Repair of potentially lethal damage by introduction of T4 DNA ligase in eucaryotic cells.


:The bacterial enzyme PvuII, which generates blunt-ended DNA double-strand breaks, and T4 DNA ligase, which seals adjacent DNA fragments in coupling to ATP cleavage, were introduced in mouse C3H10T1/2 fibroblasts using osmolytic shock of pinocytic vesicles. Cells were then assayed for their clonogenic ability. In agreement with previous studies by others, we find that the PvuII restriction endonuclease simulates ionizing radiation effects by causing a dose-dependent loss of reproductive capacity. Here we show that the concomitant treatment with DNA ligase considerably increases cell survival. Survival curves were shown to be dependent on the ligase enzyme dose and on ATP concentration in the hypertonic medium. We conclude that T4 DNA ligase is able to repair some of the potentially lethal damage produced by restriction endonucleases in eucaryotic cells.


Int J Radiat Biol


Durante M,Grossi GF,Napolitano M,Gialanella G




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1991-04-01 00:00:00














  • Late effects of radiation on the human immune system: an overview of immune response among the atomic-bomb survivors.

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  • WAM to SeeSaw model for cancer therapy - overcoming LQM difficulties.

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  • Efficacy of delayed administration of sargramostim up to 120 hours post exposure in a nonhuman primate total body radiation model.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:High dose ionizing radiation exposure is associated with myelo-depression leading to pancytopenia and the expected clinical manifestations of acute radiation syndrome (ARS). Herein, we evaluated the efficacy of sargramostim (Leukine®, yeast-derived rhu GM-CSF), with regimens delivered at 48, 72, 96, or 120 h...

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  • No evidence of telomere length attrition in newborns from high level natural background radiation areas in Kerala coast, south west India.

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  • Nuclear structure and the microdistribution of radiation damage in DNA.

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  • Substructure in the radiation survival response at low dose: asynchronous and partially synchronized V79-WNRE cells.

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  • Comparison of DNA damage and repair following radiation challenge in buccal cells and lymphocytes using single-cell gel electrophoresis.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To develop a reproducible single-cell gel electrophoresis assay for DNA damage and repair in buccal mucosa and sublingual exfoliated cells. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Buccal mucosa and sublingual cells and lymphocytes from six individuals (three males, three females, aged 34-45 years) were challenged with increasin...

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  • Agarose overlay selectively improves macrocolony formation and radiosensitivity assessment in primary fibroblasts.

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    abstract:PURPOSE:To determine whether cigarette smoke condensate (CSC) without metabolic activation induces direct DNA double strand breaks (DSB) in the G1 phase of various radiosensitive mutants of CHO cells and whether these breaks display collateral hypersensitivity to CSC with respect to cell killing. MATERIALS & METHODS:W...

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  • Spin transfer from protein to DNA in X-irradiated 'dry' and hydrated chromatin: an electron spin resonance investigation of spectral components between 77 K and room temperature.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To investigate the potential total and relative free-radical transfer from histones to DNA in X-irradiated chromatin, by analysing the relative contributions of individual radicals from protein and from DNA. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Chromatin was isolated from calf thymus, freeze-dried and either used as such or ...

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  • Chromosomal radiosensitivity in BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carriers.

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  • DNA lesion complexity and induction of apoptosis by ionizing radiation.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To determine whether murine lymphoid cell lines can discriminate between high- and low-LET (linear energy transfer) radiation-induced DNA lesions. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Sensitivity to killing by DNA-incorporated 3H and 125I decays, accumulated during storage in the gas phase of a liquid nitrogen tank, was dete...

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  • Solar radiation induced skin damage: review of protective and preventive options.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Solar energy has a number of short- and long-term detrimental effects on skin that can result in several skin disorders. The aim of this review is to summarise current knowledge on endogenous systems within the skin for protection from solar radiation and present research findings to date, on the exogenous opti...

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  • Time course for the hazard of radiation-induced pneumonitis death in mice.

    abstract::The form of the hazard function for radiation-induced pneumonitis death in mice was investigated. 'Hazard' refers to the instantaneous failure rate at a specified time, conditional upon non-failure to that time. Thus, the hazard function describes the time profile for the risk of pneumonitis death among still-survivin...

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  • Radioprotective influence of Mentha piperita (Linn) against gamma irradiation in mice: Antioxidant and radical scavenging activity.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To evaluate the radiomodulatory influence of a leaf extract of Mentha piperita (Linn) on hepatic antioxidant status and lipid peroxidation in Swiss albino mice. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Animals were given either double distilled water or leaf extract of M. piperita orally (1 g/kg bwt/day) once a day for three con...

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  • The relevance of tumour and surrounding normal tissue vascular density in clinical hyperthermia of locally advanced breast carcinoma.

    abstract::It follows from the present work that the vascularization of the normal tissue present in the treatment volume limits the temperatures achieved during heat treatment of invasive ductal breast carcinoma. The temperatures can often be increased by giving fractionated heat treatment because heat treatment may reduce the ...

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