Does polycystic ovary syndrome increase the disparity in metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular-related health for African-American women?


:There have been few formal studies of differences in the phenotype of PCOS among women of African-American ancestry. Generally, African-American women tend to have an adverse cardiovascular risk profile when compared with women of other racial groups. The metabolic syndrome is a clinical disorder that identifies individuals at risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Preliminary studies support that both African-American and White women with PCOS have similar prevalences of the metabolic syndrome, suggesting that the diagnosis may not be associated with racial differences in cardiovascular risk factors.


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Coney P,Ladson G,Sweet S,Legro RS




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  • Endometriosis and Female Pelvic Pain.

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  • Management of Endometriosis Involving the Urinary Tract.

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  • Aromatase and endometriosis.

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  • A new function for the LH/CG receptor: transcytosis of hormone across the endothelial barrier in target organs.

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  • Complementary Therapies and Medicines and Reproductive Medicine.

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