NMDA receptor dependent paroxysmal discharges in the dentate gyrus.


:The N-methyl-D-aspartic acid subclass of glutamate receptors is thought to be involved in events that depend on repetitive activation of neurons. The present study shows that repetitive stimulation of CA3 can produce epileptiform discharges in the contralateral dentate gyrus. This distinctive paroxysmal response was blocked by the NMDA antagonists, ketamine and MK-801. The MK-801 blockade required previous activation of the dentate gyrus in the presence of the drug, thus demonstrating, in vivo, a use-dependent effect. These studies show that repetitive, low intensity stimulation of hippocampal circuits can produce NMDA-mediated epileptiform discharges in the dentate gyrus.


Neurosci Lett


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Stringer JL,Lothman EW




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1988-09-23 00:00:00














  • Axotomy induces MHC class I antigen expression on rat nerve cells.

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  • Histamine H3 receptor activation prevents dopamine D1 receptor-mediated inhibition of dopamine release in the rat striatum: a microdialysis study.

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  • Altered regional homogeneity in motor cortices in patients with multiple system atrophy.

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  • Sensory cells of the chick cochlea express synaptophysin.

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  • The intra-adrenal distribution of intrinsic and extrinsic nitrergic nerve fibres in the rat.

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  • The 5-HT(4) receptor-induced depolarization in rat hippocampal neurons is mediated by cAMP but is independent of I(h).

    abstract::Intracellular recordings were used to examine the mechanisms underlying the 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT)4 receptor-mediated depolarization seen in CA1 region pyramidal cells in in vitro hippocampal brain slices. This depolarization was mimicked and occluded by administration of the membrane permeable cyclic adenosine mo...

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  • Positive immunoreactivity for vesicular monoamine transporter 2 in Lewy bodies and Lewy neurites in substantia nigra.

    abstract::Vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (VMAT2) is responsible for packing dopamine into vesicles, and reduces the effects of neurotoxins by sequestering them into vesicles. In this report, we tested the hypothesis that VMAT2 is associated with Lewy body (LB) formation by immunohistochemical staining of midbrain and cortica...

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  • Neuroprotective effects of lycopene in spinal cord injury in rats via antioxidative and anti-apoptotic pathway.

    abstract::Oxidative damage induced-mitochondrial dysfunction and apoptosis has been widely studied in spinal cord injury (SCI). Lycopene, a polyunsaturated hydrocarbon, has the highest antioxidant capacity compared to the other carotenoids. However, the role of lycopene in SCI is unknown. In the present study, we evaluated the ...

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  • Parvalbumin-immunoreactive dystrophic neurites and aberrant sprouts in the cerebral cortex of patients with Alzheimer's disease.

    abstract::Parvalbumin-immunoreactive dystrophic neurites and aberrant terminal sprouts associated with senile plaques, together with preserved density of parvalbumin-immunoreactive neurons, were found in the cerebral cortex of two patients with Alzheimer's disease, one of them familiar, in which a biopsy of the left frontal lob...

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  • mRNA-directed cell-free myelin basic protein synthesis: no evidence of neuronal control.

    abstract::The specific mRNA of myelin basic protein (MBP) was isolated from active myelinating rat brains. The isolated mRNA was able to direct the synthesis of immunochemically detectable MBP in a wheat-germ cell free protein synthesis system. There was, however, no evidence of neuronal translational control of the in vitro MB...

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  • N-Methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonists memantine and MK-801 attenuate the cerebral infarct accelerated by intracorpus callosum injection of lipopolysaccharides.

    abstract::Inflammatory responses have been shown to modulate the pattern and degree of ischemic injury. Previously, we demonstrated that intracorpus callosum microinjection of lipopolysaccharide (LPS, a well-known endotoxin) markedly induced inflammatory responses confined to ipsilateral hemisphere and aggravated cerebral ische...

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  • A new model of severe neurogenic pulmonary edema in spinal cord injured rat.

    abstract::We describe a new model of neurogenic pulmonary edema in spinal cord injured Wistar male rats. The pulmonary edema was elicited by an epidural thoracic balloon compression spinal cord lesion, performed under a low concentration of isoflurane (1.5 or 2%) in air. Anesthesia with 1.5% isoflurane promoted very severe inte...

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  • Tubulin nitration in human gliomas.

    abstract::Immunohistochemical and biochemical investigations showed that significant protein nitration occurs in human gliomas, especially in grade IV glioblastomas at the level of astrocytes and oligodendrocytes and neurones. Enhanced alpha-tubulin immunoreactivity was co-present in the same elements in the glioblastomas. Prot...

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  • Evidence against an exclusive role of glutamate in kainic acid neurotoxicity.

    abstract::Transection of the non-glutamatergic septohippocampal fibers 3-5 days prior to intrahippocampal microinjection of 1 microgram kainic acid (KA) or 3 micrograms ibotenic acid (IBO) protect dentate granule cells against KA but not IBO. In the transected animals, a significant reduction of KA-induced behavioral seizures c...

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  • Expression analysis of the genes identified in GWAS of the postmortem brain tissues from patients with schizophrenia.

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  • Does the medial thalamus play a role in the negative affective component of visceral pain in rats?

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  • Feeling vibrations: enhanced tactile sensitivity in congenitally deaf humans.

    abstract::The human nervous system displays remarkable functional plasticity following long-term sensory deprivation. For example, the auditory cortex of congenitally deaf humans may start to process tactile information. To further explore this type of cross-modal plasticity, we examined the tactile accuracy of congenitally dea...

