Amiodarone as an autophagy promoter reduces liver injury and enhances liver regeneration and survival in mice after partial hepatectomy.


:The deregulation of autophagy is involved in liver regeneration. Here, we investigated the role of autophagy in the regulation of liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy (PHx) and the development of pharmacological interventions for improved liver regeneration after PHx. We show that autophagy was activated in the early stages of liver regeneration following 70% PHx in vivo. Moreover, amiodarone was associated with a significant enhancement of autophagy, liver growth, and hepatocyte proliferation, along with reduced liver injury and the termination of liver regeneration due to decreased transforming growth factor-β1 expression after 70% PHx. The promotion of autophagy appeared to selectively increase the removal of damaged mitochondria. We also found that Atg7 knockdown or pretreatment with chloroquine aggravated the liver injury associated with 70% PHx and reduced liver growth and hepatocyte proliferation. Finally, amiodarone improved liver regeneration, survival, and liver injury after 90% PHx. In conclusion, our results indicate that autophagy plays an important role in mouse liver regeneration and that modulating autophagy with amiodarone may be an effective method of improving liver regeneration, increasing survival, and ameliorating liver injury following PHx.


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Lin CW,Chen YS,Lin CC,Chen YJ,Lo GH,Lee PH,Kuo PL,Dai CY,Huang JF,Chung WL,Yu ML




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    abstract::LiYF4:Eu nanophosphors with a single tetragonal phase are synthesized, and various strategies to enhance the Eu(3+) emission from the nanophosphors are investigated. The optimized Eu(3+) concentration is 35 mol%, and the red emission peaks due to the (5)D0 →(7)FJ (J = 1 and 2) transitions of Eu(3+) ions are further en...

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    abstract::Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) jet printing has a variety of benefits compared to conventional inkjet techniques, such as high resolution and the ability to work with high-viscosity pastes. In this work, Ag nanoparticles with 4000 cPs were chosen because they are printable on various substrates for electronic devices. The ...

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