Functional expression of the plant K+ channel KAT1 in insect cells.


:Following the biophysical analysis of plant K+ channels in their natural environment, three members from the green branch of the evolutionary tree of life KAT1, AKT1, and KST1 have recently been identified on the molecular level. Among them, we focussed on the expression and characterization of the Arabidopsis thaliana K+ channel KAT1 in the insect cell line Sf9. The infection of Sf9 cells with KAT1-recombinant baculovirus resulted in functional expression of KAT1 channels, which was monitored by inward-rectifying, K+-selective (impermeable to Na+ and even NH4+) ionic conductance in whole-cell patch-clamp recordings. A voltage threshold as low as -60 to -80mV for voltage activation compared to other plant inward rectifiers in vivo, and to in vitro expression of KAT1 in Xenopus oocytes or yeast, may be indicative for channel modulation by the expression system. A rise in cytoplasmic Ca2+ concentration (up to 1 mM), a regulator of the inward rectifier in Vicia faba guard cells, did not modify the voltage dependence of KAT1 in Sf9 cells. The access to channel function on one side and channel protein on the other make Sf9 cells a suitable heterologous system for studies on the biophysical properties, post-traditional modification and assembly of a green inward rectifier.




FEBS letters


Marten I,Gaymard F,Lemaillet G,Thibaud JB,Sentenac H,Hedrich R




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1996-02-19 00:00:00














  • Perinuclear localization of cytosolic phospholipase A(2)alpha is important but not obligatory for coupling with cyclooxygenases.

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  • Autocrine motility factor stimulates the invasiveness of malignant cells as well as up-regulation of matrix metalloproteinase-3 expression via a MAPK pathway.

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  • The fMet-tRNA binding domain of translational initiation factor IF2: role and environment of its two Cys residues.

    abstract::Mutations of the cysteines (positions 668 and 714) were generated in the IF2 C domain of Bacillus stearothermophilus translation initiation factor IF2. The corresponding proteins were characterized functionally and structurally. Most (yet not all) amino acid replacements at both positions resulted in severe reduction ...

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  • Disturbed progastrin processing in carboxypeptidase E-deficient fat mice.

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  • In memory of Professor Leonor Michaelis in Nagoya: great contributions to biochemistry in Japan in the first half of the 20th century.

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  • ROG1 encodes a monoacylglycerol lipase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

    abstract::Lipid metabolism is extensively studied in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Here, we report that revertant of glycogen synthase kinase mutation-1 (Rog1p) possesses monoacylglycerol (MAG) lipase activity in S. cerevisiae. The lipase activity of Rog1p was confirmed in two ways: through analysis of a strain with a double deleti...

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    abstract::An alpha beta heterodimer of the F1-ATPase of Rhodospirillum rubrum was isolated by extraction of chromatophores with LiCl. Each alpha beta heterodimer contains one tightly bound ADP, which is released upon removal of medium Mg2+. The dimer can be reversibly dissociated by removal of Mg(2+)-ions. The alpha beta hetero...

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  • Thermodynamic and kinetic control of ATP synthesis in yeast mitochondria: role of delta pH.

    abstract::ATP synthesis rate, measured as the variation in external Pi concentration, varied as a linear function of either delta mu H+ or delta Gpin, in such a manner that the delta Gpin/delta mu H+ ratio increased while VATP increased. We also observed a linear dependence of the flux control coefficient of the Pi carrier on...

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  • Ubiquitin is physiologically induced by interferons in luminal epithelium of porcine uterine endometrium in early pregnancy: global RT-PCR cDNA in place of RNA for differential display screening.

    abstract::Early in the course of pregnancy, at the preimplantation stage, the pig embryo is likely to exert a paracrine effect on the tissue intended to receive it, via the secretion of interferons. Our observations show that trophoblastic interferons induce an increase of some mRNAs in the epithelial cells of the gilt endometr...

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  • The refined 2.3 A crystal structure of human leukocyte elastase in a complex with a valine chloromethyl ketone inhibitor.

    abstract::The stoichiometric complex formed between human leukocyte elastase and a synthetic MeO-Suc-Ala-Ala-Pro-Val chloromethyl ketone inhibitor was co-crystallized and its X-ray structure determined, using Patterson search methods. Its structure has been crystallographically refined to a final R value of 0.145 (8.0 and 2.3 A...

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  • Membrane lateral pressure as a modulator of glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase activity.

    abstract::Michaelis-Menten kinetics of glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase activity in proteoliposomes from brown adipose tissue mitochondria with exogenously added phospholipids or cholesterol was measured. It was shown that changes in membrane lipid composition affected the membrane lateral pressure and therefore modulated the...