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  • Orexin receptors mediate long-term depression of excitatory synaptic transmission in the spinal cord dorsal horn.

    abstract::Neuropeptides orexin-A and -B are related to the regulation of sleep/wakefulness and feeding behaviors. Recently, the peptides have also been shown to yield antinociceptive effects in various pain models. However, it is not clear whether orexins are involved in forms of synaptic plasticity, such as long-term potentiat...

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  • Alpha(1)-adrenoceptor-mediated depolarization and beta-mediated hyperpolarization in cultured rat dorsal root ganglion neurones.

    abstract::The mechanism of sympathetic - sensory coupling after nerve injury is still not well understood. We have studied the changes in resting potential and excitability of sensory neurones induced by adrenergic stimulation, using whole-cell and perforated-patch recordings in cultured dorsal root ganglion neurones from norma...

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  • UPEI-300, a conjugate of lipoic acid and edaravone, mediates neuroprotection in ischemia/reperfusion.

    abstract::Edaravone, an electron spin trapper with radical scavenging activity, has been shown to be effective in reducing infarct volume in humans following ischemic stroke. However, concerns of edaravone-induced renal toxicity have limited its clinical adoption. Previous work has demonstrated that edaravone produced significa...

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  • Acute excitotoxicity in chick retina caused by the unusual amino acids BOAA and BMAA: effects of MK-801 and kynurenate.

    abstract::beta-N-Oxalylamino-L-alanine (BOAA) and beta-N-methylamino-L-alanine (BMAA) were tested for their ability to produce acute excitotoxicity in in embryonic chick retina. gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA) release and histology were monitored in retina treated with various concentrations of BOAA, BMAA, kainate (KA), N-methyl...

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  • Electroretinograms remain normal in mice lacking a synapse associated protein.

    abstract::Integrin-associated protein (IAP) is normally localized to the synapse rich plexiform layers of the mammalian retina. In other neuronal systems, IAP and its ligand, P84, have been implicated in synaptic function. Previously, an abnormal distribution of P84 was noted in the IAP-null retina. To examine the potential rol...

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  • Adenosine induces apoptosis by inhibiting mRNA and protein synthesis in chick embryonic sympathetic neurons.

    abstract::Our previous work has established that adenosine is toxic to chick embryonic sympathetic neurons and kills freshly plated neurons by a process of apoptosis. Although the exact mechanism remains unknown, we found that phosphorylation of adenosine was essential to the toxicity. Using markers for RNA ([3H]uridine) and pr...

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  • Effect of calcium on the histochemical distribution and intensity of biogenic amine-containing neurons in the mouse brain.

    abstract::The effect of calcium on the biogenic amine level and distribution in the mouse brain was investigated by a histochemical method using a microscopic photometer (Pl, Nikon). Histochemical fluorescence intensities in the corpus striatum and cortex cerebri regions were significantly increased by the intraventricular admi...

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  • Spirulina maxima extract prevents cell death through BDNF activation against amyloid beta 1-42 (Aβ1-42) induced neurotoxicity in PC12 cells.

    abstract::Spirulina maxima is a blue-green micro alga that contains abundant amounts of proteins (60-70%), vitamins, chlorophyll a, and C-phycocyanin (C-PC). It has been shown to reduce oxidative stress, and prevent diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. However, it is unclear whether Spirulina maxima 70% ethanol extra...

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  • Modulatory effects of ketamine on catecholamine efflux from in vivo cardiac sympathetic nerve endings in cats.

    abstract::With the use of the microdialysis technique, we examined the modulatory effect of ketamine on catecholamine efflux from in vivo cardiac sympathetic nerve endings. A dialysis probe was implanted in the left ventricular myocardium, and dialysate norepinephrine (NE) levels in anesthetized cats were measured with liquid c...

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  • Characterization of murine immunoglobulin G antibodies against human amyloid-beta1-42.

    abstract::It has been demonstrated that immunization of transgenic mouse models of Alzheimer's disease (AD) with amyloid-beta1-42 peptide (Abeta1-42) results in amelioration of AD-like pathology, including reduced soluble and deposited beta-amyloid and decreased cognitive impairment. Based on the proposed importance of immunogl...

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    authors: Town T,Tan J,Sansone N,Obregon D,Klein T,Mullan M

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  • Induction of heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) after traumatic brain injury in the rat.

    abstract::The induction of heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1), the 32 kDa heat shock protein, was examined in the traumatized rat brain. At 24 h after either mild or severe brain injury or sham surgery, HO-1 was immunolocalized in fixed sections of brain. After mild brain injury, hemorrhage was apparent in the subarachnoid space, external...

    journal_title:Neuroscience letters

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    authors: Fukuda K,Panter SS,Sharp FR,Noble LJ

    更新日期:1995-10-20 00:00:00

  • Demonstration of substance P immunoreactivity in the nucleus dorsalis of human spinal cord.

    abstract::Substance P immunoreactivity has been detected in varicosities around cell bodies of the nucleus dorsalis (Clarke's column) of the human spinal cord. This immunostaining probably represents neuropeptide immunoreactivity either in the nerve terminals of spinal interneurone, descending projections or in the primary dors...

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    authors: Pioro EP,Hughes JT,Cuello AC

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  • Anatomical evidence for inputs to ventrolateral medullary catecholaminergic neurons from the midbrain periaqueductal gray of the rat.

    abstract::Previous studies have shown that the midbrain periaqueductal gray (PAG) projects to the ventrolateral medulla (VLM). Here, we studied PAG projections to the area of A1/C1 neurons in the VLM in the rat using phaseolus vulgaris leucoagglutinin (PHA-L) anterograde tracing combined with immunocytochemistry for tyrosine hy...

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