Adventitious shoot regeneration from seven commercial strawberry cultivars (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.) using a range of explant types.


:The parameters for optimal regeneration of seven commercial strawberry cultivars were tested using a range of explants and culture conditions. Efficient levels of regeneration--those needed to carry out transformation experiments--with the cultivars Calypso, Pegasus, Bolero, Tango and Emily were achieved with leaf discs, petioles, roots and stipules. Regeneration from cv. Elsanta proved to be difficult from all explant material, although unpollinated ovaries proved to be a promising explant source, with 12% of the explants regenerating shoots. In cv. Eros, regeneration occurred only from root tissue. A comparison of the genetic background suggests that there is a strong genetic component amongst the different cultivars determining their regeneration capacity. The development of these regeneration systems provides a means to use almost the whole stock plant for the efficient genetic transformation of commercial strawberry varieties.


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Passey AJ,Barrett KJ,James DJ





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  • Evolution of endogenous hormone concentration in embryogenic cultures of carrot during early expression of somatic embryogenesis.

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  • Modified ELISA for the detection of neomycin phosphotransferase II in transformed plant species.

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  • Growth and rosmarinic acid production in cell suspension cultures of Salvia officinalis L.

    abstract::Rosmarinic acid (RA) is a natural antioxidant produced by cell suspension cultures of sage (Salvia officinalis L.). The growth and production of RA by these cells can be modified by the type of culture medium. Production can be increased 10-fold to attain 6.4 g.1(-1) under optimal conditions. Investigation of kinetics...

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  • Separation of root nodule cells and identification of tissue-specific genes.

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  • Thermoinduction of genes encoding the enzymes of gibberellin biosynthesis and a putative negative regulator of gibberellin signal transduction in Eustoma grandiflorum.

    abstract::Eustoma grandiflorum Shinn requires vernalization for the induction of stem elongation and flowering. To investigate the role of gibberellins (GAs) in vernalization, the expression levels of genes encoding enzymes of GA biosynthesis, copalyl diphosphate synthetase, GA 20-oxidase and GA 3 beta-hydroxylase, were examine...

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  • In vitro storage of cedar shoot cultures under minimal growth conditions.

    abstract::We developed procedures for slow-growth storage of Cedrus atlantica and Cedrus libani microcuttings of juvenile and adult origin, noting factors favouring the extension of subculture intervals. Microcuttings could be stored effectively up to 6 months at 4 degrees C and reduced light intensity, provided that they were ...

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    abstract::The tobacco cell line TX1 (Nicotiana tabacum) accumulates up to 10 mg cinnamoyl putrescines/g dry weight. This level was further increased under various growth limiting conditions. The negative effect of accumulated phosphate on the optimal expression of cinnamoyl putrescine biosynthesis was prevented by the fedbatch ...

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  • Gynogenic plant regeneration from unpollinated flower explants of Eragrostis tef (Zuccagni) Trotter.

    abstract::Tef [Eragrostis tef (Zucc.) Trotter] is the most important cereal in Ethiopia. In its wild relative E. mexicana, regeneration of six green plants resulted from culture of 121 non-pollinated immature pistils. In the allotetraploid crop species tef, however, only callus and root formation was obtained by this method. By...

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  • Enhanced induction of microspore embryogenesis after n-butanol treatment in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) anther culture.

    abstract::The aim of this study was the improvement of embryo production in wheat anther culture. Three butanol alcohols, n-butanol, sec-butanol and tert-butanol, were evaluated for their effect on microspore embryogenesis in two spring cultivars of wheat, Pavon and Caramba. Application of n-butanol, at 0.1 and 0.2% (v/v) in th...

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  • Contrasting pattern of somatic and zygotic embryo development in alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) as revealed by scanning electron microscopy.

    abstract::Scanning electron microscopy has been used to investigate the morphological changes occurring during the development of alfalfa somatic embryos. Embryos were initiated from callus, transferred to suspension culture and matured on solid agar medium. This developmental pattern was compared to that of zygotic embryos dev...

