Embracing Environmental Genomics and Machine Learning for Routine Biomonitoring.


:Genomics is fast becoming a routine tool in medical diagnostics and cutting-edge biotechnologies. Yet, its use for environmental biomonitoring is still considered a futuristic ideal. Until now, environmental genomics was mainly used as a replacement of the burdensome morphological identification, to screen known morphologically distinguishable bioindicator taxa. While prokaryotic and eukaryotic microbial diversity is of key importance in ecosystem functioning, its implementation in biomonitoring programs is still largely unappreciated, mainly because of difficulties in identifying microbes and limited knowledge of their ecological functions. Here, we argue that the combination of massive environmental genomics microbial data with machine learning algorithms can be extremely powerful for biomonitoring programs and pave the way to fill important gaps in our understanding of microbial ecology.


Trends Microbiol


Trends in microbiology


Cordier T,Lanzén A,Apothéloz-Perret-Gentil L,Stoeck T,Pawlowski J




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  • Evolution of minimal-gene-sets in host-dependent bacteria.

    abstract::Several attempts have been made to identify the minimal set of genes that is required for life using computational approaches or studies of deletion mutants. These experiments resemble those already performed by nature; a few hundred million years ago an ancestor of Escherichia coli was domesticated by aphids, which r...

    journal_title:Trends in microbiology

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  • The fungal genus Cochliobolus and toxin-mediated plant disease.

    abstract::Several times in this century, new and sometimes devastating diseases of cereal crops, caused by fungi in the genus Cochliobolus, have suddenly appeared. In many fungal diseases of plants the factors required for pathogenicity are unknown; in contrast, the key elements in each of several Cochliobolus diseases are know...

    journal_title:Trends in microbiology

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    authors: Panaccione DG

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  • Let LuxS speak up in AI-2 signaling.

    abstract::Quorum sensing is a process of bacterial cell-cell communication that uses small diffusible molecules to coordinate diverse behaviors in response to population density. The only quorum-sensing system shared by Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria involves the production of autoinducer-2 (AI-2). The AI-2 synthase L...

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  • Environmental regulation of rhizobial symbiotic nitrogen fixation genes.

    abstract::Adaptation of rhizobia to a symbiotic life style and synthesis of the nitrogen-fixing apparatus are coordinated with nodule development by the microaerobic conditions prevailing in the central nodule tissue. Sensing and transduction of the "low oxygen' signal involves similar regulatory elements in different rhizobia,...

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  • HIV-1 Latency Is Maintained by the Estrogen Receptor.

    abstract::Persistence of the latent reservoir remains a challenge to curing HIV infection. Using shRNA screening, new insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying latency regulation indicate that the estrogen receptor is a potent repressor of proviral reactivation and may serve as a promising therapeutic target in combinat...

    journal_title:Trends in microbiology

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    authors: Bick AJ,Hapgood JP

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  • Phage Therapy: Going Temperate?

    abstract::Strictly lytic phages have been consensually preferred for phage therapy purposes. In contrast, temperate phages have been avoided due to an inherent capacity to mediate transfer of genes between bacteria by specialized transduction - an event that may increase bacterial virulence, for example, by promoting antibiotic...

    journal_title:Trends in microbiology

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    authors: Monteiro R,Pires DP,Costa AR,Azeredo J

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  • Prospects for new vaccines against tuberculosis.

    abstract::The spectacular failure of the existing bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine in recent tuberculosis-control trials has prompted a search for potential replacements. Imaginative approaches currently under development include the modulation of BCG by the production of auxotrophic mutants or cytokine-secreting recombina...

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    authors: Orme IM

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  • Capturing cellular machines by systematic screens of protein complexes.

    abstract::Two recent studies have provided the most complete screen for protein complexes in yeast to date, in which partners were identified for approximately half of the proteome. A comparison shows that these two datasets are complementary. In addition, one of the analyses points to a modular organization of the cellular pro...

    journal_title:Trends in microbiology

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    authors: Gagneur J,David L,Steinmetz LM

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  • Building the invisible wall: updating the chlamydial peptidoglycan anomaly.

    abstract::The existence of peptidoglycan (PG) in chlamydiae has long been debated. Genome sequencing of members of the Chlamydiaceae family and Protochlamydia amoebophila has uncovered a nearly complete pathway for PG synthesis in these organisms. The recent use of microarray and proteomic analysis methods has revealed that PG ...

    journal_title:Trends in microbiology

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    authors: McCoy AJ,Maurelli AT

    更新日期:2006-02-01 00:00:00

  • BST-2/tetherin: a new component of the innate immune response to enveloped viruses.

