Different types of structural variation in STRs: HumFES/FPS, HumVWA and HumD21S11.


:Alleles of the STR systems HumFES/FPS, HumVWA and HumD21S11 were sequenced and analyzed. Sequence data revealed 3 different systems concerning the complexity of their sequence structure. HumFES/FPS belongs to the STR polymorphism with a simple repeat structure. Only 2 subtypes were found with a base substitution in the 5'-flanking region and no variation in the repeat region. In the STR system HumVWA the sequence structure of the repeat region is more complex, because 2 tetranucleotide units TCTA and TCTG were present. Additionally allele 14 revealed a completely different sequence structure leading to a different electrophoretic mobility. The repeat region of HumD21S11 is compound in structure. The possibility of variation at 3 positions leads to the occurrence of microheterogeneities in fragments of apparent length. In the upper allele range alleles arise with an additional incomplete TA-repeat.


Int J Legal Med


Möller A,Meyer E,Brinkmann B




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1994-01-01 00:00:00












  • Lethal ventricular tachycardia triggered after femoral fracture repair in an obese man with insulin-resistant diabetes.

    abstract::An obese man (height, 178 cm; weight, 160 kg; body mass index, 50.5 kg/m2) with a history of recurrent ventricular tachycardia (VT), cardiomyopathy, coronary sclerosis, and insulin-resistant diabetes suffered a right femur fracture in a vehicular accident. His fracture was repaired the following day, but shortly after...

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  • Using bone marrow matrix to analyze meprobamate for forensic toxicological purposes.

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  • VWA STR genotyping: further inconsistencies between Perkin-Elmer and Promega kits.

    abstract::We report a simultaneous study of the VWA STR locus by the Perkin-Elmer Profiler Plus kit and the Promega GenePrint CTTv kit in a population sample from North Portugal and in 418 meiosis from family material and paternity cases. PCR amplification and genotyping were performed according to the manufacturer's instructio...

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  • DNA typing of epithelial cells after strangulation.

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  • Software for Y-haplogroup predictions: a word of caution.

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  • Lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme patterns in vaginal injury of a 4-year-old girl.

    abstract::Lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme patterns indicative of vaginal injury were identified in extracts of a bloodstain on a pair of knickers belonging to a 4-year-old girl. No evidence of semen or saliva was detected in the stain. The result corroborated the clinical findings and provided strong evidence of child sexual ab...

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  • Ethical aspects of medical age assessment in the asylum process: a Swedish perspective.

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  • DNA typing in cases of blood chimerism.

    abstract::A chimera is an organism whose cells derive from two or more distinct zygote lineages. and therefore two different blood cell populations circulate in one individual. To point out the potential pitfalls in forensic analysis, a set of triplets (a girl and two boys) who revealed blood chimerism was investigated with fou...

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  • Single nucleotide polymorphism typing with massively parallel sequencing for human identification.

    abstract::The Ion AmpliSeq™ HID single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) panel, a primer pool of 103 autosomal SNPs and 33 Y-SNPs, was evaluated using the Ion 314™ Chip on the Ion PGM™ Sequencer with four DNA samples. The study focused on the sequencing of DNA at three different initial target quantities, related interpretation iss...

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  • Genomic polymorphism in North-western Indian population based on autosomal STR's: a population data study.

    abstract::Genetic diversity indices and forensic parameters at 20 autosomal short tandem repeat (STR) loci were evaluated in 541 unrelated individuals of north-western Indian state Rajasthan. In total, 243 alleles were observed with an average of 12.15 alleles per locus. The most polymorphic and discriminative locus was Penta E...

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  • Serological findings and efficiency of DNA profiling in transfused patients and their significance for identity and paternity tests.

    abstract::The problems of testing patients or the deceased using classical blood group systems for identity or paternity purposes after multiple transfusions are well known. In a paternity case where the putative father received multiple transfusions it was possible to determine some classical blood group systems. The investiga...

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  • Reduced CAG repeats length in androgen receptor gene is associated with violent criminal behavior.

    abstract::Androgens mediate their functions through androgen receptors (AR). The two triplet repeats in the AR gene (CAG and GGN) are highly polymorphic among various populations and have been extensively studied in diverse clinical conditions and antisocial personality disorders. Several studies have reported either higher lev...

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  • Evaluation of chronological age based on third molar development in the Spanish population.

    abstract::A cross-sectional study was carried out to assess chronological age estimation based on the stages of third lower molar development, following the eight stages (A-H) method of Demirjian et al. The final sample consisted of 1,054 orthopantomograms from Spanish individuals of known chronological age (range 14-21 years) ...

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  • Application of the method of Kvaal et al. to digital orthopantomograms.

    abstract::Estimation of age in individuals has received considerable attention in the forensic literature. The reduction of size of dental pulp cavity as a result of secondary dentin deposit with increasing age could be used as an indicator of age. This regression change, apart from morphological techniques, can also be analyse...

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  • Allele frequency data of 15 autosomal STR loci in four major population groups of South Africa.

    abstract::Allele frequency distributions for 15 tetrameric short tandem repeat (STR) loci were determined using the AmpFlSTR® Identifiler Plus™ PCR amplification kit. There was little evidence of departures from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium or association of alleles of different loci in the population samples. The probability of ...

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  • ABO blood grouping of bloodstains by sandwich ELISA using monoclonal antibody specific for human red cell band 3.

    abstract::ABO blood grouping of human bloodstains was performed by a sandwich ELISA using a species-specific monoclonal antibody to the amino-terminal cytoplasmic domain of human red cell membrane band 3. In a blind trial, all A, B and O bloodstains (a 1 cm long thread) and AB bloodstains (a 1.5 cm long thread) were accurately ...

