Linking marine biology and biotechnology.


:Studies of biological systems in which there is a direct link between the challenges faced by marine organisms and biotechnologies enable us to rationally search for active natural compounds and other novel biotechnologies. This approach is proving successful in developing new methods for the prevention of marine biofouling and for the identification of new lead compounds for the development of ultraviolet sunscreens.


Curr Opin Biotechnol


de Nys R,Steinberg PD




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  • Plant protection and growth stimulation by microorganisms: biotechnological applications of Bacilli in agriculture.

    abstract::The increasing demand for a steady, healthy food supply requires an efficient control of the major pests and plant diseases. Current management practices are based largely on the application of synthetic pesticides. The excessive use of agrochemicals has caused serious environmental and health problems. Therefore, the...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Pérez-García A,Romero D,de Vicente A

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  • Engineering approaches to study fibrosis in 3-D in vitro systems.

    abstract::Fibrotic diseases occur in virtually every tissue of the body and are a major cause of mortality, yet they remain largely untreatable and poorly understood on a mechanistic level. The development of anti-fibrotic agents has been hampered, in part, by the insufficient fibrosis biomimicry provided by traditional in vitr...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Porras AM,Hutson HN,Berger AJ,Masters KS

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  • Metabolic engineering and applications of flavonoids.

    abstract::During the past decade, the increasing knowledge of flavonoid biosynthesis and the important function of flavonoid compounds in plants and in human and animal nutrition have made the biosynthetic pathways to flavonoids and isoflavonoids excellent targets for metabolic engineering. Recent strategies have included intro...

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  • Nanophotonic label-free biosensors for environmental monitoring.

    abstract::The field of environmental monitoring has experienced a substantial progress in the last years but still the on-site control of contaminants is an elusive problem. In addition, the growing number of pollutant sources is accompanied by an increasing need of having efficient early warning systems. Several years ago bios...

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  • Use of cell wall-less bacteria (L-forms) for efficient expression and secretion of heterologous gene products.

    abstract::In spite of many efforts and achievements to optimize the prokaryotic expression systems, there are still general and specific problems in obtaining sufficient yields of the functionally active gene products. The main problems concern the formation of inclusion bodies, incorrect folding, toxicity for the producer cell...

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  • Ligand-binding domain of estrogen receptors.

    abstract::Estrogen receptors are multi-domain proteins that interact with other proteins and DNA to fulfil their function: the regulation of transcription. During the past 2-3 years, our understanding of this complex process has increased tremendously as crystal structures of isolated ligand-binding domains in complex with vari...

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  • Antibody discovery: phage display.

    abstract::Phage display has proven to be a robust and convenient technology for the selection of high-quality human antibodies from diverse libraries. Besides enabling the identification of antibodies in a fast, high-throughput mode, which allows comprehensive protein expression analyses, phage display has been used to identify...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Kretzschmar T,von Rüden T

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  • Biological hydrogen production by dark fermentation: challenges and prospects towards scaled-up production.

    abstract::Among different technologies of hydrogen production, bio-hydrogen production exhibits perhaps the greatest potential to replace fossil fuels. Based on recent research on dark fermentative hydrogen production, this article reviews the following aspects towards scaled-up application of this technology: bioreactor develo...

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    authors: RenNanqi,GuoWanqian,LiuBingfeng,CaoGuangli,DingJie

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  • Quality and authenticity of heterologous proteins synthesized in yeast.

    abstract::Yeast, especially Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Pichia pastoris, are major hosts employed in the expression of authentic heterologous proteins of high quality in the biopharmaceutical, industrial and academic environments. There has been recent progress in characterizing and controlling the factors involved in determin...

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  • Visualizing life with ambient mass spectrometry.

    abstract::Since the development of desorption electrospray ionization (DESI), many other ionization methods for ambient and atmospheric pressure mass spectrometry have been developed. Ambient ionization mass spectrometry has now been used for a wide variety of biological applications, including plant science, microbiology, neur...