    abstract::The interferon-inducible, transmembrane protein BST-2 (CD317, tetherin) directly holds fully formed enveloped virus particles to the cells that produce them, inhibiting their spread. BST-2 inhibits members of the retrovirus, filovirus, arenavirus and herpesvirus families. These viruses encode a variety of proteins to ...

    journal_title:Trends in microbiology

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    authors: Evans DT,Serra-Moreno R,Singh RK,Guatelli JC

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  • Structure, function and stability of enzymes from the Archaea.

    abstract::The Archaea include microorganisms growing in some of the most extreme environments on earth. Consequently, their cellular components are remarkably stable entities and have considerable potential in the biotechnology industry. Here, we review the structure of archaeal enzymes in the context of their ability to functi...

    journal_title:Trends in microbiology

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    authors: Danson MJ,Hough DW

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  • Metaproteomics: studying functional gene expression in microbial ecosystems.

    abstract::The recent availability of extensive metagenomic sequences from various environmental microbial communities has extended the postgenomic era to the field of environmental microbiology. Although still restricted to a small number of studies, metaproteomic investigations have revealed interesting aspects of functional g...

    journal_title:Trends in microbiology

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    authors: Wilmes P,Bond PL

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  • The record of horizontal gene transfer in Salmonella.

    abstract::The evolution of virulence in Salmonella is driven by horizontal gene transfer. This has given rise to highly flexible pathogens that are able to colonize new niches and extend their host range. Tracing the record of horizontal gene transfer can provide clues to the virulence factors that contribute to the formation o...

    journal_title:Trends in microbiology

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    authors: Bäumler AJ

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  • Intestinal epithelial cells as watchdogs for the natural immune system.

    abstract::Intestinal epithelial cells secrete a spectrum of chemoattractant and proinflammatory cytokines after invasion by bacteria. We suggest the novel concept that epithelial cells not only act as a mechanical barrier to invasive bacteria, but that they also signal the presence of invasive pathogens to the mucosal immune an...

    journal_title:Trends in microbiology

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    authors: Eckmann L,Kagnoff MF,Fierer J

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  • Building Walls: Work That Never Ends.

    abstract::Fluorescent amino acid analogs have proven to be useful tools for studying the dynamics of peptidoglycan metabolism. García-Heredia and colleagues showed that their route of incorporation differs depending on the adjunct fluorophore and applied this property to investigate mycobacterial peptidoglycan synthesis and rem...

    journal_title:Trends in microbiology

    pub_type: 评论,杂志文章


    authors: Botella H,Vaubourgeix J

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  • Is immune cell activation the missing link in the pathogenesis of post-diarrhoeal HUS?

    abstract::Haemolytic uraemic syndrome (HUS), which is caused by Shiga toxin (Stx)-producing Escherichia coli, is the commonest cause of acute renal failure in childhood. It is widely believed that HUS develops following the release of Stx, an AB5 toxin that inhibits protein synthesis and has a direct toxic effect on the kidney ...

    journal_title:Trends in microbiology

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    authors: Heyderman RS,Soriani M,Hirst TR

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  • Did the inheritance of a pathogenicity island modify the virulence of Helicobacter pylori?

    abstract::Strains of Helicobacter pylori from patients with peptic ulcer disease and gastric cancer contain a 40-kb fragment of DNA that is not present in isolates from carriers with asymptomatic infections. The discovery of the cag pathogenicity island suggests that virulence has evolved by quantum leaps through the inheritanc...

    journal_title:Trends in microbiology

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    authors: Covacci A,Falkow S,Berg DE,Rappuoli R

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  • Caenorhabditis elegans reveals novel Pseudomonas aeruginosa virulence mechanism.

    abstract::The susceptibility of Caenorhabditis elegans to different virulent phenotypes of Pseudomonas aeruginosa makes the worms an excellent model for studying host-pathogen interactions. Including the recently described liquid killing, five different killing assays are now available offering superb possibilities for performi...

    journal_title:Trends in microbiology

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    authors: Utari PD,Quax WJ

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  • Antibodies against Candida: potential therapeutics?

    abstract::For many years, there has been controversy over the role of antibodies in immunity to Candida, but recently specific antibodies to mannoproteins and hsp90 have been shown to be protective against murine candidiasis. Combined with technical advances in antibody engineering, this raises the possibility of harnessing suc...

    journal_title:Trends in microbiology

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    authors: Matthews R,Burnie J

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  • Tracing the Origin of Invasive Fungal Infections.

