Optimization of macrophage isolation from the Persian sturgeon and the Caspian kutum fish: a comparative study.


:The aim of this research was a comparative study on the isolation and culture of head kidney macrophages derived from Acipenser persicous and Rutilus frisii kutum as teleost and chondrostei species of fish. The macrophages were isolated by density gradient sedimentation, followed by adherence to a plastic surface. They exhibited strong phagocytic activity against bacteria. The effect of cell density, incubation time, FBS percentage, pH and temperatures on the cell number and viability were determined and compared. Also, the effect of light/dark regimen on viability, adherence, release of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and nitric oxide (NO) in the macrophages was determined. The results showed that the Caspian kutum macrophages were more sensitive to FBS percentage and cell density whereas the Persian sturgeon macrophages were more sensitive to pH of the cell culture media. The adherence and viability of the macrophages from both fish species firstly increased (P < 0.05) after exposure to a light/dark regimen, but then significantly decreased as did ROS and NO productions. For the first time, this study has determined the optimal conditions for primary culture of macrophages derived from sturgeons, and shows the unique effect of light on the biology of fish immune cells.






Rastgar S,Movahedinia A,Salamat N,Salati A,Zabihi E




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2018-12-01 00:00:00














  • Antidiabetic effect of green rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) extract in cultured cells and type 2 diabetic model KK-A(y) mice.

    abstract::Previous studies have demonstrated antidiabetic effects for rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) and aspalathin (ASP), one of its main polyphenols. Rooibos, an endemic plant of South Africa, is well-known for its use as herbal tea. Green ('unfermented') rooibos has been shown to contain more ASP than 'fermented' rooibos tea,...


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  • Development of a generic transient transfection process at 100 L scale.

    abstract::We have developed a generic transient transfection process at 100 L scale, using HEK293-EBNA cells and PEI as the transfection reagent for the production of recombinant IgG. The process, including large-scale plasmid preparation, expression at bioreactor scale, capture, purification and, if necessary, endotoxin remova...


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  • Development of human monoclonal antibodies: A review.

    abstract::This article describes the current status in the development of human monoclonal antibodies. Over the last ten years a lot of information about the human immune system has emerged. Combining these with the many new (bio-)technologies it is plausible that the long awaited breakthrough of this technology is close. This ...


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  • Evaluation of a simple protein free medium that supports high levels of monoclonal antibody production.

    abstract::A simple protein free medium was formulated and tested in suspension culture using three hybridoma cell lines. The medium, referred to as CDSS (Chemically Defined Serum Substitutes), consisted of the basal medium DMEM:Ham F12, 1:1, with HEPES (D12H), plus pluronic F68, trace elements, ferric citrate, ascorbic acid, an...


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  • Engineering challenges in high density cell culture systems.

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  • Structure and expression of integrated hepatitis B virus genes in an HBs antigen producing human cell line (huGK-14).

    abstract::A human continuous cell line (huGK-14) within a lineage of passaged cultures was investigated in the mode of integration and expression of hepatitis B virus (HBV) genes. HBV DNA was integrated in eight different sites of the cellular DNA, in each of which HBV genome was rearranged, fragmented, and/or partly deleted. C...


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  • Chemical genomics: massively parallel technologies for rapid lead identification and target validation.

    abstract::Chemical genomics is a new research paradigm with importantapplications in drug discovery. It links genomic targets withsmall-molecule chemistries thereby allowing for efficient targetvalidation and lead compound identification. ACADIA'schemical-genomics platform consists of a large and diverse small-moleculelibrary (...


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  • Repeated stimulation by LPS promotes the senescence of DPSCs via TLR4/MyD88-NF-κB-p53/p21 signaling.

    abstract::Dental pulp stem cells (DPSCs), one type of mesenchymal stem cells, are considered to be a type of tool cells for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. Our previous studies found that the stimulation with lipopolysaccharide (LPS) might introduce senescence of DPSCs, and this senescence would have a positive co...


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  • Effect of oxygen partial pressure on production of animal virus (VSV).

    abstract::The effect of oxygen partial pressure on viral replication was investigated with Vero/VSV system. At 10% oxygen partial pressure in spinner culture, VSV titer was significantly increased 130 fold compared to that obtained at 21%. A similar result was obtained for viral production in 1liter bioreactor. This implies tha...


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    authors: Lim HS,Chang KH,Kim JH

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  • Expression of recombinant Atlantic salmon serum C-type lectin in Drosophila melanogaster Schneider 2 cells.

    abstract::The Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) serum lectin (SSL) is a soluble C-type lectin that binds bacteria, including salmon pathogens. This lectin is a cysteine-rich oligomeric protein. Consequently, a Drosophila melanogaster expression system was evaluated for use in expressing SSL. A cDNA encoding SSL was cloned into a ve...


