Alterations in phosphoinositide signaling and G-protein levels in depressed suicide brain.


:The function of the phosphoinositide signal transduction system and the levels of heterotrimeric G-protein alpha-subunits were examined in postmortem prefrontal cortex regions (8/9) and region (10) from suicide victims with major depression and matched control subjects without psychiatric illness. The hydrolysis of [3H]phosphatidylinositol (PI) stimulated by phospholipase C, GTP-gamma-S, NaF, and neurotransmitter receptor agonists was measured in membrane preparations from both groups. Phospholipase C-beta activity was similar in depressed suicide and control subjects in the two regions of prefrontal cortex. In prefrontal cortex (10), but not in (8/9), the GTP-gamma-S concentration-dependent stimulation of [3H]PI hydrolysis was significantly lower (30%) in the depressed suicide group compared to the control group. Receptor-coupled, G-protein-mediated [3H]PI hydrolysis induced with carbachol, histamine, trans-1-aminocyclopentyl-1, 3-dicarboxylic acid (ACPD, a glutamatergic metabotropic receptor agonist), serotonin, or 2-methylthio-adenosine triphosphate (2mATP, a purinergic receptor agonist) in the presence of GTP-gamma-S stimulated equivalent responses in the two groups of subjects in each brain region. In prefrontal cortex (10) there was a 68% increase in the level of the 45 kDa subtype of G alpha s and in prefrontal cortex (8/9) there was a significant decrease (21%) in the level of G alpha i2 in the depressed suicide group compared to the control group. Levels of other heterotrimeric G-protein alpha-subunits (G alpha q/11, G alpha i1, and G alpha o) were not different in depressed suicide and control subjects in either brain region. Moreover, there were no differences in the levels of phospholipase C-beta or protein kinase C-alpha in the two groups of subjects in either brain region examined. These results demonstrate that in the prefrontal cortex of suicide victims with major depression compared to normal control subjects there is a region-specific alteration of G-protein-induced activation of the phosphoinositide signal transduction system and in the levels of G-protein alpha-subunits involved in cyclic AMP synthesis. These findings provide direct evidence in human brain that these two important signal transduction systems are altered in suicide subjects with major depression.


Brain Res


Brain research


Pacheco MA,Stockmeier C,Meltzer HY,Overholser JC,Dilley GE,Jope RS




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1996-06-03 00:00:00














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