    abstract::Invasive fungal infections are a major cause of mortality in immunocompromised patients. By using high-resolution sequencing, Zhai et al. provide insight into translocation of Candida strains from the gut mycobiota to the bloodstream of transplanted patients. Microbiota-driven diagnostic methods could rapidly emerge f...

    journal_title:Trends in microbiology

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    authors: Papon N,Bougnoux ME,d'Enfert C

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  • Outbreaks of human monkeypox after cessation of smallpox vaccination.

    abstract::The recent observation of a surge in human monkeypox in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) prompts the question of whether cessation of smallpox vaccination is driving the phenomenon, and if so, why is re-emergence not universal throughout the historic geographic range of the virus? Research addressing the vir...

    journal_title:Trends in microbiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Reynolds MG,Damon IK

    更新日期:2012-02-01 00:00:00

  • Global analysis of a bacterial cell cycle: tracking down necessary functions and their regulators.

    abstract::New, post-genomic analyses are increasing the rate at which information about highly complex processes such as bacterial growth and development can be acquired. The recent use of DNA-microarray and proteomic analysis to study the differentiating bacterium Caulobacter crescentus has provided the first global view of th...

    journal_title:Trends in microbiology

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    authors: Brun YV

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  • The origins and ongoing evolution of viruses.

    abstract::Genome analyses of double strand DNA tailed bacteriophages argue that they evolve by recombinational reassortment of genes and by the acquisition of novel genes as simple genetic elements termed morons. These processes suggest a model for early virus evolution, wherein viruses can be regarded less as having derived fr...

    journal_title:Trends in microbiology

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    authors: Hendrix RW,Lawrence JG,Hatfull GF,Casjens S

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  • Exhaustion and Inflation at Antipodes of T Cell Responses to Chronic Virus Infection.

    abstract::Viruses that have coevolved with their host establish chronic infections that are well tolerated by the host. Other viruses, that are partly adapted to their host, may induce chronic infections where persistent replication and viral antigen expression occur. The former induce highly functional and resilient CD8T cell ...

    journal_title:Trends in microbiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Cicin-Sain L,Arens R

    更新日期:2018-06-01 00:00:00

  • The emergence and evolution of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

    abstract::Significant advances have been made in recent years in our understanding of how methicillin resistance is acquired by Staphylococcus aureus. Integration of a staphylococcal cassette chromosome mec (SCCmec) element into the chromosome converts drug-sensitive S. aureus into the notorious hospital pathogen methicilin-res...

    journal_title:Trends in microbiology

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    authors: Hiramatsu K,Cui L,Kuroda M,Ito T

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  • Microbial multidrug-resistance ABC transporters.

    abstract::Multidrug resistance in tumor cells is often caused by the increased efflux of a wide variety of drugs, mediated by P glycoprotein, a member of the superfamily of ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters. The genes encoding members of this superfamily have also been isolated from drug-resistant microorganisms, and the ...

    journal_title:Trends in microbiology

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    authors: Ouellette M,Légaré D,Papadopoulou B

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  • Staphylococcal biofilm disassembly.

    abstract::Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus epidermidis are a frequent cause of biofilm-associated infections that are a tremendous burden on our healthcare system. Staphylococcal biofilms exhibit extraordinary resistance to antimicrobial killing, limiting the efficacy of antibiotic therapy, and surgical intervention is ...

    journal_title:Trends in microbiology

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    authors: Boles BR,Horswill AR

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  • Acquisition and storage of inorganic iron and hemin by the yersiniae.

    abstract::Pathogenic Yersinia express a complex array of iron-regulated functions and possess mechanisms for inorganic iron and hemin acquisition. These include a unique temperature-regulated hemin storage system, high-affinity transport processes for hemin and inorganic iron, and an iron-responsive regulatory system controllin...

    journal_title:Trends in microbiology

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    authors: Perry RD

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  • Host-plant invasion by Rhizobium: the role of cell-surface components.

    abstract::Rhizobia are soil bacteria that can become endosymbionts, reducing atmospheric nitrogen within nodules formed on the roots of legume plants. During tissue and cell invasion, bacterial cell-surface components adapt the bacterium to survive as an endophyte without eliciting host-defence responses. The structures of many...

    journal_title:Trends in microbiology

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    authors: Kannenberg EL,Brewin NJ

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  • Persistence of Mycobacterium bovis in cattle.

    abstract::Badgers represent a wildlife reservoir for bovine tuberculosis in Britain, which persists in the south west despite almost 20 years of badger control. The influence of landscape structure on patterns of badger urinatory behaviour may be one reason for the localized persistence of the disease in cattle within the regio...

    journal_title:Trends in microbiology

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    authors: Brown JA,Harris S,White PC

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