Implications of temporal variation in maternal care for the prediction of neurobiological and behavioral outcomes in offspring.


:Previous studies in Long-Evans rats demonstrated a significant relationship between variation in pup licking/grooming and arched-back nursing (LG-ABN) and offspring development. However, maternal care is dynamic and exhibits significant temporal variation. In the current study, we assessed temporal variation in LG and ABN in lactating rats across the circadian cycle and determined the impact of these behaviors for the prediction of offspring hypothalamic gene expression, anxiety-like behavior, and responsiveness to a high fat diet (HFD). We find that distinguishing between dams that engage in stable individual differences in maternal behavior (Low, Mid, High) requires assessment across the light-dark phases of the light cycle and across multiple postpartum days. Among juvenile female offspring, we find a positive correlation between maternal LG and mRNA levels of estrogen receptor alpha and beta and the oxytocin receptor (when LG is assessed across the light-dark cycle or in the dark phase). In young adults, we find sex-specific effects, with female High LG offspring exhibiting increased exploration of a novel environment and increased latency to approach HFD, and male High LG offspring displaying increased activity in a novel environment and reduced HFD consumption. Importantly, these effects on behavior were primarily evident when LG was assessed across the light-dark cycle and ABN was not associated with these measures. Overall, our findings illustrate the dissociation between the effects of LG and ABN on offspring development and provide critical insights into the temporal characteristics of maternal behavior that have methodological implications for the study of maternal effects.


Behav Neurosci


Behavioral neuroscience


Jensen Peña C,Champagne FA




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    abstract::The effects of exogenous and endogenous steroids on components of female sexual behavior of neonatal male and female rats were investigated. In Experiment 1, 4-day-old rats were treated with 0, 0.1, 1.0, 10, or 100 micrograms/10 g body weight estradiol benzoate (EB) and were tested 44 hr later. In Experiment 2, male r...

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  • Neonatal chorda tympani transection alters adult preference for ammonium chloride in the rat.

    abstract::The immature gustatory system of the neonatal rat is characterized by sensitivity to disruption by early interventions such as receptor or nerve damage. The present studies examined the effect of chorda tympani transection (neoCTX) of neonates on adult preference for salt and nonsalt stimuli. NeoCTX at 10 days of age ...

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