Bioinspired Diatomite Membrane with Selective Superwettability for Oil/Water Separation.


:Membranes with selective superwettability for oil/water separation have received significant attention during the past decades. Hierarchical structures and surface roughness are believed to improve the oil repellency and the stability of Cassie-Baxter state. Diatoms, unicellular photosynthetic algae, possess sophisticated skeletal shells (called frustules) which are made of hydrated silica. Motivated by the hierarchical micro- and nanoscale features of diatom, we fabricate a hierarchical diatomite membrane which consists of aligned micro-sized channels by the freeze casting process. The fine nano-porous structures of frustules are well preserved after the post sintering process. The bioinspired diatomite membrane performs both underwater superoleophobicity and superhydrophobicity under various oils. Additionally, we demonstrate the highly efficient oil/water separation capabililty of the membranes in various harsh environments. The water flux can be further adjusted by tuning the cooling rates. The eco-friendly and robust bioinspired membranes produced by the simple, cost-effective freeze casting method can be potentially applied for large scale and efficient oil/water separation.


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Lo YH,Yang CY,Chang HK,Hung WC,Chen PY




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2017-05-03 00:00:00












  • Tuneable pressure effects in graphene oxide layers.

    abstract::Tuneable pressure effects associated with changing interlayer distances in two-dimensional graphene oxide (GO)/reduced GO (rGO) layers are demonstrated through monitoring the changes in the spin-crossover (SCO) temperature (T 1/2) of [Fe(Htrz)2(trz)](BF4) nanoparticles (NPs) incorporated in the interlayer spaces of th...

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  • Non-enzymatic-browning-reaction: a versatile route for production of nitrogen-doped carbon dots with tunable multicolor luminescent display.

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  • Retinal involvement and ocular findings in COVID-19 pneumonia patients.

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  • Cognitive impairment and C-reactive protein in clinically stable schizophrenia outpatients: a focus on sex differences.

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  • Fine-tuning of macrophage activation using synthetic rocaglate derivatives.

    abstract::Drug-resistant bacteria represent a significant global threat. Given the dearth of new antibiotics, host-directed therapies (HDTs) are especially desirable. As IFN-gamma (IFNγ) plays a central role in host resistance to intracellular bacteria, including Mycobacterium tuberculosis, we searched for small molecules to au...

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  • Microfluidic Electroporation Coupling Pulses of Nanoseconds and Milliseconds to Facilitate Rapid Uptake and Enhanced Expression of DNA in Cell Therapy.

    abstract::Standard electroporation with pulses in milliseconds has been used as an effective tool to deliver drugs or genetic probes into cells, while irreversible electroporation with nanosecond pulses is explored to alter intracellular activities for pulse-induced apoptosis. A combination treatment, long nanosecond pulses fol...

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  • Mammary fibroblasts reduce apoptosis and speed estrogen-induced hyperplasia in an organotypic MCF7-derived duct model.

    abstract::The estrogen receptor (ER) regulates the survival and growth of breast cancer cells, but it is less clear how components of the tissue microenvironment affect ER-mediated responses. We set out to test how human mammary fibroblasts (HMFs) modulate ER signaling and downstream cellular responses. We exposed an organotypi...

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  • Visuomotor deficiency in panx1a knockout zebrafish is linked to dopaminergic signaling.

    abstract::Pannexin 1 (Panx1) forms ATP-permeable membrane channels that play roles in the nervous system. The analysis of roles in both standard and pathological conditions benefits from a model organism with rapid development and early onset of behaviors. Such a model was developed by ablating the zebrafish panx1a gene using T...

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  • Lifetime analysis of mdx skeletal muscle reveals a progressive pathology that leads to myofiber loss.

    abstract::The muscular dystrophy X-linked mouse (mdx) is the most commonly used preclinical model for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Although disease progression in the mouse does not perfectly model the human disease, it shares many pathological features. Early characterizations of the model reported severe pathology through ear...

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  • A computationally efficient hybrid 2D-3D subwoofer model.

    abstract::A subwoofer generates the lowest frequency range in loudspeaker systems. Subwoofers are used in audio systems for live concerts, movie theatres, home theatres, gaming consoles, cars, etc. During the last decades, numerical simulations have emerged as a cost- and time-efficient complement to traditional experiments in ...

