Phosphorylation of high- and low-molecular-mass atrial natriuretic peptide analogs by cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase.


:Synthetic high- and low-molecular-mass atrial peptides were phosphorylated in vitro by cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase and [32P]ATP. From a series of atrial peptide analogs, it was deduced that the amino acid sequence, Arg101-Ser104 of atriopeptin was required for optimal phosphorylation. Phosphorylated AP(99-126) was less potent than the parent atriopeptin in vasorelaxant activity and receptor-binding properties. These results indicate that the presence of a phosphate group at the N-terminus of AP(99-126) decreases the interaction of the peptide with its receptor and, as a consequence, decreases bioactivity. These observations are in contrast to those of Rittenhouse et al. [(1986) J. Biol. Chem. 261, 7607-7610] who reported that phosphorylation of AP(101-126) enhanced the stimulation of Na/K/Cl cotransport in cultured vascular smooth muscle cells.




FEBS letters


Olins GM,Mehta PP,Blehm DJ,Patton DR,Zupec ME,Whipple DE,Tjoeng FS,Adams SP,Olins PO,Gierse JK




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1987-11-30 00:00:00














  • Laminin-alpha2 but not -alpha1-mediated adhesion of human (Duchenne) and murine (mdx) dystrophic myotubes is seriously defective.

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  • Oxygen induces fatty acid (n-6)-desaturation independently of temperature in Acanthamoeba castellanii.

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  • The TRAF6 RING finger domain mediates physical interaction with Ubc13.

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  • Y1 and Y2 receptors for neuropeptide Y.

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  • Evolution of visual pigments in geckos.

    abstract::Most geckos are nocturnal forms and possess rod retinas, but some diurnal genera have pure-cone retinas. We isolated cDNAs encoding the diurnal gecko opsins, dg1 and dg2, similar to nocturnal gecko P521 and P467, respectively. Despite the large morphological differences between the diurnal and nocturnal gecko photorec...

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  • Preferential closed channel blockade of HERG potassium currents by chemically synthesised BeKm-1 scorpion toxin.

    abstract::The scorpion toxin peptide BeKm-1 was synthesised by fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl solid phase chemistry and folded by air oxidation. The peptide's effects on heterologous human ether-a-go-go-related gene potassium current (I(HERG)) in HEK293 cells were assessed using 'whole-cell' patch clamp. Blockade of I(HERG) by BeKm-1...

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  • Thimet oligopeptidase: site-directed mutagenesis disproves previous assumptions about the nature of the catalytic site.

    abstract::Zinc metallopeptidases that contain the His-Glu-Xaa-Xaa-His (HEXXH) motif generally have a third ligand of the metal ion that may be either a Glu residue (in clan MA) or a His residue (in clan MB) (Rawlings and Barrett (1995) Methods Enzymol. 248, 183-228). Thimet oligopeptidase has not yet been assigned to either cla...

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  • Interference with protein binding at AP2 sites by sequence-specific methylation in the late E2A promoter of adenovirus type 2 DNA.

    abstract::The in vitro methylation of the +6, +24, and -215 located 5'-CCGG-3' sequences in the late E2A promoter of adenovirus type 2 (Ad2) DNA abrogates promoter function. 5-Methyldeoxycytidine (5-mC) at positions +6 and +24 in both or either of the two DNA complements in the late E2A promoter abolishes the formation of a hig...

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  • Evidence that oxidative dephosphorylation by the nonheme Fe(II), α-ketoglutarate:UMP oxygenase occurs by stereospecific hydroxylation.

    abstract::LipL and Cpr19 are nonheme, mononuclear Fe(II)-dependent, α-ketoglutarate (αKG):UMP oxygenases that catalyze the formation of CO2 , succinate, phosphate, and uridine-5'-aldehyde, the last of which is a biosynthetic precursor for several nucleoside antibiotics that inhibit bacterial translocase I (MraY). To better unde...

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  • Assembly of Tat-dependent [NiFe] hydrogenases: identification of precursor-binding accessory proteins.

    abstract::The Escherichia coli twin-arginine translocation (Tat) system serves to export fully folded protein substrates across the bacterial cytoplasmic membrane. Respiratory [NiFe] hydrogenases are synthesised as precursors with twin-arginine signal peptides and transported as large, cofactor-containing, multi-subunit complex...

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  • Isolation of less than Glu-Gly-Leu-Arg-Trp-NH2 (Antho-RWamide II), a novel neuropeptide from sea anemones.

    abstract::Using a radioimmunoassay for the peptide sequence Arg-Phe-NH2 (RFamide), a novel peptide has been purified from acetic acid extracts of the sea anemone Anthopleura elegantissima. This peptide has the structure less than Glu-Gly-Leu-Arg-Trp-NH2, and was named Antho-RWamide II. Antho-RWamide II is a neuropeptide. Its st...

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  • Functional relevance of the internal hydrophobic cavity of urate oxidase.

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  • Connexin hemichannel induced vascular leak suggests a new paradigm for cancer therapy.

    abstract::It is 40 years since cancer growth was correlated with neovascularisation. Anti-angiogenic drugs remain at the forefront of cancer investigations but progress has been disappointing and unexpected toxicities are emerging. Gap junction channels are implicated in lesion spread following injury, with channel blockers sho...

