High-level expression of a foreign gene by a recombinant baculovirus with an expanded host range.


:The usefulness of host range expanded viruses as an expressionvector system was investigated by following the expression ofthe E. coli lacZ gene. The host range expanded recombinantviruses were obtained from Sf-21 or BmN-4 cells coinfected withAutographa californica and Bombyx mori nuclearpolyhedrosis viruses. Among the host range expanded viruses,RecB-8 and RecS-B6 have similar enzyme digestion profiles butdifferent infection characteristics in cells. Therefore, tostudy the foreign gene expression efficiency of these twoviruses, we constructed recombinant viruses RecB8-LacZ andRecSB6-LacZ containing the lacZ gene instead of the polyhedringene. Also, the host range expanded recombinant AcNPV, Bac-BH,containing lacZ gene in the polyhedrin gene locus was constructedby substitution of the 0.6 kb region within the helicase gene ofBacPAK6 with that of BmNPV. beta-Galactosidase expressionefficiency by these viruses were determined and compared in Sf-21and BmN-4 cells. The result showed that Bac-BH has highexpression efficiency only in Sf-21 cells, whereas RecB8-LacZhas high expression efficiency both in Sf-21 and BmN-4 cells.Also, in BmN-4 cells, beta-galactosidase expressionefficiency of RecB8-LacZ was higher than that of recombinantBmNPV (BmK1-LacZ containing lacZ gene in polyhedrin gene locus).In addition, the expression efficiency was not correlated withvirus titer.






Kim HS,Woo SD,Kim WJ,Choi JY,Kang SK




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2000-02-01 00:00:00












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