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  • Phenotypic and Transcriptomic Analysis of Two Pinellia ternata Varieties T2 line and T2Plus line.

    abstract::Pinellia (Pinellia ternata (Thunb.) Breit.), as important medicinal plant, has been used to treat various ailments for a long time. The sixteen ploid plant (2n = 16 * 13 = 208) Pinellia T2Plus line was obtained from an octoploid (2n = 8 * 13 = 104) T2 line by chromosome-doubling technique. Compared with T2 line, the c...

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  • All-atom simulations and free-energy calculations of coiled-coil peptides with lipid bilayers: binding strength, structural transition, and effect on lipid dynamics.

    abstract::Peptides E and K, which are synthetic coiled-coil peptides for membrane fusion, were simulated with lipid bilayers composed of lipids and cholesterols at different ratios using all-atom models. We first calculated free energies of binding from umbrella sampling simulations, showing that both E and K peptides tend to a...

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  • Myh11+ microvascular mural cells and derived mesenchymal stem cells promote retinal fibrosis.

    abstract::Retinal diseases are frequently characterized by the accumulation of excessive scar tissue found throughout the neural retina. However, the pathophysiology of retinal fibrosis remains poorly understood, and the cell types that contribute to the fibrotic response are incompletely defined. Here, we show that myofibrobla...

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  • Room Temperature Characteristics of Polymer-Based Low Ice Adhesion Surfaces.

    abstract::Ice adhesion is mainly dictated by surface properties, and water wettability is frequently correlated with ice adhesion strength. However, these established correlations are limited to high ice adhesion and become invalid when the ice adhesion strength is low. Here we carried out an experimental study to explore the r...

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  • Dynamical Autler-Townes control of a phase qubit.

    abstract::Routers, switches, and repeaters are essential components of modern information-processing systems. Similar devices will be needed in future superconducting quantum computers. In this work we investigate experimentally the time evolution of Autler-Townes splitting in a superconducting phase qubit under the application...

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  • Efficient quantum transmission in multiple-source networks.

    abstract::A difficult problem in quantum network communications is how to efficiently transmit quantum information over large-scale networks with common channels. We propose a solution by developing a quantum encoding approach. Different quantum states are encoded into a coherent superposition state using quantum linear optics....

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  • BCRP and P-gp relay overexpression in triple negative basal-like breast cancer cell line: a prospective role in resistance to Olaparib.

    abstract::The triple negative basal-like (TNBL) breast carcinoma is an aggressive and unfavorable prognosis disease. Inhibitors of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase such as Olaparib could represent a promising targeted therapy but their sensitivity against Multidrug Resistance proteins (MDR), which causes resistance, is not well defi...

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  • Mechanism of copper(II)-induced misfolding of Parkinson's disease protein.

    abstract::α-synuclein (aS) is a natively unfolded pre-synaptic protein found in all Parkinson's disease patients as the major component of fibrillar plaques. Metal ions, and especially Cu(II), have been demonstrated to accelerate aggregation of aS into fibrillar plaques, the precursors to Lewy bodies. In this work, copper bindi...

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    authors: Rose F,Hodak M,Bernholc J

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  • HydroCrowd: a citizen science snapshot to assess the spatial control of nitrogen solutes in surface waters.

    abstract::We organized a crowdsourcing experiment in the form of a snapshot sampling campaign to assess the spatial distribution of nitrogen solutes, namely, nitrate, ammonium and dissolved organic nitrogen (DON), in German surface waters. In particular, we investigated (i) whether crowdsourcing is a reasonable sampling method ...

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  • Systematic analysis of the in situ crosstalk of tyrosine modifications reveals no additional natural selection on multiply modified residues.

    abstract::Recent studies have indicated that different post-translational modifications (PTMs) synergistically orchestrate specific biological processes by crosstalks. However, the preference of the crosstalk among different PTMs and the evolutionary constraint on the PTM crosstalk need further dissections. In this study, the i...

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  • A functional investigation of the suppression of CpG and UpA dinucleotide frequencies in plant RNA virus genomes.

    abstract::Frequencies of CpG and UpA dinucleotides in most plant RNA virus genomes show degrees of suppression comparable to those of vertebrate RNA viruses. While pathways that target CpG and UpAs in HIV-1 and echovirus 7 genomes and restrict their replication have been partly characterised, whether an analogous process drives...