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  • Novel bioactive lipodepsipeptides from Pseudomonas syringae: the pseudomycins.

    abstract::The covalent structure and most of the stereochemistry of the pseudomycins, bioactive metabolites of a transposon-generated mutant of a Pseudomonas syringae wild-type strain proposed for the biological control of Dutch elm disease, have been determined. While two pseudomycins are identical to the known syringopeptins ...

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  • The nuclear receptor FXR is expressed in pancreatic beta-cells and protects human islets from lipotoxicity.

    abstract::Farnesoid X receptor (FXR) is highly expressed in liver and intestine where it controls bile acid (BA), lipid and glucose homeostasis. Here we show that FXR is expressed and functional, as assessed by target gene expression analysis, in human islets and beta-cell lines. FXR is predominantly cytosolic-localized in the ...

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  • Form and function of the Golgi apparatus: scaffolds, cytoskeleton and signalling.

    abstract::In addition to the classical functions of the Golgi in membrane transport and glycosylation, the Golgi apparatus of mammalian cells is now recognised to contribute to the regulation of a range of cellular processes, including mitosis, DNA repair, stress responses, autophagy, apoptosis and inflammation. These processes...

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  • Enhanced suicide gene therapy by chimeric tumor-specific promoter based on HSF1 transcriptional regulation.

    abstract::Two tandem cassettes, one containing the telomerase reverse transcriptase gene (hTERT) promoter upstream of a constitutively activated form of heat shock transcription factor 1 (cHSF1) and followed by the other containing the heat shock protein 70B (hsp70B) promoter (HSE) upstream of the cytosine deaminase (CD) gene, ...

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  • Calmodulin binding to human spectrin.

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  • Decreased stability of photosystem I in dgd1 mutant of Arabidopsis thaliana.

    abstract::The dgd1 mutant of Arabidopsis thaliana provides us with a powerful tool for revealing the specific role of digalactosyldiacylglycerol (DGDG) in photosynthesis. Blue-native polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis analysis revealed that photosystem I (PSI) subunits are assembled into a PSI complex, and that a PSI subcomplex...

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  • Rank products: a simple, yet powerful, new method to detect differentially regulated genes in replicated microarray experiments.

    abstract::One of the main objectives in the analysis of microarray experiments is the identification of genes that are differentially expressed under two experimental conditions. This task is complicated by the noisiness of the data and the large number of genes that are examined simultaneously. Here, we present a novel techniq...

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  • SABP2, a methyl salicylate esterase is required for the systemic acquired resistance induced by acibenzolar-S-methyl in plants.

    abstract::Tobacco SABP2, a 29kDa protein catalyzes the conversion of methyl salicylic acid (MeSA) into salicylic acid (SA) to induce SAR. Pretreatment of plants with acibenzolar-S-methyl (ASM), a functional analog of salicylic acid induces systemic acquired resistance (SAR). Data presented in this paper suggest that SABP2 catal...

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  • Proline isomerization during refolding of ribonuclease A is accelerated by the presence of folding intermediates.

    abstract::The trans----cis isomerization of Pro 93 was measured during refolding of bovine ribonuclease A. This isomerization is slow (tau = 500 s) under marginally stable folding conditions of 2.0 M GdmCl, pH 6, at 10 degrees C. However, it is strongly accelerated (tau = 100 s) in samples which, prior to isomerization, had bee...

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  • Mapping of beta-adrenoceptor coupling domains to Gs-protein by site-specific synthetic peptides.

    abstract::Peptides corresponding to the known sequence of turkey erythrocyte beta 1-adrenergic receptor were synthesized and the effects on receptor-mediated cyclase activation were measured. Peptides corresponding to the first and second intracellular loops (T61-71 and T138-159) inhibited at micromolar concentrations the hormo...

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  • Chaos in DNA partition during the last mitoses of the proliferative life-span of human fibroblasts.

    abstract::We have followed with autoradiography the course of DNA synthesis and with cytofluorometry the partition of DNA during mitosis, through the different phases of the life-span of human fibroblasts. Towards the end of the proliferative potential of the cell population, DNA synthesis was disturbed during the late part of ...

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    authors: Macieira-Coelho A

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  • Chaperone-mediated autophagy in health and disease.

    abstract::Chaperone-mediated autophagy (CMA) is a lysosomal pathway that participates in the degradation of cytosolic proteins. CMA is activated by starvation and in response to stressors that result in protein damage. The selectivity intrinsic to CMA allows for removal of damaged proteins without disturbing nearby functional o...

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    authors: Kon M,Cuervo AM

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  • Movement of the 3'-end of 16 S RNA towards S21 during activation of 30 S ribosomal subunits.

    abstract::Fluorescence techniques were used to study conformational changes that occur in inactive E. coli 30 S ribosomal subunits during activation by heating in 12 mM Mg2+. Activation is associated with movement of a fluorophore on the 3'-end of 16 S RNA into a less polar environment and towards a probe on the cysteine thiol ...

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    authors: Odom OW,Stöffler G,Hardesty B

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  • Genomic exploration of the hemiascomycetous yeasts: 5. Saccharomyces bayanus var. uvarum.

    abstract::Saccharomyces bayanus var. uvarum investigated here is the species closest to Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Random sequence tags (RSTs) allowed us to identify homologues to 2789 open reading frames (ORFs) in S. cerevisiae, ORFs duplicated in S. uvarum but not in S. cerevisiae, centromeres, tRNAs, homologues of Ty1/2 and T...

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