Automated time-lapse microscopy and high-resolution tracking of cell migration.


:We describe a novel fully automated high-throughput time-lapse microscopy system and evaluate its performance for precisely tracking the motility of several glioma and osteoblastic cell lines. Use of this system revealed cell motility behavior not discernable with conventional techniques by collecting data (1) from closely spaced time points (minutes), (2) over long periods (hours to days), (3) from multiple areas of interest, (4) in parallel under several different experimental conditions. Quantitation of true individual and average cell velocity and path length was obtained with high spatial and temporal resolution in "scratch" or "wound healing" assays. This revealed unique motility dynamics of drug-treated and adhesion molecule-transfected cells and, thus, this is a considerable improvement over current methods of measurement and analysis. Several fluorescent vital labeling methods commonly used for end-point analyses (GFP expression, DiO lipophilic dye, and Qtracker nanocrystals) were found to be useful for time-lapse studies under specific conditions that are described. To illustrate one application, fluorescently labeled tumor cells were seeded onto cell monolayers expressing ectopic adhesion molecules, and this resulted in consistently reduced tumor cell migration velocities. These highly quantitative time-lapse analysis methods will promote the creation of new cell motility assays and increase the resolution and accuracy of existing assays.






Fotos JS,Patel VP,Karin NJ,Temburni MK,Koh JT,Galileo DS




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2006-05-01 00:00:00












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  • Development of a generic transient transfection process at 100 L scale.

    abstract::We have developed a generic transient transfection process at 100 L scale, using HEK293-EBNA cells and PEI as the transfection reagent for the production of recombinant IgG. The process, including large-scale plasmid preparation, expression at bioreactor scale, capture, purification and, if necessary, endotoxin remova...


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    abstract::This study describes two packed bed bioreactor configurations which were used to culture a mouse-mouse hybridoma cell line (ATCC HB-57) which produces an IgG1 monoclonal antibody. The first configuration consists of a packed column which is continuously perfused by recirculating oxygenated media through the column. In...


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  • Non-fucosylated therapeutic antibodies: the next generation of therapeutic antibodies.

    abstract::Therapeutic antibody IgG1 has two N-linked oligosaccharide chains bound to the Fc region. The oligosaccharides are of the complex biantennary type, composed of a trimannosyl core structure with the presence or absence of core fucose, bisecting N-acetylglucosamine (GlcNAc), galactose, and terminal sialic acid, which gi...


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  • The transient expression of CHIKV VLP in large stirred tank bioreactors.

    abstract::Transient gene expression (TGE) bioprocesses have been difficult to scale up in large stirred tank bioreactors with volumes of more than 1.5 L. Low production levels are often observed, but the causes have not been investigated (Gutierrez-Granados et al. in Crit Rev Biotechnol 38:918-940, 2018). Chikungunya Virus-like...


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  • Genotypic and phenotypic changes of BHK-21 cells grown in suspension cultures.

    abstract::The propagation of foot-and-mouth disease virus on BHK-21 suspension cells, although economically convenient, may yield a scarcely immunizing antigen. Helpful insights were obtained by investigating a few genotypic and phenotypic features of the cell cultures. The appearance of polyploid populations, higher cell conce...


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