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  • Statistical methods to assess the reliability of measurements in the procedures for forensic age estimation.

    abstract::In forensic science, anthropology, and archaeology, several techniques have been developed to estimate chronological age in both children and adults, using the relationship between age and morphological changes in the structure of teeth. Before implementing a statistical model to describe age as a function of the meas...

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  • Postmortem magnetic resonance imaging of the heart ex situ: development of technical protocols.

    abstract::Postmortem MRI (PMMR) examinations are seldom performed in legal medicine due to long examination times, unfamiliarity with the technique, and high costs. Furthermore, it is difficult to obtain access to an MRI device used for patients in clinical settings to image an entire human body. An alternative is available: ex...

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  • BamHI polymorphism of locus D2S44 in a West German population as revealed by VNTR probe YNH24.

    abstract::BamHI polymorphism at the VNTR locus D2S44 was investigated, concentrating on band frequencies, mutation rate and confirmation of Mendelian inheritance. In this series 39 restriction fragments showing frequencies less than 10% could clearly be distinguished. No mutations could be observed and the Mendelian character o...

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  • Development of a skull/brain model for military wound ballistics studies.

    abstract::Reports on penetrating ballistic head injuries in the literature are dominated by case studies of suicides; the penetrating ammunition usually being .22 rimfire or shotgun. The dominating cause of injuries in modern warfare is fragmentation and hence, this is the primary threat that military helmets protect the brain ...

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  • The chronology of second and third molar development in Koreans and its application to forensic age estimation.

    abstract::The accuracy of forensic age estimation based on the chronology of second (M2) and third molar (M3) development was investigated using 2,087 orthopantomograms of Korean men and women aged between 3 and 23 years. The developmental stages of M2s and M3s in these subjects were classified using the criteria of Demirjian. ...

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  • Paradoxical undressing associated with subarachnoid hemorrhage in a non-hypothermia case?

    abstract::Paradoxical undressing is a phenomenon characterizing some fatal hypothermia cases. The victims, despite low environmental temperatures, paradoxically remove their clothes due to a sudden feeling of warmth. In this report, we describe a case of suspected paradoxical undressing in a non-hypothermia case. The victim, a ...

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  • Scientometric evaluation of highly cited scientists in the field of forensic science and legal medicine.

    abstract::A publically available database of the most highly cited scientists in all disciplines was used to identify people that belonged to the subject category "forensic science and legal medicine." This bibliometric information was derived from Elsevier's SCOPUS database containing eight million scientists with at least fiv...

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  • Genetic data obtained for two Chinese Han populations with a quadruplex fluorescent STR typing system (HUMVWA, HUMTH01, D21S11 and HPRT).

    abstract::Abstract DNA typing of four tetrameric repeat loci (HUMVWA, HUMTH0I, D21SII and HPRT) was carried out in a Chinese Han population from Shanghai (East China) and one from Guangzhou (South-East China) using a quadruplex PCR amplification and detection of the fluorescent-labeled alleles on the ALF DNA sequencer. All loci...

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  • Variants of the melanocortin 1 receptor gene (MC1R) and P gene as indicators of the population origin of an individual.

    abstract::The population origin of an individual is often requested to be determined from specimens left at a crime scene for identifying a suspect and individual identity. The melanocortin 1 receptor gene (MC1R) and P gene are associated with human pigmentation. Although several studies have reported that these genes are highl...

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  • Insertion-deletion polymorphisms--utilization on forensic analysis.

    abstract::Insertion-deletion (INDEL) markers are very frequent in the human genome and present several advantages for population and forensic studies, such as low mutation rates, easy interpretation, small amplicons, easy genotyping, and the possibility of using multiplex PCR. The great adaptability of INDELs for amplification ...

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  • Shape morphing technique can accurately predict pelvic bone landmarks.

    abstract::Diffeomorphic shape registration allows for the seamless geometric alignment of shapes. In this study, we demonstrated the use of a registration algorithm to automatically seed anthropological landmarks on the CT images of the pelvis. We found a high correlation between manually and automatically seeded landmarks. The...

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  • Evaluation of the radiographic visibility of the root pulp in the lower third molars for the purpose of forensic age estimation in living individuals.

    abstract::The question of whether an individual has reached the age of 18 is of crucial importance in forensic age estimation practice. In some countries, the age threshold of 21 years is relevant as well. A completed mineralization of third molars is not a sufficient criterion for a diagnosis of a minimum age of 18 years with ...

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  • Frequency and influencing factors of cardiopulmonary resuscitation-related injuries during implementation of the American Heart Association 2010 Guidelines: a retrospective study based on autopsy and postmortem computed tomography.

    abstract:AIM:To determine the frequency of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)-related injuries and factors involved in their occurrence, data based on forensic autopsy and postmortem computed tomography (PMCT) during implementation of the 2010 American Heart Association Guidelines for CPR were studied. METHODS:We retrospectiv...

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    authors: Yamaguchi R,Makino Y,Chiba F,Torimitsu S,Yajima D,Inokuchi G,Motomura A,Hashimoto M,Hoshioka Y,Shinozaki T,Iwase H

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  • Post-mortem imaging in traffic fatalities: from autopsy to reconstruction of the scene using freely available software.

    abstract::CT scan coupled with autopsy is the gold standard for the forensic investigation of fatal road traffic accidents. The objective of the present paper is to demonstrate that from this, it is possible to reconstruct elements of an accident with minimal human and material resources using basic knowledge of three-dimension...

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    authors: Benali L,Gromb S,Bou C

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