The BiVACOR rotary biventricular assist device: concept and in vitro investigation.


:The BiVACOR is a novel rotary Biventricular Assist Device (BiVAD) undergoing development to treat global end-stage heart failure. The design includes left and right vanes positioned on a shared rotating hub to form a double-sided magnetically and hydrodynamically suspended centrifugal impeller. The performance of the device was assessed in a pulsatile mock circulation loop replicating end-stage biventricular heart failure, and was shown to restore flow from pathological (2 L/min) to normal levels (5 L/min). A novel technique to balance the left/right outflow of the BiVAD was also investigated, for which a maximum relative left to right outflow differential of 1.8 L/min was achieved at normal physiologic afterloads. The in vitro results encourage device progression to in vivo animal studies. Successful development of this BiVAD will provide a suitably miniature device for patients who require biventricular assistance.


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Timms D,Fraser J,Hayne M,Dunning J,McNeil K,Pearcy M




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  • Influence of antihypertensive drugs and steroid hormones on protein adsorption/desorption on polycarbonate.

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  • Clinical validation of a predictive modeling equation for sodium.

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  • Investigation of parameter estimator and adaptive controller for assist pump by computer simulation.

    abstract::The multi-output adaptive controller of a left ventricular assist device (LVAD) was studied by computer simulation. The controller regulated two outputs--mean aortic pressure (mAoP) and mean atrial pressure (mLAP)--by regulating vacuum pressure (input). The autoregressive models were used to describe the circulatory s...

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  • A novel in vitro assessment of tissue valve calcification by a continuous flow type method.

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  • Improved mechanism for capturing muscle power for circulatory support.

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  • Analysis of left ventricular impedance in comparison with ultrasound images.

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  • A novel, valveless ventricular assist device: the FishTail pump. First experimental in vivo studies.

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  • A novel method to evaluate thromboresistance of drip chambers with filter used in extracorporeal blood circuits for hemodialysis.

    abstract::We have developed a novel method to simultaneously evaluate thromboresistance of two different types of drip chambers with a filter used in extracorporeal blood circuits for hemodialysis using canine arteriovenous shunt models. Bilateral bypasses between the femoral artery and vein on both sides of the animal were for...

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  • Multicenter Experience With Mechanical Circulatory Support Using a New Diagonal Pump in 233 Children.

    abstract::Technological innovations in pediatric extracorporeal life support circuits can reduce system-related complications and may improve patients' outcome. The Deltastream DP3 (Medos Medizintechnik AG, Stolberg, Germany) is a novel rotational pump with a diagonally streamed impeller that can be used over a broad range of f...

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  • Computational fluid dynamics prediction of blood damage in a centrifugal pump.

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  • Evidence of absence of porcine endogenous retrovirus (PERV) infection in patients treated with a bioartificial liver support system.

    abstract::Porcine endogenous retrovirus (PERV) genomes are present in all pig cells. In this retrospective study, we assessed PERV infectivity in 28 patients treated with an extracorporeal bioartificial liver (HepatAssist system) that includes a membrane device containing porcine hepatocytes. All patients tested negative for PE...

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  • Constraint stress, microstructural characteristics, and enhanced mechanical properties of a special fibroblast-embedded collagen construct.

    abstract::Cell-contracted collagen gels could provide rejection-free biomaterials for tissue engineering, but their application is limited by relatively low mechanical strength. We developed a special type I collagen construct (based on embedded fibroblasts) that was formed into a gel thread by using two anchors to constrain ge...

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