First Polish DNA "manhunt"--an application of Y-chromosome STRs.


:This study presents the application of Y-chromosomal STR polymorphisms to male identification in the case of a serial rapist and woman murderer in Poland. Since August 1996 a rapist from Swinoujscie (northwest Poland) committed at least 14 rapes. In the year 2000 he brutally raped 8 young girls and murdered a 22-year-old girl. DNA profiles obtained from semen stains left at the scenes of crime gave information that one and the same man had committed all the rapes. The Y-chromosome haplotype (9 loci) obtained was used for the elimination process of 421 suspects. One man was found who had an identical DNA profile in all Y-chromosome STR loci analysed and possessed common alleles in 9 out of 10 autosomal loci, strongly suggesting that the real rapist and the typed man were closely related males. Analysis of reference DNA obtained from the man's brother revealed an identical DNA STR profile to that identified at the crime scenes. To the best of our knowledge this is the first case in Poland and probably in Eastern Europe where DNA typing of a large population was used to identify the offender.


Int J Legal Med


Dettlaff-Kakol A,Pawlowski R




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2002-10-01 00:00:00












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