Generation of unexpected editing patterns in Leishmania tarentolae mitochondrial mRNAs: misediting produced by misguiding.


:We have analyzed the generation of unexpected patterns of RNA editing, i.e., those not following a strict 3' to 5' progression, which occur in junction regions between fully edited and preedited sequences. Evidence is presented that these patterns are generated by misediting due to specific events of misguiding. Misediting can occur through the interaction of inappropriate gRNAs with mRNAs or appropriate gRNAs in an incorrect fashion. Four possible mechanisms for the generation of misedited sequences are presented. Chimeric molecules have been detected in steady-state mitochondrial RNAs that are composed of misguiding gRNAs covalently linked to mRNAs at misediting sites by the 3' oligo(U) tail. We propose that misediting within junction regions can be corrected by appropriately acting gRNAs.






Sturm NR,Maslov DA,Blum B,Simpson L




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1992-08-07 00:00:00
















  • SnapShot: receptor dynamics at plastic synapses.

    abstract::The dynamic synapse is represented by the constant mobility and exchange of components at both the cell surface and at intracellular sites. This includes thermally powered Brownian diffusion movement, followed by reversible trapping through receptor-scaffold interactions and active transport of cargo vesicles through ...


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  • Nucleotide sequence of the triosephosphate isomerase gene from Aspergillus nidulans: implications for a differential loss of introns.

    abstract::A functional cDNA from Aspergillus nidulans encoding triosephosphate isomerase (TPI) was isolated by its ability to complement a tpi1 mutation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. This cDNA was used to obtain the corresponding gene, tpiA. Alignment of the cDNA and genomic DNA nucleotide sequences indicated that tpiA contains ...


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  • A Paranigral VTA Nociceptin Circuit that Constrains Motivation for Reward.

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  • A herpes simplex virus 1 integration site in the mouse genome defined by somatic cell genetic analysis.

    abstract::Transfection experiments with HSV 1 in which one uses herpes simplex virus (HSV) thymidine kinase (TK) as a selectable prototrophic marker yield two classes of transformed cells: stable and unstable. In this report, we test the hypothesis that the stability phenotype can be explained by virus genome integration into a...


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  • Sequences of the A-MuLV protein needed for fibroblast and lymphoid cell transformation.

    abstract::The role of various segments (gag or v-abl) of the Abelson murine leukemia virus (A-MuLV) genome in both lymphoid cell and fibroblast transformation was examined by deletion of areas from cloned, plasmid DNA representations of the genome. The deleted plasmids were tested by transfection into fibroblasts and by infecti...


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  • Communication by touch: role of cellular extensions in complex animals.

    abstract::Neurons make networks of intercellular connections. Many other cells also send out long cellular extensions and "touch" other cells far away. The extensions are intriguing, but what do they do? Possible rationales for this cell behavior include: (1) forming precise binary connections with the possibility of forming mo...


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  • Structural Basis of Membrane Protein Chaperoning through the Mitochondrial Intermembrane Space.

    abstract::The exchange of metabolites between the mitochondrial matrix and the cytosol depends on β-barrel channels in the outer membrane and α-helical carrier proteins in the inner membrane. The essential translocase of the inner membrane (TIM) chaperones escort these proteins through the intermembrane space, but the structura...


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  • Regulation of DLG localization at synapses by CaMKII-dependent phosphorylation.

    abstract::Discs large (DLG) mediates the clustering of synaptic molecules. Here we demonstrate that synaptic localization of DLG itself is regulated by CaMKII. We show that DLG and CaMKII colocalize at synapses and exist in the same protein complex. Constitutively activated CaMKII phenocopied structural abnormalities of dlg mut...


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    authors: Koh YH,Popova E,Thomas U,Griffith LC,Budnik V

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  • ATR-X syndrome protein targets tandem repeats and influences allele-specific expression in a size-dependent manner.

    abstract::ATRX is an X-linked gene of the SWI/SNF family, mutations in which cause syndromal mental retardation and downregulation of α-globin expression. Here we show that ATRX binds to tandem repeat (TR) sequences in both telomeres and euchromatin. Genes associated with these TRs can be dysregulated when ATRX is mutated, and ...


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    authors: Law MJ,Lower KM,Voon HP,Hughes JR,Garrick D,Viprakasit V,Mitson M,De Gobbi M,Marra M,Morris A,Abbott A,Wilder SP,Taylor S,Santos GM,Cross J,Ayyub H,Jones S,Ragoussis J,Rhodes D,Dunham I,Higgs DR,Gibbons RJ

    更新日期:2010-10-29 00:00:00

  • SnapShot: Nucleo-cytoskeletal Interactions.

    abstract::The nucleus is connected to the cytoskeleton, and these connections are involved in multiple functions such as nuclear positioning, shape and stiffness, cytoskeleton organization, mechanotransduction, gene expression, chromosome positioning, DNA repair, and cell migration. ...