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    authors: Uribe E,Venkatesan M,Rose DR,Ewart KV

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  • Silencing of soluble epoxide hydrolase 2 gene reduces H2O2-induced oxidative damage in rat intestinal epithelial IEC-6 cells via activating PI3K/Akt/GSK3β signaling pathway.

    abstract::Oxidative stress plays a vital role in the occurrence and development of intestinal injury. Soluble epoxide hydrolase 2 gene (EPHX2) is a class of hydrolytic enzymes. We aim to explore the effects and molecular mechanism of siEPHX2 on H2O2-induced oxidative damage in rat intestinal epithelial IEC-6 cells. IEC-6 cells ...


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  • Epitope analysis of peanut allergen Ara h1 with human monoclonal IgM antibody 92-2.

    abstract::A human-mouse hybridoma clone 92-2 secreting IgM-class human monoclonal antibody to peanut allergen protein Ara h1 was established. To detect antibody-binding sequences on Ara h1, we synthesized a series of peptides of the Ara h1 protein on a multi-pin apparatus for the pin-peptide ELISA. The 92-2 human monoclonal ant...


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  • Accuracy of the endpoint assay for virus titration.

    abstract::The statistics of estimators used with the endpoint assay for virus titration were investigated. For a standard assay with 10 wells/dilution, the graphical estimator traditionally used was found to produce estimates with significant positive bias and a relatively low accuracy. Furthermore, the graphical estimator was ...


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  • A luciferase complementation assay system using transferable mouse artificial chromosomes to monitor protein-protein interactions mediated by G protein-coupled receptors.

    abstract::G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are seven-transmembrane domain receptors that interact with the β-arrestin family, particularly β-arrestin 1 (ARRB1). GPCRs interact with 33% of small molecule drugs. Ligand screening is promising for drug discovery concerning GPCR-related diseases. Luciferase complementation assay ...


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  • Lithium chloride promotes neuronal differentiation of rat neural stem cells and enhances neural regeneration in Parkinson's disease model.

    abstract::Parkinson's disease (PD) is one of the most common neural degenerative disease, affecting millions of people globally. Great progress has been made in the PD treatment, and one of the most promising one is the stem cell-based therapy. Thus, studies on the differentiation of neural stem cells (NSCs) are important to th...


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    authors: Qi L,Tang Y,He W,Pan H,Jiang W,Wang L,Deng W

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  • Evaluating osteochondral defect repair potential of autologous rabbit bone marrow cells on type II collagen scaffold.

    abstract::The feasibility of using genipin cross-linked type II collagen scaffold with rabbit bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (RBMSCs) to repair cartilage defect was herein studied. Induction of RBMSCs into chondrocytic phenotype on type II collagen scaffold in vitro was conducted using TGF-β 3 containing medium. After 3-wee...


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  • Generation of lymphokine activated killer cells in a new high density dialyzing culture apparatus.

    abstract::In order to establish an efficient culture system for the generation of lymphokine activated killer (LAK) cells, we have developed a new device which is essentially based on a continuous dialyzing culture vessel. LAK cells grown in such a system showed higher cytotoxicity than those grown under conventional culture co...


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  • Small interfering RNA knockdown of mini-TyrRS and mini-TrpRS effects angiogenesis in human umbilical vein endothelial cells in hypoxic culture.

    abstract::Aim We studied the role of mini-TyrRS and mini-TrpRS in angiogenesis by using small interfering RNA-mediated mini-TyrRS/mini-TrpRS knockout in hypoxic culture of human umbilical vein endothelial cells. Methods SiRNA was used as the main method to inhibited the gene function. Silencing efficiency was assayed by real-ti...


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  • A regulatable selective system facilitates isolation of heterologous protein hyper-producing mammalian cells without gene amplification.

    abstract::In this article, we describe a new method that facilitates to isolate mammalian cells inducible hyper-producing heterologous proteins. This method uses the tetracycline-inducible system to express both the selection marker and the heterologous gene, therefore, allows to increase the selection pressure by reducing the ...


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    authors: Teruya K,Zhang Y,Katakura Y,Shirahata S

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  • Comparative cytogenetics between two species of the family Pseudopimelodidae (Siluriformes): occurrence of natural triploidy and supernumerary chromosomes.

    abstract::The Pseudopimelodidae family comprises 35 species however, cytogenetic studies have been performed in only six species. This study uncovered karyotypic data on Pseudopimelodus pulcher and Microglanis cottoides. Both species possessed 2n = 54, with 20m + 16sm + 10st + 8a and FN = 100 for P. pulcher and 30m + 14sm + 6st...