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  • Aminoacyl-coenzyme A synthesis catalyzed by a CoA ligase from Penicillium chrysogenum.

    abstract::Coenzyme A ligases play an important role in metabolism by catalyzing the activation of carboxylic acids. In this study we describe the synthesis of aminoacyl-coenzyme As (CoAs) catalyzed by a CoA ligase from Penicillium chrysogenum. The enzyme accepted medium-chain length fatty acids as the best substrates, but the p...

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  • N-acetylcysteine suppresses TNF-induced NF-kappaB activation through inhibition of IkappaB kinases.

    abstract::Here, we used a reductant, N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC), to investigate the redox-sensitive step(s) in the signalling pathway from the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) receptor to nuclear factor kappaB (NF-kappaB). We found that NAC suppressed NF-kappaB activation triggered by TNF or by overexpression of either the TNF recept...

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  • Activation of muscarinic K+ current by beta-adrenergic receptors in cultured atrial myocytes transfected with beta1 subunit of heterotrimeric G proteins.

    abstract::Muscarinic K+ channels (IK(ACh)) in native atrial myocytes are activated by betagamma subunits of pertussis toxin (Ptx)-sensitive heterotrimeric G proteins coupled to different receptors. betagamma subunits of Ptx-insensitive Gs, coupled to beta-adrenergic receptors, do not activate native IK(ACh). In atrial myocytes ...

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  • Studies on the proteins involved in the interaction of high-density lipoprotein with isolated human small intestine epithelial cells.

    abstract::Treatment of 125I-labelled high-density lipoprotein ([125I]HDL3) with monospecific polyclonal antibodies against apolipoproteins A-I and A-II resulted in a dose-dependent inhibition of the [125I]HDL3 binding to isolated human small intestine epithelial cells by 25% and 50%, respectively. Both antibodies also inhibited...

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    abstract::Alternative splicing of the Alzheimer's amyloid beta protein precursor (ABPP) message leads to the production of several variants of this precursor polypeptide. Two of these variants contain a domain that is highly homologous to members of the Kunitz class of protease inhibitors. In order to initiate a study of the ph...

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  • Choline but not its derivative betaine blocks slow vacuolar channels in the halophyte Chenopodium quinoa: implications for salinity stress responses.

    abstract::Activity of tonoplast slow vacuolar (SV, or TPC1) channels has to be under a tight control, to avoid undesirable leak of cations stored in the vacuole. This is particularly important for salt-grown plants, to ensure efficient vacuolar Na(+) sequestration. In this study we show that choline, a cationic precursor of gly...

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  • Complete primary structure of calcium-dependent serine proteinase capable of degrading extracellular matrix proteins.

    abstract::A novel calcium-dependent serine proteinase (CASP) secreted from malignant hamster embryo fibroblast Ni 12C2 degrades extracellular matrix proteins. A complementary DNA encoding CASP has been isolated with the use of oligonucleotide probes synthesized based on partial amino acid sequences of CASP. The complete amino a...

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  • Multisite phosphorylation of glycogen synthase from rabbit skeletal muscle. Phosphorylation of site 5 by glycogen synthase kinase-5 (casein kinase-II) is a prerequisite for phosphorylation of sites 3 by glycogen synthase kinase-3.

    abstract::Glycogen synthase kinase-5 (casein kinase-II) phosphorylates glycogen synthase on a serine termed site 5. This residue is just C-terminal to the 3 serines phosphorylated by glycogen synthase kinase-3, which are critical for the hormonal regulation of glycogen synthase in vivo. Although phosphorylation of site 5 does n...

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  • Antibiotics present and future.

    abstract::Here we make a brief survey of the present state of antibiotic research and use. We also describe a novel antibiotic that contains a basic peptide covalently bound to a morpholino oligonucleotide. ...

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  • Gene structure of human cholecystokinin (CCK) type-A receptor: body fat content is related to CCK type-A receptor gene promoter polymorphism.

    abstract::The transcriptional start site of the human cholecystokinin (CCK)-A receptor gene was determined by the Capsite Hunting method. Two sequence changes were detected, a G to T change in nucleotide -128, and an A to G change in nucleotide -81. The homozygote (T/T, G/G) was detected in 25 of 1296 individuals (1.9%) in the ...

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  • Chloride channels of intracellular membranes.

    abstract::Proteins implicated as intracellular chloride channels include the intracellular ClC proteins, the bestrophins, the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator, the CLICs, and the recently described Golgi pH regulator. This paper examines current hypotheses regarding roles of intracellular chloride channels an...

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