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  • Designation of highly efficient catalysts for one pot conversion of glycerol to lactic acid.

    abstract::Production of lactic acid from glycerol is a cascade catalytic procedure using multifunctional catalysts combined with oxidative and acidic catalytic sites. Therefore, a series of silver-exchanged phosphomolybdic acid catalysts (AgxH3-xPMo12O40, x = 1 ~ 3, abbreviated as AgxPMo) was designed and applied in glycerol ox...

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  • Positive verbal suggestion optimizes postural control.

    abstract::Balance is a very important function that allows maintaining a stable stance needed for many daily life activities and for preventing falls. We investigated whether balance control could be improved by a placebo procedure consisting of verbal suggestion. Thirty healthy volunteers were randomized in two groups (placebo...

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  • Next Generation Sequencing of urine exfoliated cells: an approach of prostate cancer microRNAs research.

    abstract::There is emerging evidence that microRNAs (miRNAs) dysregulation is involved in the genesis and the progression of Prostate Cancer (PCa), thus potentially increasing their use in urological clinical practice. This is the first pilot study which utilizes Illumina Deep Sequencing to examine the entire miRNAs spectrum ex...

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  • Nitrogen-rich graphitic-carbon@graphene as a metal-free electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction.

    abstract::The metal-free nitrogen-doped graphitic-carbon@graphene (Ng-C@G) is prepared from a composite of polyaniline and graphene by a facile polymerization following by pyrolysis for electrochemical oxygen reduction reaction (ORR). Pyrolysis creates a sponge-like with ant-cave-architecture in the polyaniline derived nitrogen...

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  • A new approach to prevent cervical stenosis in postmenopausal women after loop electrosurgical excision procedure: a randomized controlled trial.

    abstract::To determine whether regular cervical dilatation is effective for preventing cervical stenosis, and to identify the associated risk factors, in postmenopausal women after LEEP. This was a prospective randomized clinical trial in postmenopausal women who underwent LEEP at our hospital between August 2018 and May 2019. ...

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    authors: Lin J,Meng Y,Chen Y,Li Z,Xu Y,Wu D

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  • Fractional Solitons in Excitonic Josephson Junctions.

    abstract::The Josephson effect is especially appealing to physicists because it reveals macroscopically the quantum order and phase. In excitonic bilayers the effect is even subtler due to the counterflow of supercurrent as well as the tunneling between layers (interlayer tunneling). Here we study, in a quantum Hall bilayer, th...

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    authors: Hsu YF,Su JJ

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  • Carbonate chemistry of an in-situ free-ocean CO2 enrichment experiment (antFOCE) in comparison to short term variation in Antarctic coastal waters.

    abstract::Free-ocean CO2 enrichment (FOCE) experiments have been deployed in marine ecosystems to manipulate carbonate system conditions to those predicted in future oceans. We investigated whether the pH/carbonate chemistry of extremely cold polar waters can be manipulated in an ecologically relevant way, to represent conditio...

    journal_title:Scientific reports

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    authors: Stark JS,Roden NP,Johnstone GJ,Milnes M,Black JG,Whiteside S,Kirkwood W,Newbery K,Stark S,van Ooijen E,Tilbrook B,Peltzer ET,Berry K,Roberts D

    更新日期:2018-02-12 00:00:00

  • Genetic diversity and ecology of coronaviruses hosted by cave-dwelling bats in Gabon.

    abstract::Little research on coronaviruses has been conducted on wild animals in Africa. Here, we screened a wide range of wild animals collected in six provinces and five caves of Gabon between 2009 and 2015. We collected a total of 1867 animal samples (cave-dwelling bats, rodents, non-human primates and other wild animals). W...

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    authors: Maganga GD,Pinto A,Mombo IM,Madjitobaye M,Mbeang Beyeme AM,Boundenga L,Ar Gouilh M,N'Dilimabaka N,Drexler JF,Drosten C,Leroy EM

    更新日期:2020-04-30 00:00:00

  • Cysteine redox state regulates human β2-adrenergic receptor binding and function.

    abstract::Bronchoconstrictive airway disorders such as asthma are characterized by inflammation and increases in reactive oxygen species (ROS), which produce a highly oxidative environment. β2-adrenergic receptor (β2AR) agonists are a mainstay of clinical therapy for asthma and provide bronchorelaxation upon inhalation. We have...

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