The promoter of the Arabidopsis thaliana BAN gene is active in proanthocyanidin-accumulating cells of the Brassica napus seed coat.


:As part of an ongoing research program dedicated to the understanding of proanthocyanidin (PA) accumulation in Brassica napus seed coat, transgenic rapeseed plants carrying a 2.3-kb fragment of the Arabidopsis thaliana BAN promoter (ProAtBAN) fused to the uidA reporter gene (GUS) were generated. Analysis of these plants revealed that ProAtBAN was activated in B. napus seed coat, following a spatio-temporal pattern that was very similar to the PA deposition profile in rapeseed and also to the one previously described in Arabidopsis. ProAtBAN activity occurred as soon as the early stages of embryogenesis and was restricted to the cells where PAs were shown to accumulate. Therefore, the Arabidopsis BAN promoter can be used to trigger gene expression in B. napus seed coat for both genetic engineering and functional validation of candidate genes. In addition, these data strongly suggest that the transcriptional regulatory network of the BAN gene is conserved between Arabidopsis and rapeseed. This is consistent with the fact that similarity searches of the public rapeseed sequence databases allowed recovering the rapeseed homologs for several BAN regulators, namely TT1, TT2, TT8, TT16 and TTG1, which have been previously described in Arabidopsis.


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Nesi N,Lucas MO,Auger B,Baron C,Lécureuil A,Guerche P,Kronenberger J,Lepiniec L,Debeaujon I,Renard M




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