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  • A role for tRNA modifications in genome structure and codon usage.

    abstract::Transfer RNA (tRNA) gene content is a differentiating feature of genomes that contributes to the efficiency of the translational apparatus, but the principles shaping tRNA gene copy number and codon composition are poorly understood. Here, we report that the emergence of two specific tRNA modifications shaped the stru...


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  • Signal peptides open protein-conducting channels in E. coli.

    abstract::Plasma membrane vesicles and protoplasts of Escherichia coli were fused to planar lipid bilayers and studied with electrophysiological techniques. Large transmembrane aqueous channels were opened when 0.2 nM LamB signal peptide was added to the cytoplasmic side of the membrane. These aqueous pores are similar in condu...


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  • Variant T47D human breast cancer cells with high progesterone-receptor levels despite estrogen and antiestrogen resistance.

    abstract::In target tissues for estrogen, including breast cancer cells, the synthesis of progesterone receptors (PRs) is controlled by estradiol acting through estrogen receptors (ERs). We describe studies with T47D human breast cancer cells, whose PRs are not regulated by estradiol, though present in extraordinary amounts (30...


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    authors: Horwitz KB,Mockus MB,Lessey BA

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  • Mitotic histone H3 phosphorylation by the NIMA kinase in Aspergillus nidulans.

    abstract::Phosphorylation of histone H3 serine 10 correlates with chromosome condensation and is required for normal chromosome segregation in Tetrahymena. This phosphorylation is dependent upon activation of the NIMA kinase in Aspergillus nidulans. NIMA expression also induces Ser-10 phosphorylation inappropriately in S phase-...


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    authors: De Souza CP,Osmani AH,Wu LP,Spotts JL,Osmani SA

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  • Extrathymic selection of TCR gamma delta + T cells by class II major histocompatibility complex molecules.

    abstract::The influence of MHC antigens on TCR gamma delta usage in CD8+ intraepithelial lymphocytes (IELs) was examined using a pan-reactive and V delta 4 region-specific MAb. While an average of 30% of IELs from the majority of mice of various MHC haplotypes were V delta 4+, a 2-fold or greater percentage of IELs from H-2k mi...


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  • Comparative Flavivirus-Host Protein Interaction Mapping Reveals Mechanisms of Dengue and Zika Virus Pathogenesis.

    abstract::Mosquito-borne flaviviruses, including dengue virus (DENV) and Zika virus (ZIKV), are a growing public health concern. Systems-level analysis of how flaviviruses hijack cellular processes through virus-host protein-protein interactions (PPIs) provides information about their replication and pathogenic mechanisms. We u...


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  • Isolation and transformation of primary mesenchymal cells of the chick embryo.

    abstract::Pure primary mesenchymal cells from definitive streak stage chick embryos have been prepared free of epiblast and hypoblast cells. These cells have the potential in culture to differentiate into erythroid cells, beating heart muscle tissue, chondrocytes and epithelial cells. Transformation in vitro of pure primary mes...


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  • The unusual conformation adopted by the adenine tracts in kinetoplast DNA.

    abstract::To determine the structural features responsible for the curvature of kinetoplast DNA, we studied 13 adenine tracts in Crithidia fasciculata kinetoplast DNA. The structures of the A tracts were analyzed by cutting the DNA with hydroxyl radical. Reactivity of hydroxyl radical toward the DNA backbone progressively decre...


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  • The Antagonistic Gene Paralogs Upf3a and Upf3b Govern Nonsense-Mediated RNA Decay.

    abstract::Gene duplication is a major evolutionary force driving adaptation and speciation, as it allows for the acquisition of new functions and can augment or diversify existing functions. Here, we report a gene duplication event that yielded another outcome--the generation of antagonistic functions. One product of this dupli...


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    authors: Shum EY,Jones SH,Shao A,Dumdie J,Krause MD,Chan WK,Lou CH,Espinoza JL,Song HW,Phan MH,Ramaiah M,Huang L,McCarrey JR,Peterson KJ,De Rooij DG,Cook-Andersen H,Wilkinson MF

    更新日期:2016-04-07 00:00:00

  • Identification of MOAG-4/SERF as a regulator of age-related proteotoxicity.

    abstract::Fibrillar protein aggregates are the major pathological hallmark of several incurable, age-related, neurodegenerative disorders. These aggregates typically contain aggregation-prone pathogenic proteins, such as amyloid-beta in Alzheimer's disease and alpha-synuclein in Parkinson's disease. It is, however, poorly under...