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    authors: Hsu CC,Dorrestein PC

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  • Protein folding in vitro.

    abstract::It is becoming increasingly evident that intermediates observed in protein folding in vitro may be closely related to conformational states that are important in various intracellular processes. This review focuses on recent advances in in vitro protein-folding studies with particular reference to the molten globule s...

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  • Aquatic phototrophs: efficient alternatives to land-based crops for biofuels.

    abstract::To mitigate some of the potentially deleterious environmental and agricultural consequences associated with current land-based-biofuel feedstocks, we propose the use of biofuels derived from aquatic microbial oxygenic photoautotrophs (AMOPs), more commonly known as cyanobacteria, algae, and diatoms. Herein we review t...

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    authors: Dismukes GC,Carrieri D,Bennette N,Ananyev GM,Posewitz MC

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  • Synthetic development: building mammalian multicellular structures with artificial genetic programs.

    abstract::Synthetic biology efforts began in simple single-cell systems, which were relatively easy to manipulate genetically (Cameron et al., 2014). The field grew exponentially in the last two decades, and one of the latest frontiers are synthetic developmental programs for multicellular mammalian systems (Black et al., 2017;...

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    authors: Santorelli M,Lam C,Morsut L

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  • Bioavailability of pollutants and chemotaxis.

    abstract::The exposure of bacteria to pollutants induces frequently chemoattraction or chemorepellent reactions. Recent research suggests that the capacity to degrade a toxic compound has co-evolved in some bacteria with the capacity to chemotactically react to it. There is an increasing amount of data which show that chemoattr...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Krell T,Lacal J,Reyes-Darias JA,Jimenez-Sanchez C,Sungthong R,Ortega-Calvo JJ

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  • Technoeconomic analysis for biofuels and bioproducts.

    abstract::Technoeconomic analysis (TEA) is an approach for conducting process design and simulation, informed by empirical data, to estimate capital costs, operating costs, mass balances, and energy balances for a commercial scale biorefinery. TEA serves as a useful method to screen potential research priorities, identify cost ...

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    authors: Scown CD,Baral NR,Yang M,Vora N,Huntington T

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  • Atomic force microscopy for the study of membrane proteins.

    abstract::Fundamental biological processes such as cell-cell communication, signal transduction, molecular transport and energy conversion are performed by membrane proteins. These important proteins are studied best in their native environment, the lipid bilayer. The atomic force microscope (AFM) is the instrument of choice to...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Fotiadis D

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  • Advances in monitoring environmental microbes.

    abstract::Culture-independent approaches, such as next-generation sequencing and microarray-based tools, provide insight into the identity and functional diversity of microbial communities. Although these approaches are potentially powerful tools in understanding microbial structure and function, there are a number of limitatio...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Hazen TC,Rocha AM,Techtmann SM

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  • Towards better understanding of industrial cell factories: novel approaches for 13C metabolic flux analysis in complex nutrient environments.

    abstract::The quantification of intracellular fluxes via 13C metabolic flux analysis has become one of the major techniques to support systems-based metabolic engineering of industrial production hosts. Commonly, 13C studies are conducted using minimal media, however, a great variety of industrial processes rely on complex medi...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Schwechheimer SK,Becker J,Wittmann C

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  • Fungi in lignocellulose breakdown and biopulping

    abstract::Biological pulping has the potential to improve the quality of pulp, properties of paper and to reduce energy costs and environmental impact relative to traditional pulping operations. It has been suggested that energy savings alone could make the process economically viable. Other benefits include improved burst stre...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Breen A,Singleton FL

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  • Nucleic acids in the environment.

    abstract::The past year has witnessed several excellent advances in basic and applied research on nucleic acids in the environment. Improved methods for extracting nucleic acids from environmental samples have been published, as well as information on the use of reporter genes in bacteria, natural genetic transformation in soil...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Trevors JT

