Structure of the UmuD' protein and its regulation in response to DNA damage.


:For life to be sustained, mistakes in DNA repair must be tolerated when damage obscures the genetic information. In bacteria such as Escherichia coli, DNA damage elicits the well regulated 'SOS response'. For the extreme case of damage that cannot be repaired by conventional enzymes, there are proteins that allow the replication of DNA through such lesions, but with a reduction in the fidelity of replication. Essential proteins in this mutagenic process are RecA, DNA polymerase III, UmuD, UmuD' and UmuC (umu: UV mutagenesis). Regulation of this response involves a RecA-mediated self-cleavage of UmuD to produce UmuD'. To understand this system in more detail, we have determined the crystal structure of the E. coli UmuD' mutagenesis protein at 2.5 A resolution. Globular heads folded in an unusual Beta-structure associate to form molecular dimers, and extended amino-terminal tails associate to produce crystallized filaments. The structure provides insight into the mechanism of the self-cleavage reaction that UmuD-like proteins undergo as part of the global SOS response.






Peat TS,Frank EG,McDonald JP,Levine AS,Woodgate R,Hendrickson WA




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1996-04-25 00:00:00














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  • Regulation of receptor-mediated endocytosis by Rho and Rac.

    abstract::Pinocytosis and membrane ruffling are among the earliest and most dramatic cellular responses to stimulation by growth factors or other mitogens. The small Ras-related G proteins Rho and Rac have a regulatory role in membrane ruffling and activated Rho has been shown to stimulate pinocytosis when microinjected into Xe...


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    abstract::One goal of regenerative medicine, to use stem cells to replace cells lost by injury or disease, depends on producing an excess of the relevant cell for study or transplantation. To this end, the stepwise differentiation of stem cells into specialized derivatives has been successful for some cell types, but a major pr...


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