The effects of cyclophosphamide on the gonadotrophic cells of the normal rat.


:The effects of the administration of cyclophosphamide to male rats at doses of 400 mg/m2 for a period of 5 days and of 200 mg/m2 over two five-day cycles interrupted by a 21-day break reveal differences in the ultrastructural morphology of gonadotrophic cells between treated animals and normal controls. The ultrastructural data obtained coincide with the results obtained from the measurement of serum FSH and LH levels, indicating hypofunction. A significant fall was also recorded in blood testosterone levels. The two types of treatment did not give rise to morphological or functional differences.


Histol Histopathol


Poblador MS,Rojas C,Raya A,Casares JA,Aparicio J,Lancho Alonso JL


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1990-04-01 00:00:00












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  • Might the Masson trichrome stain be considered a useful method for categorizing experimental tendon lesions?

    abstract::Strain injuries of tendons are the most common orthopedic injuries in athletic subjects, be they equine or human. When the tendon is suddenly damaged, an acute inflammatory phase occurs whereas its repetitive overloading may cause chronic injuries. Currently the criteria used for grading injuries are general and subje...

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    abstract::Infection with Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) strains is linked to an increased risk of inflammation and gastric cancer. To investigate the effects of H. pylori on biological characteristics of gastric epithelial cells SGC-7901, derived from human adenocarcinoma, morphological appearances of both the pathogen and the...

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  • Structural and ultrastructural hepatic changes in experimental canine leishmaniasis.

    abstract::Six 4 month-old beagles were inoculated with Leishmania donovani infantum, three of them intraperitoneally (Group A) and the other three intravenously (Group B). The animals from Group A were killed 109, 433 and 592 days after inoculation and animals from Group B 109, 171 and 334 after inoculation. The liver of each o...

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