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  • Plant lipid environment and membrane enzymes: the case of the plasma membrane H+-ATPase.

    abstract::Several lipid classes constitute the universal matrix of the biological membranes. With their amphipathic nature, lipids not only build the continuous barrier that confers identity to every cell and organelle, but they are also active actors that modulate the activity of the proteins immersed in the lipid bilayer. The...

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  • Development of a CAPS marker system for genotyping European pear cultivars harboring 17 S alleles.

    abstract::The full-length cDNAs of eight S ribonucleases (S-RNases) were cloned from stylar RNA of European pear cultivars that could not be characterized by the cleaved amplified polymorphic sequences (CAPS) marker system for genotyping European pear cultivars harboring nine S alleles Sa, Sb, Sd, Se, Sh, Sk, Sl, Sq, and Sr. Co...

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  • Auxin-polyamine interaction with the calcium-controlled secretion of peroxidase by sugarbeet cells.

    abstract::Spermidine and ornithine given to normal auxin-requiring cell suspensions of sugarbeet inhibited peroxidase secretion in the absence of Ca(2+). Habituated (organogenic or not) cells did not respond. Both compounds counteracted the Ca(2+) - promoted enzyme secretion by three cell lines. Auxins (2,4-D and BSAA) did not ...

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    abstract::Phytohormones are essential signal compounds in the regulation of stress-related and defense-related genes. However, there is no clear evidence for any effect of these signal molecules and biotic elicitors on the regulation of the SALT gene in suspension-cultured rice cells. We characterized the expression of a SALT g...

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  • Shoot regeneration in long-term callus cultures derived from mature flowering plants of Cyclamen persicum Mill.

    abstract::In long-term callus cultures of Cyclamen persicum Mill. two types of tissue could be distinguished. One type featured a brown suberised outer layer and was poorly organogenic. The other type was yellowish in appearance and gave rise to many shoot buds. Both types co-existed on the same callus, the former prevailing. S...

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  • Improved nitrogen use efficiency in transgenic sugarcane: phenotypic assessment in a pot trial under low nitrogen conditions.

    abstract:KEY MESSAGE:Sugarcane lines transformed with an alanine aminotransferase gene demonstrated an improved nitrogen use efficiency compared with untransformed controls in a pot trial under low nitrogen conditions. ...

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  • Control of foreign polypeptide localization in specific layers of protein body type I in rice seed.

    abstract:KEY MESSAGE:Prolamin-GFP fusion proteins, expressed under the control of native prolamin promoters, were localized in specific layers of PB-Is. Prolamin-GFP fusion proteins were gradually digested from outside by pepsin digestion. In rice seed endosperm, protein body type I (PB-I) has a layered structure consisting of ...

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    authors: Sasou A,Shigemitsu T,Saito Y,Tanaka M,Morita S,Masumura T

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  • Non-antibiotic, efficient selection for alfalfa genetic engineering.

    abstract::A selectable marker gene (SMG), usually conferring resistance to an antibiotic or herbicide, is generally introduced into the plant cells with the gene(s) for the trait of interest to allow only the cells that have integrated and express the foreign sequences to regenerate into a plant. The availability of several SMG...

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    authors: Rosellini D,Capomaccio S,Ferradini N,Savo Sardaro ML,Nicolia A,Veronesi F

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  • Plant regeneration fromArabidopsis thaliana protoplasts.

    abstract::Arabidopsis thaliana protoplasts, isolated from a cell suspension, regenerated cell walls and then exhibited sustained cell divisions. Within 10 days after isolation as many as 40% of the protoplast-derived cells divided. Protoplast-derived calli exhibited a wide range of developmental responses, including apparent em...

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    authors: Ford KG

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  • Production of marker-free disease-resistant potato using isopentenyl transferase gene as a positive selection marker.

    abstract::The use of antibiotic or herbicide resistant genes as selection markers for production of transgenic plants and their continuous presence in the final transgenics has been a serious problem for their public acceptance and commercialization. MAT (multi-auto-transformation) vector system has been one of the different st...

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