Intracerebral oxytocin is important for the onset of maternal behavior in inexperienced ewes delivered under peridural anesthesia.


:Measurement of cerebrospinal concentrations of oxytocin (OT) in intact and peridural-anesthetized ewes showed that central release of OT during parturition is inhibited by this anesthesia. Also, observations of maternal behavior and attraction to amniotic fluid (AF) in inexperienced peridural-anesthetized parturient ewes after intracerebroventricular injections of either OT (2 x 10 micrograms) or saline showed that OT infusions increased the proportion of maternal females (2/17 vs. 10/20; p = .01) and attraction to AF. This study confirms that in sheep vaginocervical stimulation activates the oxytocinergic system, which induces the onset of maternal behavior, and that this action is not limited to maternally experienced females.


Behav Neurosci


Behavioral neuroscience


Lévy F,Kendrick KM,Keverne EB,Piketty V,Poindron P




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1992-04-01 00:00:00












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    abstract::Previous research (Grau, 1987a, 1987b) suggests that forebrain systems play an essential role in the hypoalgesia observed after brief shock but not long shock. Additional research has shown that pentobarbital anesthesia and decerebration block the hypoalgesia observed after 3 brief (0.75-s) shocks but not the hypoalge...

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