex organic matter in wastewater streams into electrical current in bioelectrochemical systems (BESs). Analysis of the community profiles of exoelectrogenic microbial co...

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