DH1, a LOB domain-like protein required for glume formation in rice.


:T-DNA tagging is a high throughput strategy for identifying and cloning functional genes in plants. In this study, we screened 4416 lab-created T(1) rice T-DNA tagged lines and identified a mutant, designated dh1 (degenerated hull1), with phenotype of degenerated hull and naked pistils and stamens. Approximately 60% florets on the dh1 panicle defected in forming normal palea and lemma. Instead, they formed degenerative velum-like or filamentous organs accompanying with the lack of lodicules, stamens and pistils at different degree. A 361 bp of genomic sequence flanking the T-DNA isolated using TAIL-PCR (Thermal asymmetric interlaced PCR) co-segregated with the mutation phenotype. Results of blastn and gene prediction revealed the T-DNA inserted into the promoter region of a function-predicted gene at 283 bp upstream of its transcription start site (TSS). The predicted gene encoded a LOB (Lateral Organ Boundaries) domain-like protein. RT-PCR analyses indicated the transcription level of target candidate gene, DH1, decreased significantly in dh1 mutant. RNAi aimed at DH1 in wild type plants could partially result in the mutation phenotype of dh1. DH1 could also rescue the mutation phenotype in the complement experiment. The result of transformation by a fused expression vector, pDH1::GFP, revealed that DH1 had the keen spatial and temporal characteristics of expressing at axillary bud, young panicle and floral organs but not at root, leaf, node and culm, and strongly expressing at young tissues but weakly at mature organs. The dh1 presented severer mutation phenotype under relatively longer daylight than under shorter daylight implied that shorter daylight induced the expression of gene(s) redundant to DH1 in function and partially compensated for the loss-of-function. It is the first time to report the LOB-domain gene participating in the development of floral organs in rice.


Plant Mol Biol


Plant molecular biology


Li A,Zhang Y,Wu X,Tang W,Wu R,Dai Z,Liu G,Zhang H,Wu C,Chen G,Pan X




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