Acetylcholine activates a nicotinic receptor and an inward current in dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus neurons in vitro.


:This study examines the effect of acetylcholine (Ach) on parasympathetic vagal neurons in the dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus (DMNX). Patch-clamp techniques were utilized to examine voltage and ligand-gated currents in visualized DMNX neurons in an in vitro slice. Ach (100 microM) activated an inward current, -196.4 +/- 56.9 pA at -80 mV (n = 15) that was accompanied by a decrease in membrane resistance of 48.6 +/- 9.2% in a population of DMNX neurons. The reversal potential for this ligand-gated current was -11.3 +/- 11.5 mV. The specific agonist nicotine (200 microM) elicited similar responses. Nicotine decreased membrane resistance by 60.9 +/- 4.3% and activated an inward current (-215.7 +/- 45.7 pA at -80 mV) that reversed at -12.7 +/- 20.4 mV (n = 16). Bethanecol (100 microM), a specific muscarinic agonist, had no effect. Neither Ach or nicotine had any effect on the voltage-gated sodium and outward potassium currents present in these neurons.


Neurosci Lett


Neuroscience letters


Neff RA,Hansen MK,Mendelowitz D




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  • Carbenoxolone modifies spontaneous inhibitory and excitatory synaptic transmission in rat somatosensory cortex.

    abstract::Gap junction (GJ) coupling between neocortical GABAergic interneurons plays a critical role in the synchronization of activity in cortical networks in physiological and pathophysiological states, e.g., seizures. Past studies have shown that GJ blockers exert anticonvulsant actions in both in vivo and in vitro models o...

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  • Induction of intercellular adhesion molecule-1 by Fas ligation: proinflammatory roles of Fas in human astroglioma cells.

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  • Two-component desensitization of three types of responses of acetylcholine in Aplysia.

    abstract::Both the onset of and recovery from desensitization of three types of responses to acetylcholine in Aplysia californica occurred by biphasic kinetics. The fast component of onset recovered at a slower rate than the slow component of onset. The rates of onset and recovery were widely different when the three response t...

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  • Association of BRD2 polymorphisms with photoparoxysmal response.

    abstract::A trait locus for electroencephalographic photoparoxysmal response (PPR) has been mapped to the chromosomal region 6p21 near a susceptibility locus for juvenile myoclonic epilepsy (JME). Linkage disequilibrium mapping revealed strong associations between JME and polymorphisms of the gene encoding the bromodomain-conta...

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  • Long-term effects of dark rearing on a visually guided reaching movement in cats.

    abstract::The existence of long-term effects of dark-rearing on visuo-motor coordination is still controversial. In this study 2 dark-reared (DR) cats were trained, after 5-6 years of recovery, to perform a reaching movement towards a stationary or a moving target. The accuracy, and the reaction and movement times were evaluate...

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  • Decreases in tissue levels of ubiquinol-9 and -10, ascorbate and alpha-tocopherol following spinal cord impact trauma in rats.

    abstract::Generation of free radicals and subsequent lipid peroxidation have been proposed to contribute to delayed tissue damage following traumatic spinal cord injury (SCI). Ubiquinols (reduced coenzyme Q), ascorbate (vitamin C), and alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E) are endogenous antioxidants; decreases in tissue levels of these...

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