DNAase I sensitivity and methylation of active versus inactive rRNA genes in xenopus species hybrids.


:We studied the chromatin structure and methylation of ribosomal RNA genes (rDNA) in hybrids between Xenopus laevis and Xenopus borealis. S1-nuclease protection experiments showed that 97%-98% of the rRNA precursor in hybrid tadpoles was of the X. laevis type. Preferential expression of the laevis rDNA was correlated with its hypersensitivity to DNAase I compared to borealis rDNA. Borealis and laevis rDNAs gave equivalent methylation patterns, however. The results show that hypomethylated sites in the nontranscribed spacer are not sufficient to ensure DNAase I hypersensitivity or transcription of the borealis rDNA. Also, heavy methylation of the transcribed region of laevis rDNA is compatible with its hypersensitivity to DNAase I. The absence of coupling between hypomethylation and DNAase I sensitivity argues against the view that the methylation pattern directly triggers the active chromatin structure, though it does not exclude a less intimate relationship between transcription and DNA hypomethylation. Examination of borealis sperm rDNA showed that hypomethylated sites were present at the same spacer locations as in somatic cells. This contrasts with X. laevis, where hypomethylated sites are detectable in the spacer of somatic rDNA, but not in sperm. Thus the loss of spacer methylation that is seen in early development of X. laevis does not occur in X. borealis.






Macleod D,Bird A




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  • Kinetochore localization of murine Bub1 is required for normal mitotic timing and checkpoint response to spindle damage.

    abstract::The mitotic checkpoint ensures proper chromosome segregation by delaying anaphase until chromosomes are aligned on the spindle. Following prolonged spindle damage, however, cells eventually exit mitosis and undergo apoptosis. We show here that a murine homolog of the yeast mitotic checkpoint gene BUB1 localizes to the...


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  • Synonymous mutations frequently act as driver mutations in human cancers.

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  • The evolution of adaptive immune systems.

    abstract::A clonally diverse anticipatory repertoire in which each lymphocyte bears a unique antigen receptor is the central feature of the adaptive immune system that evolved in our vertebrate ancestors. The survival advantage gained through adding this type of adaptive immune system to a pre-existing innate immune system led ...


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  • Otoferlin, defective in a human deafness form, is essential for exocytosis at the auditory ribbon synapse.

    abstract::The auditory inner hair cell (IHC) ribbon synapse operates with an exceptional temporal precision and maintains a high level of neurotransmitter release. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying IHC synaptic exocytosis are largely unknown. We studied otoferlin, a predicted C2-domain transmembrane protein, which is...


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  • Proteomic Analysis of Unbounded Cellular Compartments: Synaptic Clefts.

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    abstract::Tracing the lineage history of cells is key to answering diverse and fundamental questions in biology. Coupling of cell ancestry information with other molecular readouts represents an important goal in the field. Here, we describe the CRISPR array repair lineage tracing (CARLIN) mouse line and corresponding analysis ...


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  • Fusion of the Escherichia coli tRNALeu1 promoter to the galK gene: analysis of sequences necessary for growth-rate-dependent regulation.

    abstract::We have fused DNA fragments derived from an Escherichia coli tRNALeu1 operon to the galK gene of E. coli to identify sequences necessary for the in vivo initiation of transcription and growth-rate-dependent regulation. Promoter sequences consisting of residues from -50 to +56 or -50 to +5 with respect to the in vivo s...


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  • The diabetes susceptibility gene Clec16a regulates mitophagy.

    abstract::Clec16a has been identified as a disease susceptibility gene for type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and adrenal dysfunction, but its function is unknown. Here we report that Clec16a is a membrane-associated endosomal protein that interacts with E3 ubiquitin ligase Nrdp1. Loss of Clec16a leads to an increase in the N...


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