Interactive coronary MRI.


:The acquisition of complete three-dimensional (3D), segmented gradient-echo data sets to visualize the coronary arteries can be both time consuming and sensitive to motion, even with use of multiple breath-holding or respiratory gating. An alternate hybrid approach is demonstrated here, in which real-time interactive imaging is first used to locate an optimal oblique coronary scan plane. Then, a limited number of contiguous slices are acquired around that plane within a breath-hold with use of two-dimensional (2D) segmented gradient-echo imaging. Dual inversion nulling is used to suppress fat and myocardium. Finally, if needed, a limited reformat of the data is performed to produce images from relatively long sections of the coronaries. This approach yields relatively rapid visualization of portions of the coronary tree. Several different methods are compared for interactively moving the scan plane.


Magn Reson Med


Hardy CJ,Darrow RD,Pauly JM,Kerr AB,Dumoulin CL,Hu BS,Martin KM




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1998-07-01 00:00:00












  • A z-gradient array for simultaneous multi-slice excitation with a single-band RF pulse.

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  • A hybrid method for more efficient channel-by-channel reconstruction with many channels.

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  • Accelerated interleaved spiral-IDEAL imaging of hyperpolarized 129 Xe for parametric gas exchange mapping in humans.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To demonstrate the feasibility of mapping gas exchange with single breath-hold hyperpolarized (HP) 129 Xe in humans, acquiring parametric maps of lung physiology. The potential benefit of acceleration using parallel imaging for this application is also explored. METHODS:Six healthy volunteers were scanned with...

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  • Motion correction in fMRI via registration of individual slices into an anatomical volume.

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    abstract:PURPOSE:Preclinical imaging of myocardial blood flow (MBF) can elucidate molecular mechanisms underlying cardiovascular disease. We compared the repeatability and variability of two methods, first-pass MRI and arterial spin labeling (ASL), for imaging MBF in mice. METHODS:Quantitative perfusion MRI in mice was perform...

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    abstract::Lactate is a key metabolite and its rates of cellular uptake and release, its production rates from glucose and glycogen, and its interconversion rate with pyruvate are important determinants of cellular energy production. If lactate precursors such as pyruvate and glucose are labeled appropriately with (13)C, (1)H NM...

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    abstract::This study demonstrates the in vitro displacement and strain of articular cartilage in a cyclically-compressed and intact joint using displacement-encoded imaging with stimulated echoes (DENSE) and fast spin echo (FSE). Deformation and strain fields exhibited complex and heterogeneous patterns. The displacements in th...

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  • Radiofrequency pulse design for the selective excitation of dissolved 129Xe.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To optimize radiofrequency (RF) pulses for the selective excitation of dissolved phase (129)Xe that take into account the very short T2*, while simultaneously, minimally exciting the much larger gas signal. METHODS:Numerical simulations of Shinnar le-Roux pulses and binomial coefficient composite-element pulse...

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  • Diffusion sensitivity of 3D-GRASE in arterial spin labeling perfusion.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To evaluate the role of true diffusion and flow-related pseudodiffusion in cerebral blood flow (CBF) quantification using arterial spin labeling (ASL) with single-shot or segmented 3D gradient and spin echo (GRASE) readouts. THEORY:The extended phase graph (EPG) algorithm, originally designed to model the effe...

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  • An automated iterative algorithm for the quantitative analysis of in vivo spectra based on the simplex optimization method.

    abstract::The success in utilizing in vivo NMR to identify and/or monitor metabolic abnormalities will be determined in large part on the reliability with which the spectral parameters of the metabolites present can be measured. For these reasons it is clear that there is a need for the development of algorithms with which to o...

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