Changes in glycogen structure over feeding cycle sheds new light on blood-glucose control.


:Liver glycogen, a highly branched polymer of glucose, is important for maintaining blood-glucose homeostasis. It was recently shown that db/db mice, a model for Type 2 diabetes, are unable to form the large composite glycogen α particles present in normal, healthy mice. In this study, the structure of healthy mouse-liver glycogen over the diurnal cycle was characterized using size exclusion chromatography and transmission electron microscopy. Glycogen was found to be formed as smaller β particles, and then only assembled into large α particles, with a broad size distribution, significantly after the time when glycogen content had reached a maximum. This pathway, missing in diabetic animals, is likely to give optimal blood-glucose control during the daily feeding cycle. Lack of this control may contribute to, or result from, diabetes. This discovery suggests novel approaches to diabetes management.






Sullivan MA,Aroney ST,Li S,Warren FJ,Joo JS,Mak KS,Stapleton DI,Bell-Anderson KS,Gilbert RG




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2014-02-10 00:00:00












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    abstract::Poly(ethylene 2,5-furandicarboxylate) (PEF) is a biobased polyester characterized by high gas barrier properties as well as high tensile modulus and strength, but poor toughness. Toughening PEF without sacrificing its modulus, strength and gas barrier performance is a great challenge for PEF modification. In this stud...


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  • Effects of the controlled-released basic fibroblast growth factor from chitosan-gelatin microspheres on human fibroblasts cultured on a chitosan-gelatin scaffold.

    abstract::To provide for prolonged, site-specific delivery of basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) to the grafted skin in a convenient manner, biodegradable chitosan-gelatin microspheres containing bFGF were fabricated and incorporated into a porous chitosan-gelatin scaffold in this study. The microspheres are an integral part...


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  • Aliphatic polyesters: great degradable polymers that cannot do everything.

    abstract::Nowadays the open and the patent literatures propose a large number of polymers whose main chains can be degraded usefully. Among these degradable polymers, aliphatic polyester-based polymeric structures are receiving special attention because they are all more or less sensitive to hydrolytic degradation, a feature of...


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