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    authors: Gouveia JG,de Moraes VP,Pires LB,da Rosa R,Dias AL

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  • Improvement in the antibody productivity of human-human hybridomas by transfection with Tac gene.

    abstract::The presence of a highly purified recombinant interleukin-2 (rIL-2) increased the production of immunoglobulin (IgM or IgG) by human-human hybridomas to 1.5-2.0 times the production by untreated cells. However, these cells did not react with anti-Tac (IL-2 receptor alpha) antibody. To enhance the response of the hybri...


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    authors: Iwamoto K,Shintani Y,Sasada R,Honjo T,Kitano K

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  • Binucleated HeLa cells are formed by cytokinesis failure in starvation and keep the potential of proliferation.

    abstract::Many cytological studies have reported that the numbers of binucleated cells were elevated in various tumors. However, binucleated cells are observed in not only malignant tumors but also normal tissues. Thus, the clinical significance of binucleated cells is controversial. Here we attempted to elucidate the character...


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  • Identification of the genes specifically expressed in orally tolerized T cells.

    abstract::Oral tolerance is the systemic immunological unresponsiveness that occurs after feeding protein antigens. Its physiological role is thought to be the prevention of hypersensitivity to food antigens, and its therapeutic use to treat inflammatory diseases has been suggested. Although it has been shown that CD4(+) T cell...


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  • The transient expression of CHIKV VLP in large stirred tank bioreactors.

    abstract::Transient gene expression (TGE) bioprocesses have been difficult to scale up in large stirred tank bioreactors with volumes of more than 1.5 L. Low production levels are often observed, but the causes have not been investigated (Gutierrez-Granados et al. in Crit Rev Biotechnol 38:918-940, 2018). Chikungunya Virus-like...


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  • Silver/silver chloride nanoparticles inhibit the proliferation of human glioblastoma cells.

    abstract::Glioblastomas (GBM) are aggressive brain tumors with very poor prognosis. While silver nanoparticles represent a potential new strategy for anticancer therapy, the silver/silver chloride nanoparticles (Ag/AgCl-NPs) have microbicidal activity, but had not been tested against tumor cells. Here, we analyzed the effect of...


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    authors: Eugenio M,Campanati L,Müller N,Romão LF,de Souza J,Alves-Leon S,de Souza W,Sant'Anna C

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  • Heterohybridomas that secrete high levels of pseudomonas-specific therapeutic human monoclonal antibodies: their generation and large scale growth in an automated hollow fiber cell culture system.

    abstract::Fusion of lymphoblastoid cell lines that produce human monoclonal antibodies against Pseudomonas aeruginosa with the human/mouse heteromyeloma SHM-D33 generated heterohybrids that were stable and secreted antibody in the range of 20 to 300 micrograms/ml. One of the hybridoma cell lines ws adapted to serum-free medium ...


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    authors: Gammon MC,Banas MH,Boccumini LE,Sigal NH,Zweerink HJ

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  • A two-compartment cell entrapment bioreactor with three different holding times for cells, high and low molecular weight compounds.

    abstract::A new bioreactor for animal cell cultivation employs two compartments for cells and medium respectively. The two chambers are separated by an ultrafiltration membrane. Cells and solution of collagen or collagen/chitosan mixture were loaded to the cell chamber and were allowed to form gel inside. Contraction of the cel...


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  • Monoclonal antibodies against naturally occurring bioactive compounds.

    abstract::The ratio of hapten to bovine serum albumin (BSA) in an antigen conjugate was determined by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI) tof mass spectrometry. A hybridoma secreting monoclonal antibody (MAb) was produced by fusing splenocytes immunized with an antigen-BSA conjugate with HAT-sensitive mouse myel...


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    authors: Shoyama Y,Tanaka H,Fukuda N

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  • A plant extract which enhances the plating efficiency of lymphoid cell lines and enhances the survival of normal lymphoid cells in vitro.

    abstract::A water soluble extract from the bark of the Samoan medicinal plant Alphitonia zizyphoides A. Gray (Rhamnaceae), enhances the plating efficiency in vitro of lymphoid cell lines as well as the survival of bone marrow cells and normal T and B lymphocytes. Furthermore, the inclusion of bark-extract into culture media enh...


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    authors: Dunstan CA,Andersson J,Bohlin L,Cox PA,Grönvik KO

    更新日期:1994-01-01 00:00:00

  • High level expression of a frog alpha-amidating enzyme, AE-II, in cultured cells and silkworm larvae using a Bombyx mori nuclear polyhedrosis virus expression vector.

    abstract::A Xenopus laevis peptidyl C-terminal alpha-amidating enzyme (AE-II) gene, modified by deletion of a region encoding the putative membrane-spanning domain and the putative C-terminal cytosolic tail, was expressed in BoMo-15 AIIc insect cells and silkworm larvae using a Bombyx mori baculovirus expression vector system. ...


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    authors: Kobayashi J,Imanishi S,Inoue H,Ohsuye K,Yamaichi K,Tsuruoka N,Tanaka S

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