Relationships between patients' attachment characteristics and views and use of psychiatric treatment.


:This study explored the influence of attachment on psychiatric treatment by considering attitudes towards and the use of psychotropic medication and psychotherapy in patients with depressive and anxiety disorders. Adults referred to a psychiatrist completed self-report measures and participated in a diagnostic interview based on DSM-IV criteria. Those with depressive, anxiety or adjustment disorders were included (n = 124). Patients reported the types and dosage of current psychotropic medication as well as number of different psychiatrists and psychologists/counselors they had seen in the past 10 years. Multiple regression analyses were used to examine relationships between attachment anxiety and avoidance and the variables capturing treatment use and attitudes towards treatments. Attachment anxiety was positively associated with the number of current psychiatric medications and with both the number of psychiatrists and the number of psychologists/counselors seen. Attachment avoidance was negatively associated with the number of current psychotropic medications and beliefs about the efficacy of psychotherapy. The findings suggest that patients' attachment characteristics play a role in their views and choices regarding treatments. Developing treatments sensitive to the needs of insecurely attached individuals may lead to improved treatment outcomes.


Psychiatry Res


Psychiatry research


Adams GC,McWilliams LA,Wrath AJ,Adams S,Souza D




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