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  • Oxygen-tolerant hydrogenases in hydrogen-based technologies.

    abstract::To develop a viable H2 technology, production of H2 has to be significantly enlarged by using renewable resources. One option of generating H2 is the photosynthetic conversion of sunlight and water directly to H2 and O2. Photosystems and hydrogenases are currently being exploited for the design of efficient H2-produci...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Friedrich B,Fritsch J,Lenz O

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  • Ultrasonographic features of ovarian morphology capture nutritional and metabolic influences on the reproductive axis: implications for biomarker development in ovulatory disorders.

    abstract::Ultrasonographic imaging of ovarian morphology is used widely to inform reproductive health status in women. Metabolic disturbances induced by a negative energy balance (e.g. undernutrition) or positive energy balance (e.g. overnutrition, obesity) are known to drive or exacerbate reproductive dysfunction. Whether the ...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Vanden Brink H,Pea J,Lujan ME

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  • Industrial microbial enzymes: their discovery by screening and use in large-scale production of useful chemicals in Japan.

    abstract::The application of microbial enzymes to large-scale organic synthesis is currently attracting much attention, and has been uniquely developed especially in Japan. The discovery of new microbial enzymes through extensive and persistent screening has brought about many new and simple routes for synthetic processes. The ...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Ogawa J,Shimizu S

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  • Partners for life: building microbial consortia for the future.

    abstract::New technologies have allowed researchers to better design, build, and analyze complex consortia. These developments are fueling a wider implementation of consortium-based bioprocessing by leveraging synthetic biology, delivering on the field's multitudinous promises of higher efficiencies, superior resiliency, augmen...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Rapp KM,Jenkins JP,Betenbaugh MJ

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  • Biocatalytic synthesis of hydroxylated natural products using aldolases and related enzymes.

    abstract::Synthetic building blocks bearing hydroxylated chiral centers are important targets for biocatalysis. Many C-C bond forming enzymes have recently been investigated for new applications and new strategies towards the synthesis of natural products and related oxygenated compounds. Several old catalysts have been studied...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Fessner WD,Helaine V

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  • Membrane protein structures: the known world expands.

    abstract::The structure determinations of the cytochrome bc1 complex and the prokaryotic potassium channel demonstrate that a wider range of membrane proteins are now amenable to study by X-ray crystallography. Furthermore, the structures of porins and interfacial membrane proteins show that membrane structural biology is becom...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Garavito RM

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  • The use of adenoviral vectors for gene therapy and gene transfer in vivo.

    abstract::Adenoviral vectors have proven to be excellent vehicles for gene delivery in vivo to a wide range of cell types. These vectors have been used to transfer genes such as CFTR to correct the defect in cystic fibrosis and, more recently, to supply serum blood factors and genetically modify tumors to enhance therapy. ...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Bramson JL,Graham FL,Gauldie J

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  • Progress in computational protein design.

    abstract::Current progress in computational structure-based protein design is reviewed in the areas of methodology and applications. Foundational advances include new potential functions, more efficient ways of computing energetics, flexible treatments of solvent, and useful energy function approximations, as well as ensemble-b...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Lippow SM,Tidor B

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  • Genomic analysis.

    abstract::Advances in genomic analysis include improved technology for DNA sequencing, routine use of DNA microarray technology for the analysis of gene expression profiles at the mRNA level and improved informatic tools to organize and analyze such data. At the same time, new developments in chip-based analysis of samples and ...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Lee PS,Lee KH

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  • Targeting split vaccines to the endosome improves vaccination.

    abstract::Compared to 'live' vaccines, the immunogenicity of 'split' vaccines based on recombinant antigen (Ag) is poor, presumably because exogeneous recombinant Ag fails to efficiently access the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I processing pathway needed for 'cross-presentation'. Here we discuss recent evidence ...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Wagner H,Heit A,Schmitz F,Bauer S

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