Ultrasound studies on the time course of clavicular ossification.


:When preparing forensic age estimates for living subjects over 18 years of age, it is crucial to evaluate the stage of ossification of the medial clavicular epiphysis. The establishment of radiation-free imaging techniques for assessment of clavicular ossification would be desirable in order to reduce the radiation exposure associated with forensic age estimations. In the present study, 84 right clavicles of test subjects 12-30 years of age were prospectively evaluated by means of ultrasound. Ossification stage classification was possible in 80 of the 84 medial clavicular epiphyses studied. In the remaining cases, stage classification was not possible due to the presence of developmental anomalies. The earliest ages at which the respective ossification stages were observed were 17.1 years for stage 2, 16.7 years for stage 3, and 22.5 years for stage 4. The age intervals observed for the ossification stages are consistent with the known data from radiological and computed tomography assessments. The present study results should be confirmed in a larger number of cases and with analysis of observer variability. Evaluation of medial clavicular epiphyseal ossification by ultrasound could ultimately be a rapid and economic non-ionizing diagnostic imaging procedure for forensic age estimation.


Int J Legal Med


Schulz R,Zwiesigk P,Schiborr M,Schmidt S,Schmeling A




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  • Sex determination from buccal mucosa scrapes.

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