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    authors: van Ham TJ,Holmberg MA,van der Goot AT,Teuling E,Garcia-Arencibia M,Kim HE,Du D,Thijssen KL,Wiersma M,Burggraaff R,van Bergeijk P,van Rheenen J,Jerre van Veluw G,Hofstra RM,Rubinsztein DC,Nollen EA

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  • Structure and mechanism of a metal-sensing regulatory RNA.

    abstract::Organisms maintain the correct balance of intracellular metals primarily through metal-sensing proteins that control transport and storage of the target ion(s). Here, we reveal the basis of metal sensing and genetic control by a metalloregulatory RNA. Our data demonstrate that a previously uncharacterized orphan ribos...


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  • Repurposing CRISPR as an RNA-guided platform for sequence-specific control of gene expression.

    abstract::Targeted gene regulation on a genome-wide scale is a powerful strategy for interrogating, perturbing, and engineering cellular systems. Here, we develop a method for controlling gene expression based on Cas9, an RNA-guided DNA endonuclease from a type II CRISPR system. We show that a catalytically dead Cas9 lacking en...


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  • Intrinsic activity of the Lin-12 and Notch intracellular domains in vivo.

    abstract::The lin-12 gene of C. elegans and the Notch gene of D. melanogaster encode structurally related transmembrane proteins that mediate intercellular signaling. We show that truncated forms of these proteins consisting of only the intracellular domains cause cell fate transformations associated with constitutive activity ...


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  • A dual-tropic primary HIV-1 isolate that uses fusin and the beta-chemokine receptors CKR-5, CKR-3, and CKR-2b as fusion cofactors.

    abstract::Here, we show that the beta-chemokine receptor CKR-5 serves as a cofactor for M-tropic HIV viruses. Expression of CKR-5 with CD4 enables nonpermissive cells to form syncytia with cells expressing M-tropic, but not T-tropic, HIV-1 env proteins. Expression of CKR-5 and CD4 enables entry of a M-tropic, but not a T-tropic...


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  • Multiple neuropeptides derived from a common precursor are differentially packaged and transported.

    abstract::The ELH prohormone is proteolytically processed into at least nine peptides which govern egg-laying behavior in Aplysia. Quantitative immunocytochemistry demonstrates that peptides derived from the prohormone are packaged into distinct vesicle classes. Further experiments suggest the segregation occurs via a rapid ini...


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  • Akt phosphorylation of BAD couples survival signals to the cell-intrinsic death machinery.

    abstract::Growth factors can promote cell survival by activating the phosphatidylinositide-3'-OH kinase and its downstream target, the serine-threonine kinase Akt. However, the mechanism by which Akt functions to promote survival is not understood. We show that growth factor activation of the PI3'K/Akt signaling pathway culmina...


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    authors: Datta SR,Dudek H,Tao X,Masters S,Fu H,Gotoh Y,Greenberg ME

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  • The crystal structure of HaeIII methyltransferase convalently complexed to DNA: an extrahelical cytosine and rearranged base pairing.

    abstract::Many organisms expand the information content of their genome through enzymatic methylation of cytosine residues. Here we report the 2.8 A crystal structure of a bacterial DNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase (DCMtase), M. HaeIII, bound covalently to DNA. In this complex, the substrate cytosine is extruded from the DNA ...


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    authors: Reinisch KM,Chen L,Verdine GL,Lipscomb WN

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  • Capturing the Value of Biomedical Research.

    abstract::Assessing the real-world impact of biomedical research is notoriously difficult. Here, we present the framework for building a prospective science-centered information system from scratch that has been afforded by the Sidra Medical and Research Center in Qatar. This experiment is part of the global conversation on max...


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    authors: Bertuzzi S,Jamaleddine Z

    更新日期:2016-03-24 00:00:00

  • The cytoplasmic domain of the ligand ephrinB2 is required for vascular morphogenesis but not cranial neural crest migration.

    abstract::The transmembrane ligand ephrinB2 and its cognate Eph receptor tyrosine kinases are important regulators of vascular morphogenesis. EphrinB2 may have an active signaling role, resulting in bi-directional signal transduction downstream of both ephrinB2 and Eph receptors. To separate the ligand and receptor-like functio...


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    authors: Adams RH,Diella F,Hennig S,Helmbacher F,Deutsch U,Klein R

    更新日期:2001-01-12 00:00:00

  • Nucleoporins directly stimulate expression of developmental and cell-cycle genes inside the nucleoplasm.

    abstract::Nuclear pore complexes (NPCs) mediate transport across the nuclear envelope. In yeast, they also interact with active genes, attracting or retaining them at the nuclear periphery. In higher eukaryotes, some NPC components (nucleoporins) are also found in the nucleoplasm, with a so far unknown function. We have functio...


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    authors: Kalverda B,Pickersgill H,Shloma VV,Fornerod M

    更新日期:2010-02-05 00:00:00