Structure and mechanism of a metal-sensing regulatory RNA.


:Organisms maintain the correct balance of intracellular metals primarily through metal-sensing proteins that control transport and storage of the target ion(s). Here, we reveal the basis of metal sensing and genetic control by a metalloregulatory RNA. Our data demonstrate that a previously uncharacterized orphan riboswitch, renamed the "M-box," is a divalent metal-sensing RNA involved in Mg(2+) homeostasis. A combination of genetic, biochemical, and biophysical techniques demonstrate that Mg(2+) induces a compacted tertiary architecture for M-box RNAs that regulates the accessibility of nucleotides involved in genetic control. Molecular details are provided by crystallographic structure determination of a Mg(2+)-bound M-box RNA. Given the distribution of this RNA element, it may constitute a common mode for bacterial metal ion regulation, and its discovery suggests the possibility of additional RNA-based metal sensors in modern and primordial organisms.






Dann CE 3rd,Wakeman CA,Sieling CL,Baker SC,Irnov I,Winkler WC




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2007-09-07 00:00:00
















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    abstract::Using positional cloning strategies, we have identified a CTG triplet repeat that undergoes expansion in myotonic dystrophy patients. This sequence is highly variable in the normal population. PCR analysis of the interval containing this repeat indicates that unaffected individuals have been 5 and 27 copies. Myotonic ...


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  • Insulin signaling: inositol phosphates get into the Akt.

    abstract::An acute but transient response to insulin is essential for glucose homeostasis in mammals. Chakraborty et al. (2010) uncover a new feedback mechanism regulating insulin signaling. They show that the inositol pyrophosphate IP7, which is produced in response to insulin, inhibits the Akt kinase, a primary effector of in...


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